UWPStreamer (Stream 3DS to Desktop, Mobile, XboxOne, HoloLens)

Dark Nightmare

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9 Responses

  1. s27958768 says:

    That’s really cool!

  2. Salar says:

    being on windows store is awsome , a homebrew at that level….. 😀 Nice

  3. It’s nice to have one that’s multiplat. The guy who writes kit-kat (previously CTR-V) doesn’t believe in anything other than Windows, and if you ask a§bout any other platform, he acts like a *** to you.

  4. Ikankontol says:

    This guy is bring cfw to superslim

  5. AC says:

    This is possible???!!! Damn, cant wait to try it out

  6. troll says:

    does this require a super connection speed like the old streaming app?