How to install ARK (ePSP Custom Firmware) on PS Vita 3.63


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  1. Adachi says:

    Not working on terminal (MAC). The commands show as not valid. Please help 🙁

  2. FraughtQuill says:

    Ok, i have installed EVERYTHING but i can go past the ‘backup’ stage. Because qcma wont bring up an interface. I click it and all that happens is a notification that says “Added 8 items to the data base” or something along those lines. I have installed qcma, and reinstalled it, and i cant get it to work. I am running windows ten with nothing super special on it, please help.

    • FraughtQuill says:

      And i can no longer access my vita through my computer. I click on ‘This Pc’ and it doesent show up even though it says that the vita was connected.

  3. FraughtQuill says:

    Ok, ignore all my previous question. I fixed it. But where is the download for OneMenu? The link takes me to a 404 page.

  4. Juan says:

    ONE menu link in dropbox has no content. 404 is there any other available link?

  5. Glad to be one of the visitants on this awing web site :

  6. me says:

    still no working link for either piece of software mentioned above..

  7. hey says:

    there’s no one menu download on drop box. pls halp me

  8. Cud says:

    do i need to have a psp game in my vita before installing ARK onto my psvita?

  9. Coby Whittekiend says:

    Wait…Wait..Wait. So I can do this on my 6.63 vita?

  10. Jeremy says:

    After successfully installing OneMenu i installed a game in ISO folder, and after installing i couldn’t make OneMenu work anymore, so i realized that the ISO file was corrupted or not compatible but even if i know that i cannot remove it because every time it tries to scan the ISO folder when opening up and it give me the error (C1-2858-3) and doesn’t let me host a file transfer from my PC (FileZilla). Is there a solution ti that, my firmware is 3.63.

    • Jeremy says:

      I was able to fix it, but i have no clue how i did it, i think i installed the eboot of the ark in 138menu in the intall zip file or… i really have no clue but all i know is that i fixed it.

  11. Sam says:

    Won’t let me copy the altered content back onto my Vita.
    Fwiw I’m trying this with a PSX game as its basically the same structure. Does it HAVE to be a PSP game?

  12. Berlian says:

    Got one quick question, regarding the “Backup a PSP game from your Vita to your computer using QCMA” step.

    Currently i have no PSP game on my vita (i never sent anything to my vita other than Mp3 files)
    But i have many ISOs file on my PC hardisk,
    Then how do we do this actually? Should i just send the ISOs file to the PSVITA and then back it up again to the PC?
    Or is it simply impossible to do so?

    • ssanys says:

      use the dns bypass to go into the pstore (before is too late) and download a psp/mini demo (or purchase a game) and back up that game using qmca to send files to your pc or vice versa. from content manager on vita with qmca opened on your pc.send the game your pc. then use silicas frontend to do make it easier for you. then refresh database on your pc on qmca and send ark_1234 to your vita. a bubble should appear. to add more iso games. where the ark folder is located make a new folder with the game name. inside that folder drop [copy /cut paste] your iso. rename the iso with all capitals letters- no numbers. for example folder >Final Fantasy Type-0>iso = FFTZRO.ISO no more than 8. make sure the file extension is also caplocked btw.

      it’s very important that you have a psp or mini demo (or full game) to enable the psp emulator on your vita. the ecfw will make it fully supported (psx games have no sound yet for 3.63 users). DO NOT update your vita! make sure your settings don’t have it to download automatically & make sure you use the dns bypass to enter the store without updating your vita so you can get the demo or full game to enable ark for more games. good luck!

  13. jiho says:

    what about the new update (3,65)

  14. Shizzy says:

    Can anyone please explain step 6 of installing the firmware?
    I don’t get it at all.

  15. Name* says:

    If anyone is still looking for a link to the PBP for ARK, and one for OneMenu I found them on the Internet. They came from HackInformer.
    This page has a link to the ARK PBP. It is called “Ark FW3.60”, on the page
    This page has the OneMenu download. It is called “ONEMENU Vfinal”, on the page.

    As of my writing this, both links download successfully, but I haven’t been able to test the files to see if they work, because when I try to connect to the PC using QCMA, my Vita tells me to update the firmware, so I can’t even get the PBP onto it. I haven’t done anything CFW-wise in a while, so my Vita is running 3.63 OFW. If there’s any way to get QCMA to let me connect as-is, please share. I really wanted to get CWCheat working again, since I found Dissidia 012 on sale a short while ago.

  16. lmsthebest says:

    i dont have a psp game on my vita. do I actually need one? if so, how can I get one without updating my vita? also, i do have a ps1 game on my vita (ff9)

    • Morgan says:

      You need any PSP game including a demo, its going to be quite tricky to get one from PSN now though as you need to update to get PS Store access.

    • ki says:

      same problem here… this article toooo late……………….

    • Hellothere says:

      Use the vita update blocker, go on PSN, and download a PSP demo (Petz Saddle Club is the one I used).

  17. Nelbo says:

    I am at a loss with this.

    After several hours of work, I managed to get the ARK bubble with an old copy of “Prince of Persia” for the PSP i downloaded a while ago.

    Now the ARK bubble seems to work just fine. When I change the files as per the instructions for ONEMENU… NOTHING CHANGES. NOTHING. The ARK bubble opens same as always and the INSTALL.ZIP file is not there at all. I would expect changing the EBOOT file would cause an error or SOMETHING but, nope, nothing.

    For the record:
    1. I followed all the instructions.. to.. the.. letter. The only hitch was not finding a PBOOT file to replace, but apparently just placing it in the folder was enough.
    2. I downloaded 2 different copies of ONEMENU to try this with, as advised elsewhere on the interwebs. The official link is down so no luck there. I found a MASTER version in another forum and used that.. as well as a V2 version. Neither had any effect.. what.. so.. ever. And really.. I’d expect an error or something.
    3. The VITA i am using is updated to 3.63

    any advice? And if ONEMENU just doesn’t work.. how do I get the homebrew on with just the ARK Bubble?

  18. Panha says:

    Do you have video do it?

  19. Abujbr says:

    can this be run on 3.61 ?!

  20. Harrison says:

    I have the ark bubble but when I click on it it gives me an error code (c1-2858-3)
    Any help is appreciated. I’ll probably repeat the process sometime soon to see if that fixes it.

    • Harrison says:

      I re-did everything and got it working. I think the problem was with the savedata or somethimg. Maybe it didn’t copy completely? Oh well, it’s working now. Already have some psp games and nintendo, GBC, GBA emulators. Now I just need a bigger memory card…..

  21. Michael says:

    I managed to follow the complete tutorial. ARK working fine on a Vita 3.60 that I used to connect via USB to my PC and transfer all files.
    Then I put the card on a PSTV 3.63, tried to launch ARK and getting:
    “Cannot start this application. You must download the application again from [Download List] in [PS Store] (C0-9249-4)”
    Any idea what has gone wrong and how I can fix it so that I can launch ARK on my PSTV 3.63?

    • Michael says:

      Subscribing to the post…

    • Harrison says:

      I’m no expert, but my guess is that maybe the ark bubble only works on the device you used to make it? Because of the whole ID/Key thing making it specific to the device.

      Or not?

  22. turbocomppro says:

    What are your speeds transferring files to your VITA by FTP? I’m getting 900-1000KB/s only… I’ve tried using Active connection and limit to only 1 connection. I do not know what else to try.

    • Harrison says:

      I usually get 400-600KB/s… I usually end up transfering two things at once so the net transfer is around 700-800KB/s.

      • Michael says:

        I’m using a PSTV 3.63 but this is really slow!!!, just 320KiB/s… taking forever to copy stuff

  23. swats1204 says:

    I’m stuck at step 4 because when I try to connect my PS Vita (by USB or Wifi) to my laptop, it asks me to update the Vita, which I supposed I shouldn’t do for this to work properly.
    Am I missing something?

    • Harrison says:

      Yeah, look up vita update blocker. That’s what I used, it lets you connect to the computer and even to the internet to play online if you want. If you have trouble using it just ask.

      • Confused says:

        I actually have trouble using, the last three attempts to download a PSP Mini demo failed because everytime I try to enter the store it prompts me to update the device. I followed and revised the instructions several times as well and I honestly don’t know how to get ARK on my 3.61 Vita. Any help will be much, much appreciated

        • Harrison says:

          Did you use the blocker correctly? Start the app (your computer needs to have an internet connection up), go enter the proxy info in advamce settings, go to the store front page, go back to wifi sertings and disable proxy, then you should be all set.

      • Swatman says:

        Hey Harrison, Thanks for your reply. I only got a chance to continue this endeavor today. So I downloaded the update blocker and followed the steps all the way up to open PStore app and then back to settings to disable proxy. So I continued from where I left before, which was content manager to plug my vita back to laptop (tried both usb and wifi) and it still asks to be updated. I maybe be missing something again, I miss the chickHEN hack from the old psp days, its was soooo much simpler. Is there anything that simp[le for Vita or is ARK the only option?

  24. David says:

    So I’m fairly new to hacking for use of retro gaming and only recently found out about psp cfw Although I have found that many of my old guilty pleasures don’t run properly such as final fantasy viii so I have 2 questions is it possible to run these psx games properly on vita and is there such software like cwcheat for the emulator sorry for the noob questions but I really have no idea and want to play these games portably without the glitches
    Thanks in advance for any help

    • Harrison says:

      If you are using ARK then any ps1 games won’t have sound (if you can even get them working). I’d reccomend getting an older psp3000 and putting cfw on it. It plays a bunch of ps1 games perfectly fine and you can also run the other emulators. Also, psp’ can use micro sd cards so you can put a bunch of ps1 games instead of ps vita memory cards that cost $$$$$.

      • Harrison says:

        There’s a tutorial somewhere o this website, just make sure to get a psp micro sd pro duo adapter and a micro sd. I personally have a double slot adapter with two 64gb cards. Got it off amazon. All of the crash games and my psp library fit nicely with 93gb free space (24 ps1 games, 12 psp games, 4 emulators and over 100 songs.)
        P.s. I ordered the “Ebest White Dual Slot PSP Memory Stick Pro Duo Adapter” and two sandisk 64gb cards.

        • Micahel says:

          You meant one could use a ‘psp pro duo adapter’ to somehow put that on a Vita/PSTV with ARK?

          I couldn’t find that article… could you please try to find a link for us? Or upload a pic with your setup to see how that adapter would fit in the Vita and see if we could do the same?

          Many thanks

          • Harrison says:

            No that is not what I meant. If your overall motive to hack is to play ps1 games (like FF VIII), then you should get a PSP (Sony psp 3000, the device before the ps vita) because it will play games with sound and you can store more games cheaper then with a proprietary ps vita card.

            If however you would like to hack the vita for gigs, then you will end up being able to play some psp games, and some ps1 games (the ps1 games won’t have sound!)

            Since ARK is just psp firware running on the vita, both the psp and vita can run emulators.

  25. Mongoose says:

    For those who can’t copy to the clipboard, you can just copy psvimg-extract -K YOUR-KEY game.psvimg game to notepad, then save it as a .bat file and run it in the psvimgtools folder.

  26. hepsarino says:

    Can i use a psx game instead of the psp backup for step 4 and 5 the store doesnt work anymore and i dont have any psp games downloaded

  27. DEBBY GRAM says:

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  28. Julez says:

    I’m stuck on 3.61 right now and want to install ARK. Unfortunately I don’t have a PSP game installed and there is no way to get in the PSN, since the update blocker doesn’t work anymore, or you can youse a PS3 for the transfer, which I don’t.
    What I do have is an installed PSX Game, that i bought in the store a while ago. Can I use this instead of a PSP Game? Why does it have to be a PSP game anyway?
    Appreciate every answer

  29. Swatman says:

    Thank you for this post and the few replies I got after my first issue. I’M on version 3.63
    I’ve tried this a few times but now I’m afraid I’m losing hope…. I still cannot get past Step 4 because the PSN keeps asking me to update to 3.65 (even installing the update blocker doesn’t work!).
    I only wanted to play some Nintendo Emulators on my vita, because I was told that could only be done on 3.60 or 3.63.
    Can someone help me with step by step details or should I just go for the update and give up on this??

    • Julez says:

      never go for the update! be patient!
      The update blocker doesn’t work anymore. If you have a PS3 you can use it to transfer a psp game to your vita.
      I don’t know about any other method to get a psp game on your system.

  30. Hendric says:

    Is it work for fw 3.65
    And it can install and play iso game?
    Such as fifa 17

  31. Azuma says:

    Alright so I installed all this and ARK is working but I can’t get the vast majority of psp homebrew to work. The nesterj NES emulator works great as do psp games but everything else I’ve tried either crashes instantly or just doesn’t even run when I try to run the .pbp from ARK file explorer (trying gba,snes, sega emulators). I’m installing all the homebrew the same way I did the NES emulator (in the ISO folder) but I’m not having any luck. I’m on 3.63 btw. Does anyone have any ideas?

    • Harrison says:

      I’m not sure if I remember how I did it but I think it was along the lines of create a folder on destop called PSP. Then inside it name a folder SAVEGAME. Drop your emulator inside there and zip the whole thing using the store compression level. Transfer it using ftp and then when you reach the file, install it. That’s what worked for me (I may be wrong on an earlier step after aboyt where the emulator goes.) Anyway, I watched a youtube video about it.

      I ended up getting a 3.60 vita on ebay because I wanted more access to homebrew and such.

  32. asdfef says:

    Anyone knows another place to download the ARK pboot bubble for Vita 3.60? At least one secure link because I find some garbage out there.

    • Harrison Huber says:

      If you are on 3.60 install vita homebrew browser, there’s an Ark installer there. Make sure you have a psp demo first.
      Although, you might as well just go for adrenaline on 3.60 so you can play ps1 games too.

  33. sid says:

    thanks for the tut.

    I did all the stuff and can launch Ark – but I cant lunch any ISO (homebrew work fine).
    If I load the iso Ark simply close and doesnt load anything.

    My iso is written SONIC.ISO (for example) my PSP-GO loads the ISO – the file is not corrupt.

    Is there a way to verfy that I have installed ark-2 and not arc?

    I am on FW 3.63 btw.

    thanks for all help 🙂

  34. REDZWAN says:


  35. Towerdepths says:

    Okay, so I’ve gotten everything working in terms of FTPVita and such on the Vita side of things. But when I try to connect using FileZilla, even after reinstalling it, any connection attempts fail as though the server isn’t even working. Could it be because I’m on an unsecured network? Because last time I tried connecting it worked just fine.

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  37. Shylock00 says:

    does this work for 3.61 as well?

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