PS Vita – PS4 Remote Play without PSN sign-in


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  1. Mr. MaGoo says:

    Dude!!! I can’t wait to try this out. I hope this could get ported to ps-now

    • Mr. MaGoo says:

      Aww man, I forgot to say first.. lol

    • Mr. MaGoo says:

      OK got an actual question, what if you deactivated your vita via the website? The vita still is registered but when trying to connect to psn, it does not allow you to sign in. I had to do this to activate my other vita ofw and pstv Henkaku . I now have a wii-U style setup for my Henkaku with just a memory card swap.

  2. Rens says:

    does it also count when your ps4 is also not on the latest firmwire

  3. heisenvader says:

    error ps vita remote play the number for another user has entered
    any fix?
    correct account on vita(tried 2 accaounts)

  4. iPetahh says:

    I´m having a problem. I’ve done all steps and Vita and PS4 seems to being ¨understanding¨ ecah other, but Vita says ¨Other user’s number has been entered¨ and PS4 give me error ¨CE-35406-8¨

    What’s happening? We’re SO CLOSE to finally use Remote Play on 3.60!!!!

  5. fmsshadow says:

    Will this work if im away from home or do I have to set it up local first.

    • FreePlay says:

      Pretty sure this will only work locally, since online remote play requires you to log in to PSN.

  6. NeonAera says:

    :0 Sick awesome.. Gonna play me some PS4 games on-the-go!! 🙂 Kidding.. doesn’t work like that, although that’d be pretty cool. Just-at-home. Glad I could put the PS4 to PSVita streaming capability to good use. Always felt limited when staying on lower firm. Anyhow hats off to you, Yifan! Great heads up on this little bypass hack, wololo

  7. 88alternative says:

    I wonder if this works for the playstation network

  8. warfaren says:

    Oh man this is awesome! Huge thanks to Yifanlu for figuring this out!!

  9. mmedeiro1 says:

    I can confirm this works.

    1. go to PSN
    2. Go to the account settings tab
    3. Highlight and copy your on-line ID
    4. Go to
    5. In the upper left hand corner select “NEW”
    6. Enter 328 for file size an hit enter
    7. After the first line of HEX where it converts it to text you’ll see “……………….”
    8. Select the first period and paste your username.
    9. You will see a prompt – Select the first option “insert the data…” and hit apply
    10. On the left side you should see file size 328, if not, this means you deleted entries, you can add 00 to the last line until you reach 328 but you shouldn’t have to
    11. Click export at the top
    12. Rename file to myprofile.dat
    13. Transfer to file to vita.
    14. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT STEP PAY ATTENTION. YOU WILL NOW MOVE THE FILE TO ur0 NOT urx0 you are used to working in..
    15. So navigate to ur0:user/00 and create folder named “np”
    16. Move myprofile.dat to this folder and reboot the Vita
    17. Connect to remote play.
    1. if you get an error about the account not matching then you did not get the username correct, remake your file.. it is case sensitive
    2. If you don’t get the option to input the PS4 on screen link code, (update message) then you put the file in the wrong location or its not 328bits

  10. RYU says:

    Must PS4 need to be update to last firmware?

  11. bleep says:

    Can there possibly be a way to hex edit an act.dat to activate a vita to use on another vita or pstv? would be cool to get adrenaline working on my pstv but it isn’t activated and my vita is activated.

  12. z2 says:

    I believe you still need to connect your PS4 to PSN, but if there’s a way to do remote play on 4.05 for PS4s that haven’t been connected to PSN ever, please tell us too.

    • AD2076 says:

      Same situation but my PS4 is on 4.01, I guess there’s no way to get remote play for us.
      update or wait?

      • z2 says:

        I’d say wait, mine is still on 4.05..

        But it’s still up to you if you wanna play games online and update your games to latest patches.

  13. meysam25 says:

    its not work for me when i cancell updatefirmare dialog it will be cancell but secound screen working fine

  14. vix says:

    Also having logged in with another account the method also works by inserting the hex of my primary account id, there are risks that sony also access with my primary account did not carry henkaku can find out about my psvita after doing this operation? since now as even now the id.dat is modified on the memory card

  15. lunacryd says:

    i tried it but failed PSN prompt me to update and when i cancel out it doesn’t work did anyone got this to work?

  16. Akuma360 says:

    Working fine for me with netcheck bypass 🙂

  17. pez says:

    Even easier than using an ASCII to hex converter, just type your PSN name into Notepad, save it as myprofile.dat, then use a hex editor to add nulls (00) until it’s 328 bytes long.

  18. Tusio23 says:

    I format the memory card, and unfortunately, to create a PSN account I need to update the system.
    I have uploaded henkaku but on my ps vita I do not have mine Account. How to create it without updating system?
    I tried to reset but without updating i can’t create profile. Thanks for help

  19. Jamx says:

    Nice. Hoping that someday we will be able to remote play online with different network. It might be a wishful thinking, but it could be possible.

  20. fmsshadow says:

    Hi the way that I remote play locally on 3.60 first connect to wifi at home then have ps4 logged in to same psn. After go to ps4 link on vita go to settings restore settings then press x after click remote play than cancel it it should give you the option to manually connect using the pin go on ps4 settings remote play settings add device use the pin on vita. Works for me! I restarted my vita and its still working after restart no need to repeat the process yet lol I couldnt get this to work using this other methodhexedit please help!

  21. Mouxam says:

    hi, my question is that, even tho iam using my secondary account on both my ps4 & vita, not my digitally loaded one. but my question is what is the risking of ban in it ?? i mean although i am using a separate new account for my remote play . is their still their a risk involved ?

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