psvimgtools: Yifan Lu releases tools to decrypt PS Vita backups (including 3.63)


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30 Responses

  1. Franky says:

    Neat. Even though it’s unique to your PSN account, would this still require a hardware redo to patch? Thanks Team molecule.

    • Nooope.. XD CMA Backups are now compleettly hacked.

      • megumihan says:

        Pls would you stop trolling to your youtube channel and help Ty LabShooo XDDDD

      • Zero_Viral says:

        SilicaAndPina, thank you for realeasing this, I was an idiot for upgrading to 3.61. I was drunk, I know it’s almost impossible but I was wondering, would it now be possible to now get ffx-hd save file and hex edit throuh pc and use ffxed then transfer it back? If it is how and if not darn. I am still waiting for you guys and Yifan, TheFliw and Mr.gas to someday make a 361 native hack or a downgrader although it’s almost impossible. Fighting!

        PS please reply the answer to my question at twitter @viral_zero, rarely visits wololo these days. Thanks!

  2. Niceman says:

    Very nice

  3. Sadist says:

    Sorry, I got confused. I do understand that this won’t allow me to download homebrews, but will I be able to download and play Vita games if I don’t have a PSTV? Or do I actually need one to play?

    • dangel says:

      it will allow you to download other peoples save files (and since vita save files are backups of the entire game, im guessing it will let you trick sony into thinking you own the liscence of any backup you resign, so if i buy ff-x for example and back it up, the save file is like 3.6gigs, then you can download this save file and resign it to your account, therefor letting you play my save file and the game…. AT THE VERY LEAST it lets you download other peoples save files for games you already own so you can bypass long ardous grinds for maxed out accounts)

  4. KerJuno says:

    Question: do you think it will be possible to play the undub legit games again by replacing the necessary files? I could on 3.61 but not anymore 3.63.

  5. Ganiell says:

    already done this .. but my problem is when i open package installer it says “An error has occured. (C2-12570-5)” . don’t know what’s wrong i just follow the steps correctly and put it in my vita. I’m on 3.63 btw.

  6. dat boi says:

    So this works for playing backups on 3.61+? I don’t understand well the psn thing, does that mean it works only with backups of your own games?

    Also would this enable users of 3.60 play games requiring 3.61+ fw?

  7. maria says:

    no salio el psvimgtools 0.1 para win32

  8. Sadist says:

    I live in Brazil, where a single Vita game could go from 90$ to 300$+, depending on the game. The same games can be found for 30$-40$ in countries such as USA, but shipping them not only is expensive, but also takes quite a lot of time to arrive and with no guarantees.

    I had to save money for years to buy a Vita (which can cost to 800$ to 1000$+ around here.), and I only managed to buy it because it was pre-owned. Being the lucky guy that I am, it came on 3.63.

    Why am I telling this? It’s because, as implied, investing in games here can be quite difficult. So I really would like to know if this discovery could potentially lead to downloading and playing games for free. There are many great titles that I’d like to try, and many can’t even be found here. I do know a hack like henkaku could take years to be made, but could this be a solution?

  9. Ali says:

    Can i install vpk on my ps vita 3.63 with this hack? If yes how i can do it?

  10. Reeshmd23 says:

    Will this let you decrypt downloaded through psn game updates?

  11. Mr. Rab says:

    Would it be possible to decrypt the backup, then send it to someone and repack it?

  12. dameros says:

    Since it’s the encryption key used for your psn account that you get, could it be used to decrypt stuff on ps4 if the same account is used on one?

  13. railerswim says:

    Heads up, I’m currently trying to do the custom VHBL bubble thing and CMA will disconnect from the system after trying to place the pboot.pbp file in the directory. So far not working. I did how ever get Wipeout Pulse to recognize that there is DLC installed (wohooo!) but I need to inject a EUR version.

  14. Frejan says:

    Noob question.

    I have a Vita on firmware 3.60. My Final Fantasy VIII game.psvmd got corrupted so i have to delete it. Don’t know why i keept the game.psvimg of this game. With this tool can i regenerate a game.vsvmd to be abble to play FFVIII? Thanks

  15. dawid says:

    Thanks to Yifan Lu

    I was able to install VHBL without any problem on my Vita 3.63.

  16. mccmonkey says:

    So what are the chances of this leading to 3.63 users being able to play ‘acquired’ games?

  17. FERTY says:

    the CPK files generate4d by this how do i open them ?

  18. onyx says:

    any reasong why it doesnt run on my pc

  19. Lemond says:

    If I have a 3.63 system and I do this with psvimgtools, am I able to install PSPHombrew? How does the PSP homebrew works? Can I just download, copy PSP games and run it on my PSVita with PSP homebrew?

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