This Nintendo Switch docking station is 75% smaller than the original.

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  1. The First says:


  2. BlumCoLe says:

    It’s very important to put all the stuff in front of and on an xbox one to make good pictures! ;o)

    • Jesus Christ says:

      lmao, if anything, these pictures show that the xbox one is a useless piece of technology and putting things on top of it is better than using it for gaming. plus the xbox1 graphics arent that different than nintendo since they both do 900p resolution in almost alll their games HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      • OldmanRivers says:

        Yea, haha 900p. Yet Nintendo decides to go 900p when Xb1 is already years old… Count on Nintendo to release outdate tech as new.

  3. ksp says:

    News flash, it ain’t a docking station, when it doesn’t DOCK.
    Sticking a cable into your Switch and laying it on top of a slab is not a docking station, its sticking a cable in your Switch and laying it on top of a slab.

    Next trying to create a docking station with an actual dock.

    This is like wireless charging with wires. LOL It’s so backwards.

    • News flash says:

      It does more than wireless charging since it still offers the pass through function just as the official docking station does.

    • Rich J says:

      I’m assuming you don’t have a Switch. Otherwise you would know that the ‘docking station’ is an unnecessarily large lump of plastic that does nothing except route the power and HDMI to a USB-C. Most people (me included) would prefer a dongle to travel with – and this guy has made one! Nintendo should have done the same.

    • Jeremiah says:

      Well if you have a problem then why don’t you make a solution

  4. Yatto says:

    I’ve seen here and there that putting the Switch on its dock may scratch the screen… this would be avoided with this minimalistic dongle-platform. Plus, it looks very nice !

  5. Anonymous says:

    Good luck with overheating due to lack of fan intakes.

    • Kuma says:

      What makes you think this would be worse with temps when the dock itself doesn’t have fans? The dock itself is a hunk of plastic that would hold even more heat to the switch. At least try to hate with real reasons. *facepalm

    • Blues says:

      You are aware that the switch dock is completely passive and has no fans? The switch dock is just a glorified port replicator with a built in USB C port that the switch slides in to.

  6. Charles Fasano says:

    Who cares if it doesn’t really “Dock” the system. The idea was making the docking hardware smaller to make it more portable for people who want to bring the system with them without the bulk of the original dock.

    I give this a 1-up.

  7. KiraSlith says:

    all it would take is some 3D printing work to get it actually “Dock” the switch. I’d suggest something like a magnetic cable in place of using the normal port and holding the switch at a slight angle for BETTER connectivity and faster connect/disconnect.

    • MarSprite says:

      If you think it’s so easy to improve upon then do it. This guy has something people already want to buy, If your idea is better then you could stand to make some good money.

      I’d be interested in something portable as an extra dock. I’m pretty satisfied with Nintendos design for my house.

  8. HEROMAKER says:

    why don’t use Lumia 950 dock, it using same USB Type C thunderbolt, even it more smaller

  9. lance meck says:

    i have a great idea on how not to scratch the screen on your nintendo switch.
    ITS CALLED A SCREEN PROTECTOR LOL. just had to say it

  10. JimmyZ says:

    “for portability sake”, for portability sake you should simply left the dock at home.

    • seth says:

      i was thinking the same thing. like wasn’t “for portabilities sake” why nintendo made it a hybrid in the first place? it looks nice tho if that counts for anything.

  11. Desco says:

    I love my Switch, all I play is Breath of the Wild. It’s incredibly addictive.
    But personally, I love the dock that Nintendo made. It’s not often they design something that’s actually useful. The dock sits on the back of my desktop PC, and it’s slim enough. I don’t have to lie it down, the console (after some tinkering) sits snug inside the dock.

    I’m more interested in the grip idea on that image at the bottom. It needs some work, but I believe they’re onto something there.

    The lack of grip when holding the Switch in portable mode is worrying. I’m worried I’m going to snap the Joy-cons off.

    Having a decent grip would make it easier to hold it with a power pack, which I may or may not have affixed to the back of my system, remove-able of course, I’m not mad. Because, you know, the Switch in portable mode doesn’t have the best lifespan. 🙁