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What hackers know of the Nintendo Switch so far


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34 Responses

  1. deamon says:


  2. Nintendonts says:

    please dont kill the switch

    • Randomness says:

      I second that, i don’t want to see the switch hacked for at least 2 or 3 years.

      • Jamasat says:

        In the words of Ivan Drago: “If he dies, he dies”

      • TheSwitchHacker says:

        It’s not upto you when it gets hacked 😛

      • Alessandro says:

        I’d want to see the Switch hacked, actually.
        But just for emulators, I buy my games. But god, the idea of playing PSX games like Xenogears on the Switch makes me go crazy.

        • Crzo says:

          Just get Shield tablet for that… Half the price and runs emulators and you won’t have to wait years to be able to do it.

      • 3dskiller says:

        Well, that didn’t kill 3DS did it?

      • Dries says:

        I radther see iT haked not For free games but just Linux bases software instelling world be awesome idt realy be a tablet wich doesnt killl iT but makes iT stronger

    • Whitealex says:

      Please free the Switch!

    • Roshuou says:

      3DS didn’t die because of the hackers. Vita died before getting hacked. Conclusions?

      • 0ver_flow says:

        In fact, the hacks probably helped the sales a little bit…

        • Franky says:

          Exactly. I love a system more if I have control over it, but there’s plenty of people who pirate games and buy it later if they liked what they played.

      • Bebax says:

        They (Sony and Nintendo) should work like are working a lot of game makers on Android, Apple store and even some games on steam in my opinion, games should be free with an interesting shop (if you pay you can earn time or some skins or any *** like this).
        They should be able to sell more devices with higher prices, be more attractive and probably make more money (if the game and his shop are good) than selling 1game/1player.
        What do you guys think about it ?

      • Nintendo Lawyer says:

        I hope the first group to hack it successfully gets sued by Nintendo and banned from not only hacking but also owning any Nintendo product.

        • Salty ASF says:

          I hope Nintendo sues you for impersonation and you get banned from owning any Nintendo consoles.

        • Nintendo Realist says:

          Due to current laws, it is perfectly legal to hack any product you own as long as it doesn’t create a danger to yourself or those around you. Nintendo can ban you from using online services, but it would be impossible to ban someone from buying their products that are readily available at nearly every electronics store in existence. Get out of fantasy land. The Switch will get hacked regardless of what you think and they will NOT get sued.

    • Nurkay says:

      I would really doubt that hacking the switch would kill it . 3ds has been hacked and it is so easy to hack and play games but it still offered new and interesting games every year. On the other hand vita which has not been hacked until resently did not do well despite the lack of piracy. If they produce good games in a reasonable price ı don’t see it failing. Also since online play will be priced anyway ı don’t think piracy would affect that much.

    • Jack Attack says:

      Yeah, because that is what kills systems…

      The PS3 wasn’t hacked until about midway. Yet, it was almost a complete disaster for Sony despite that until they introduced PS Plus, which is also around the time it became easily hackable.

      The Xbox 360 was hacked extremely early, exclusively for piracy, but did extremely well.

      So, yeah. Enough with this boogeyman nonsense.

      • FKyou says:

        Let me put this simply for you. Your parents get diabietes, yeah, they won’t be dead, they can still live for quite a while. Your sons or your daughers get HIV, yeah, they won’t be killed immediately neither.

        So, yeah. Enough with your boogeyman nonsense, hope they get those sooner.

  3. lukra says:

    even if they can its too early to hack the system thought better wait a year or two

  4. Franky says:

    Hacking a console won’t kill it. If an open system was able to be killed off due to piracy or whatever then PC would’ve died a long time ago, but it’s the second biggest gaming market behind mobile, another system(iOS, Android, Windows) that’s easily hacked.

    • brandon streit says:

      PC Isn’t just for gaming. Plus each time you buy a windows computer you’re paying the maker of the pc, then Microsoft, the only thing you’re ripping off is the games developer where Sony and Nintendo rely on game sales to make profit because they get next to nothing on hardware sale even so you’re still ripping of the developer. So yes piracy does boost the console sales but ruins the reputation of the console makers. Developers don’t want to make games based on the last consoles (PSP, Wii) piracy abilities. Take the vita for example.

  5. Fallenleader says:

    For some reason, having an open system generally means that the market for that device increases.
    From a piracy standpoint, pirates who don’t buy their games wouldn’t buy them anyyhow. I laugh at people claiming that piracy kills a device, when in fact it doesn’t. What would kill the device is poor support and overpriced games *COUGH*VITA*COUGH*.
    Most people who may pirate a game will end up purchasing it later because of the benefits of having a legitimate copy.
    For example, I know a few people who pirated rocket league who bought a copy asap because the pirated copy lacks online.
    People just love the ability to have control over their devices. From something as simple as a custom theme to make their device unique to features that are not normally included.
    From my current experience with the PS4, sony is doing a better job of adding in things that makes me not want to stick to an old firm, loose online, just to run linux. Sure I don’t get to play pokemon colosseum on it, but I have a PC for that.
    If companies also tried learning from what the homebrew base does, it would only benefit them.
    The incentive to jailbreak iOS is getting less and less because apple takes the ideas from tweaks and officially implements them. Instead of trying to overdue their security (though they do a pretty good job at that as well) they actually try to bring in features officially as a deterrent for hacking the device. it’s starting to work as well. (due note I actually HATE apple products, but think they are smart about how they approach hacking).
    The biggest thing sony could do that would make the PS4 of mine anti hack if there is ever a good one for running unsigned code would be to open up something similar to PSM without the paranoid security crippling the system, following Nintendo and Microsoft’s concept of open development.
    People could them make tweaks and mods officially, and sony could see what things people come up with to further improve their current or even future devices.
    This actually applies to all companies, not just game console manufacturers.
    I also applaud Nintendo for making the switch devkits affordable this generation for indie developers. paying over $2k to develop is just overpriced and not feasible. $450 is affordable, and I have a game I am working on that I could port at that price.

    • Franky says:

      I also like how game devs like yourself assures people that an open system doesn’t welcome piracy, but people will still cry foul anyway. Valve and CD Projekt Red also says piracy doesn’t affect anything and they pretty much sum up a large portion of the PC gaming market.

    • satelliteseeker says:

      Why not turn the console itself into a devkit like Android, iOS or even Xbox One?

  6. John says:

    I hope its hacked soon. I need to recoup the losses from purchasing the WiiU that Nintendo so dearly abandoned with a platry release list of 1st party games on it.

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