2DSaver – 2DS Setup Skipper Homebrew Softbrick Savior

Dark Nightmare

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  1. justin says:

    Doesn’t the regular 3DS have a similar issues, arguably worse? That once on firmware 2.1 or w,e, if you shut your 3DS while its on and it goes into sleep mode its an automatic brick. This is when doing the A9LH method

    • Dark Nightmare says:

      That is a brick from closing the device, this softbrick is caused by formatting the system while below firmware 6.0.

      • Masamune3210 says:

        The brick is only on the N3DS and is due to the fact that it was never meant to run 2.1. The fiirmware doesnt handle the new hardware correctly, and causes a brick when its put to sleep

        The brick that this fixes is on the 2DS only, and is caused by the older firmwares not realising that the 2DS doesnt have a 3d slider, and gets stuck waiting for something that will never happen