PS4 update 4.50 is out, scene eagerly waiting for a rumored hack


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  1. Beau B says:

    Here’s something that we should really think about. The modified game play feature. This causes differences and potentially “unexpected” behavior. This is how we found the 007 hack for ps2 all those years ago. A game that may have not been vulnerable before MAY be vulnerable now.

    We also have the external support. I’m assuming this allows program storage.

    What about the possibility to run the program with full rights that is on the console, and then deceive the software to allow modified files to run off of the hard disc. I say that this new update offers new exploitation opportunities. They did something similar to mod files for the GTA menu and World at War on ps3. I’m thinking there is a LOT of new grounds we can cover with this.

    • geos says:

      seeing vita memcard contents, i guess there will be similar encryption process in external drive too.

      • Beau says:

        I don’t see this happening unless they are only making it compatible with Sony made hard drives. The PSP and Vita both needed special cards. I couldn’t just use a Lenox adapter with a microsd in it to play games, I needed the hardware compatible version. If I go buy a NTFS seagate and put it on a USB adapter, and plug it in, that should work on my PS4. It can’t be external drive compatible if it’s only “Sony HD compatible”

        It’s either the reason for the update (to release some special device for adaptive storage) or its going to be created to get around the hack we figure out by using a normal HD on the PS4.

  2. Xarles says:


  3. Cilvar says:

    Think people should really just continue on with daily life, and just, if it happens, it happens. Would anyone really trust flashing ANY form of CFW at this point in time?

    Even if something is released, I wouldn’t touch it for a month at the very least, until I’m sure it’s not going to brick my machine under some rare, or common condition.

  4. nakedfaerie says:

    wow how they completely sc*** up notifications. thats a complete mess that cant be deleted so it will stay a mess.
    at least uploads and downloads can me separated but as you cant delete any notifications its just a nightmare to go there now.

    And all my games have filled 5GB of HDD space. damn it! will have to get a bigger HDD already. no room for this years games to come.

  5. z2 says:

    and now racer and kane dude is silent uptill now. Hope what they said is true

    • spok says:

      racer confirmed on another site that 4.5 OFW is unexploitable so lets see if it they release “4.5 beta CFW” or if it´s all just another fake 🙂

  6. Orca2hr says:

    The 4.50 hack rumour is fake.
    I spoke to his old hacker friends
    Racer0018 is about to retire the scene and this was his way to say f**k off to all the haters. Kane1 was a pseudonym of racer0018.
    They used the website to get a high stream of excited kids through (think of all that ad revenue).
    Just have a look at the forum on their site. Lots of angry and *** off kiddies. He must be laughing his *** off
    His friends said the only chance of a hack is on 3.55 and below. However, don’t expect it anytime soon.
    Time to enjoy Beast mode.

  7. Bob says:

    Prediction: the “team” will say this “hack” was patched out, won’t offer any proof of that they ever had anything to begin with, and the world will move on.

    • BigFan says:

      Let me guess, racer’s drama is nothing but Psxhax plan to promote the website before 4.50 Final?
      Honestly, this title -> “PS4 Firmware Update 4.50 Final is Live” have nothing to do with pirate logo!

    • Cilvar says:

      At least someone gets it.

      • Cilvar says:

        “Since our last update and with the release of the new PS4 4.50 Firmware that came out and has been downloaded, I can tell you right now that the code that we have doesn’t work with this firmware.”

        See? Told ya you got it.

  8. Idiot says:

    All hope is gone.There is no hack we are lame

  9. BigFan says:

    Updated to 4.50, because it’s a major update and external hard drive is more important than jailbreak to me.

  10. Flashed says:

    Something tells me that this will be the 3.55 of the PS3

  11. TheModdersDen says:

    Wololo… I just read the article found here:
    It would appear as if the hack is not working on the live update… Only on the beta. Guess we can all get off the hype train now…

    • ReallyNow says:

      Or maybe *gasp* there was no hack to begin with. Why are only a handful of people able to accept this conclusion? Wishful thinking only makes the disappointment all the worse, when you try to convince yourself there was something there to begin with.

  12. Idiot says:

    Racer is a troll

  13. [MoN] says:

    I agree Racer is a *** dipshit.
    PSXHAX does not care about the truth of news but is a place where everyone can leave their ***. There are enough trolls to hop on any kind of faketrain they come up with.

  14. Hisha says:

    Psxhax is a king of clickbait titles, and the main source of fake news.
    The scene status is “Drama”, please do not feed the troll.

  15. anonym says:

    Yay keep deleting our comments, we have right to f*ck psxhax for being clickbate and fake and drama-generator machine.
    But nothing to worry about, we have reddit (/r/ps4homebrew), we don’t care about you, Wololo, either.

  16. Anima says:

    My PS4 on firmware 4.00 still working, I can browse the web, stream media using Plex, backup save games, copy media to storage, everything but online play, obviously.
    I have nothing to worry about, waiting for a legit exploit, cheers.

  17. eldosmiljoven says:

    Will update if there isn’t anything worthy from these phonies by the time Persona 5 is released.

  18. arthur says:

    Psxhax admin refuse to ban racer and kane1 after all this drama, lol seems fishy to me!

  19. ck2017 says:

    4.50 CFW please