TheFloW teases support for external USB drive on PSTV (Vita TV)


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    Retards say FIRST. smart people likes to read articles here

  2. Jose says:


  3. Darko says:

    I have been waiting for this since the first day I bought PS TV.
    It’s a great system, once the limits of storage will be solved it will be the smallest and most powerful console around

  4. piotrekhenry says:

    This is exactly the reason I was holding my PS TV on 3.60.

  5. satriya256 says:

    first pertamax

  6. MA16v3 says:

    I’m going to assume this will let us install and execute from the mass storage. If so, gonna drop for a couple of 64GB flash drives and load’em up. Just did a price check on USB flash drives and high capacity drives for 2.0 are dirt cheap.

  7. psp_revival says:

    PS4 gets external mass storage and now so does PSTV.

    Roll on Vita TV Pro.

  8. megumihan says:

    that stupid perv he didn’t even mention the New Adrenaline Update at this Feb

    64mb ram and PSX support

    • Bob says:

      what the heck are you talking about?
      there has not been any update lately, at least not that I’ve noticed.

  9. nightwishfan1 says:

    Awesome news. I knew it would be coming sometime or another, and with how TheFlow works this may hit earlier than expected like the vita usb mass storage did.

  10. doctorwho05 says:


  11. PsxPWN says:

    Nice this would be useful, but I have a method since day1 that I’ve been using to tranfer from PC to PSTV vita Lan cable using the settings from the PS3 Lan cable setup. Thanks Yifan!

  12. KurtCoder says:

    Excellent news!

  13. Nio9345 says:

    Bought a new PSTV just because of these news. 30 euros brand new sealed. As for storage, if this works a 64GB Usb Flash drive will be the best.

  14. nebu_187 says:

    waiting to make this a complete ps1 collection device with wireless controller 😀

  15. KiraSlith says:

    Wololo, you forgot about one of the earlier reports you shared? The Gen 1 vita has a full set of USB data and power lines tied to the EXT port. All it would take is some light soldering to get USB from it.

  16. Sky Grey says:

    Wow have so badly wanted this since dayone of the 3.6 hack. I had a PSTV and got a second new one off ebay a few months back for $40. PSTV is so under appreciated as a micro console but the real bottleneck (as with vita) is the memory cost.

    Ok so here is the real question. Wll we be able to run code off the UMA0: drive? I would guess anything decrypted should be able to run? I hope so as I see 128gb lowprofile usb with lots of psp, ps1, and vita goodness!!!!

    Now that they have Vita GPU support for homebrew can we get a good streaming player now, like a xbmc port?

    Hey here is something else you guys may not know but you can run a PSTV off a decent usb battery pacl. It has to have 2a output and then use a usb to psp power cord and bingo. A 20000mah pack would run it for close to 10hrs. Useful for RV or car, camping.

    If we can execute code from pstv usb port it just became one kick *** micro console!!!! Go Fl0w Go

  17. DarkElementPL says:

    Uma Uma Yay, Uma uma uma yay 😀

  18. goggamanxp says:

    I’ve had my PS Vita since launch, however I was never willing to purchase any of the memory cards that were above 8 gigs. However, since I already owned a Vita, I didn’t feel the need to get the PSTV. Even with Henkaku, I was unwilling to upgrade the memory card in my system just due to the ridiculous cost of getting one with a decent amount of storage.

    With this news, I decided to use a spare Gamestop Gift Card I had (It’s amazing how many gift cards I get from friends and family) and purchase a new PSTV for ~$50. I figured it was worth the cost, even if this doesn’t come into fruition (Which I’m pretty certain by the flow’s track record that it will), I got a way to play Vita games on my TV that was cheaper than a 64 gig memory card.

    TL;DR Gamestop has new PSTV’s for $50, and I don’t imagine they’re going to get cheaper from here on out.

  19. Reeshmd23 says:

    How hard would it be to use the vita as a remote for the pstv? Seems like a cool hack, make it think it’s a dualshock or something? Would make it like a nintendo switch

  20. Cypherous says:

    So, any update to this, is it still on track, don’t want to buy a console and this to not end up being released 😛

  21. XMarksTheSpot says:

    We still got nothing 3/3/2017