AdvRemap plugin – Assign Macros to your Vita’s buttons!


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8 Responses

  1. subhaGamer says:

    It is really a good plugin

  2. Enni says:

    Good news …
    Actually I was hoping for a button-remapping-plugin. Let’s say I want to use right analog stick for accelerating and breaking in NfS – I need to map the shoulder buttons to the right stick.
    Will this plugin do this ? Or if I use the stick it would just do one button press and then “release” the button ?
    Would be great if the plugin can remap as well …
    (Another game – Fifa – I would like to use the digipad instead of left analog stick.)
    And of course I hope this will work for dumped games as well in the future.

  3. awer says:

    does this plugin work with remote play Vita ==> PS4?

  4. wailam says:

    Nice~ now finally freedom war will be much easier with these hehe

  5. AcromioClavicular says:

    So Neat!

  6. slopdog says:

    This says that this is a psp plugin, but is it ported to vita or was that a typo? Really what I’m curious about is if we can map controls to some of the accelerometer positions so that we can play games like Uncharted and Gravity Rush on PSTVs.

  7. Enni says:

    what’s wrong with the comment I wrote yesterday ???