PS4 Jailbreak 2017: The latest status


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  1. andrew says:

    hope they realese the code 🙂

    • spok says:

      its clear they won´t unless somebody else will reverse-engineer their stuff (maybe an under-age hacker who can´t be sentenced to jail:)

  2. ANU815 says:

    I find the PS4 hacking scene frustrating… I’ve had a 1.76 sitting in a box for almost 2 years. I hear hints of other things for later firmware but nothing is shared. Even fail0verflow’s Linux solution frustrates me. The magic of console hacking is CFW for native homebrew and yes roms. If I wanted to play emulators on Linux I would do it on a PC. Let’s hope this doesn’t go the path of trueblue. I wish more hackers were like DAX, Yifanlu, smea, theFlow, which are very open with their releases.

    • ANU815 says:

      I love my hacked PSP, Vita, 3DS, and PS3 because exploits were always released to the public. I get the cat and mouse problem, but I think the scene has taught us that letting more people into the scene improves the chances of deeper exploits and just plain cooler stuff. I dont stay involved for free games I honestly get more excited about installing the hacks than playing the games at this point. Come on PS4 scene! Let us in!

      • wololo says:

        I tend to agree, I’m honestly not sure why things are that secretive nowadays, except maybe that it is much harder to hack consoles nowadays than it was 10 years ago, meaning less hackers are on it, meaning less chances of a release. I think competition between hacking teams used to be a thing, some people would rush to release in fear somebody else would do it before them

        • Ell Enn says:

          Cause they don’t want to spent their free time in jail for a jaibreak, maybe… Also PS4 seems to be a bit boring imho… 😛

        • Lionheartwolf says:

          Well after the Geohot debacle on the PS3 I feel that PS modding climate changed dramatically. I dont think hackers want that same level of attention they used to get for their releases.

          • ANU815 says:

            I agree that Geohot seemed to be a turning point with scaring hackers. Then again, there hasn’t been any large public C&D in a long time. Honestly the closest I can think of is the Z needing to take down his website full of firmwares. I don’t get the sense there’s a big panic with $ony as long as you are smart about things.

    • Daii says:

      Get GeoHot to jailbreak 4.07! *** Sony

    • Shaggy says:

      You have ps4 on 1.76 then you can play hacked games and free games not online yet but wait get your self 4.05 firmware this is done Sony shot them self in foot when they released comedy movie about (kim Jong un)Korea

  3. 4.50BetaUser says:

    Im running the 4.50 beta 2 and it mentions software downgrading back to the last official firmware in the update information, so a software downgrade is possible for sonys official firmwares

    • Cypherous says:

      Yes but the important key there is “last official firmware”, it will know which version was available prior to its release and will only let you go back that far, its the same as doing a rollback on a windows machine, you can’t rollback all the way to 1.0 but you are allowed to go back to what you had previously

  4. James says:

    If I only updated my ps4 to 4.05, would that be enough to go online? Or do they require the absolute latest firmware?

  5. bryan james says:

    don’t think anything will happen. even with the ps3 super slim model, there is no real working jailbreak. i think no one bothers since ps3 games can be bought used for less than $5! also if you’re a homebrew fanatic, why don’t just get a linux box?

  6. Umut Serdaroğlu says:


  7. warfaren says:

    You’d hope that the 3DS would be the only console to go through this lame process, but no. Even when the exploit has been friggin patched nothing gets released -_-

    • lol says:

      Well just because you know nothing is happening on the PS4 Scene at the moment, it doesn’t mean everyone does, the title of the article clearly explains its just a recap on the status of ps4 jailbreak, but you read it anyway so stop complaining.

  8. nightwishfan1 says:

    This article is honestly boring. Just a recap that nothing has really happened beyond 1.76 firmware as far as public hacks go, and waiting on a waste of time linux project.

    • lol says:

      You may know that nothing is happening on the PS4 Scene at the moment, it doesn’t mean everyone does, the title of the article clearly explains its just a recap on the status of a PS4 jailbreak, but you read it anyway so stop complaining.

  9. Install Exherbo says:

    The PS4 hacking community is full of stuck-up jackasses, especially when they flaunt around their exploits but never release them. The Wii U community was exactly the same until someone finally leaked their work. If your exploit has been fixed already then there’s no point in hording it – release it so people can actually use it.

  10. vasya says:

    Linux is cool staff??? No! cool staff is running ps4 full games for free on any firmware…

  11. Charles Fasano says:

    I got 3 PS4 systems on 3.70. 2 PS4 Pros and 1 Launch model. Can’t wait.

    • Missing link says:

      How big do u think Ps4 rips are? Do you have your 16tb Externals ready?

      • DSpider says:

        They’re not that much larger than PC games. The maximum capacity of a BluRay is 50 GB (dual layer), and very few games take up the entire disc. A 2 TB external drive would fit quite a few games.

    • eldosmiljoven says:

      There is no point in not updating your firmware because when a hack or exploit is released the hackers usually aim for the last firmware before the hack was released so that the majority are able to use it. There are a bunch of upcoming new games that would be otherwise unplayable for me unless i update the firmware like Persona 5.

      • eldosmiljoven says:

        No one gives a *** about the 1.7X firmware linux stuff.

      • nightwishfan1 says:

        Do you realize how backward your statement is? Sony has people patching security flaws in the ps4 OS all the time. They come on sites like this to get any leads on what those might be, and patch them and sony pushes the update out to all ps4 consoles effectively rendering what could have been in fw 4.05 useless, and 4.05 is far from the last fw to bust, and it won’t open any doors to busting later fws like 4.07 or higher…

        • nightwishfan1 says:

          I should also note that besides linux happening (a joke project) that with proper tools for 4.05 for those keeping their ps4 that way that games might be playable on any firmware. There’s somewhat of a point to keeping a ps4 that way if one chooses, but not much with the exploit for 4.05 being private.

  12. Blah says:

    Who wants linux on ps4 ;( thats so lame. Do it right like ps vita or don’t bother at all

    • -_- says:

      Go on then if it’s so easy, we are all waiting.

      • mtnjustm says:

        He didn’t say it’s easy, he said it’s lame, which is absolutely right in my opinion.
        No one gives a *** about linux on ps4, waste of time publishing any data about it, because no one cares.

  13. Randy Lahey says:

    It’s all about being e-peen famous. Gone are the days of secrecy and taking down the consoles. Hopefully the ELF loader is true and we get something soon but that’s probably another dead end.

    • eldosmiljoven says:

      Epeen is just how the Vita hack started and now there’s a lot more *** being released since the first Henkaku. The Drama is unavoidable.

  14. NotImp0rtant says:

    I don’t even care about PS4 hacking though. It’s much easier to just hook up a computer to your TV and emulate that way first of all, and second so many console games rely on so much online connectivity that pirating games is just more trouble than it’s worth. At least on console.

    I’d be more interested in eventual Switch hacks really. It’s a portable console after all, and I’ve waited so long for my very own pocket-sized Dreamcast machine!

    • yup says:

      Yup, enjoy my hacked 3DS, can still enjoy all its features, but a hacked ps4… no interest, losing psn access is too big a trade off.

  15. DRDoNothing says:

    The PS4 hacking scene seems to be a huge yawn fest these days. Props to those who are trying behind closed doors, but why not report on actual progress instead of this sh…..

  16. Amir says:

    who care about linux on ps4?
    why do i even want that?
    also i can run emulator on my
    pc, smart phone , vita, psp, ps3 , and i NEVER do that

    honestly , i think 0.00001% ppl even care about emu! i know what nostalgia is :)) but i like to see 1-2 game, that i already have it on my pc

    about this hackers, i dont think they have anything! they want theire name to be in competition , thats all

  17. HackThat says:

    I miss the psp days when a new firmware was released two days later there was a hack. the good old days

  18. tzenix says:

    Be patient. SONY will release a leak at the end of ps4 life span to boost the sales lol

  19. Some Old Dude says:

    There are less and less people that can hack these days because the new generation is brainwashed and lazy.
    The old and infamous coding groups are getting even older will eventually fade out. We will be left with Indians and other 3rd world groups which always do a sloppy job and have no respect for the code.
    Face it, hacking is dead. look at the viruses today….so lame so easy to counter.

  20. piet says:

    The only accespoint is webkit there is a *** ton of vulnerabilites after ps4 4.73 webkit version 601.2 . too bad apple doesnt publish the exploits.

  21. Concerned Citizen says:

    Seems like progress has come grinding to a halt. There was so much hope early in the console life just like the vita.

    At this point it seems nobody is working on it and even if they have something they will never release it so who gives a damn. By the time it happens, just like the vita, it will have been too little too late.

  22. don bigg says:

    how much it cost a jailbreaked ps4

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