Vulkan on PS4: Hacker Marcan “getting close”


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  1. tony says:


  2. ANU815 says:

    I still don’t get the whole Linux on PS4 thing… if I wanted to run emulators on Linux I’d do it on a PC. The excitement of a console hacks has always been about running native code and yes backups/isos.

    • Militantslash says:

      You have one goal of you are a end user/pirate/want fame. There is another goal (that Marcan has) if you are a computer hardware engineer. And that is to understand systems and get them to do what they shouldn’t be able to do. It’s a power thing I think. He knows at this point he is better at hardware engineering than the entirety of the Sony company

    • Grinner says:

      Errm, I believe you’re missing the point here. A proper/complete linux installation allows you to do have pretty much FULL control on the entire HW and therefore the potential to do as you wish. The ability to make all them system calls = Pwnage

  3. Dave says:

    I honestly do not know how i could possibly care any less about Linux on my PS4, Marcan or this entire news article.

    Who in their right mind would purchase a PS4, go through all the trouble of hacking it… and then run Linux on it?

    How miniscule an amount of the userbase this must be.

    Honestly, i have no idea what Marcan and his people are doing or why they think anyone actually cares about this.

    Sorry to be this harsh, but this is just clattering up wololo.

    • Altemecya says:

      They do it for fun, hacking is more of self satisfying. Its fun when you see you could run an apps, code or anything on a machine that didnt intended or even designed to run in in the first place.

      • Dave says:

        I know that but, like i said, i do not see any mass appeal to this and people who tease exploits and not release them bore me to tears.

        to quote a wise man “take it off or get off the stage, i don’t have all night.”

      • lol says:

        people are just pi$$ed because they are not seeing cfw on ps4 and just seeing Linux instead lol

  4. andrey says:

    only blablabla… one cant hack the console? is there no good hackers like dark alex… kmeaw?

    • Militantslash says:

      Overflow have already ‘hacked’ the console. Presumably you are asking why won’t someone let you play free games? If so then be straight enough to ask that question

    • Militantslash says:

      And ‘no good hackers’??? Have you even heard of team overflow or the members? They have ripped apart every console they touched. They practically rewrote the Wii for god’s sake. You might not have a use for this but to say they aren’t good hackers is just disrespectful cause they won’t give you free games

  5. Bob says:

    I think it’s just another form of trolling. He could be working on something actually worthwhile, like being able to back up your games and remove the need for discs when PS4 always runs them off the HDD anyway, but instead everyone gets to listen about him running a gimped OS on a gimped PC.

    • thousandyoung says:

      Well, this is more than obvious. They already know how to run backups. They never share that kind of information because they are sellouts and pussies working for the Enemy. We used to have our share of badass hackers like GrafChokolo, they should always be smart and careful so that they don’t get caught. Sony doesn’t care about the Vita over here, so there isn’t any major risk for Yifanlu and friends.

  6. Salar says:

    well i like the idea and im looking forward to it , i hope that a exploit will release soon so everybody can enjoy it on latest firmware

  7. TheworstLoser says:

    OMG Who cares about running linux on ps4.I already have a pc we need ps4 pirated games.Team rebug,TRSI ect… please give us some news so we can move on and update our ps4 if you don’t plan to release a jailbreak sorry for my english

    • smh says:

      Go away, hacking is more than just about giving YOU free games….-.-

      • Lolnut says:

        Sad reality is only the minority are looking forward for the “other things”, while the majority only cares about getting free games

        • yup says:

          As well as it should be. Not sure how many people bought an expensive gaming console and thought “ohhhh I can’t wait to run linux and compile code on my PS4!”. That’s what 35 dollar raspberry pi’s are for. Get windows 10 running on it and you’ll impress me more. I’m not knocking the people who are working on the APU full support. I’m just saying majority of end users have no need for linux on the PS4 (A gaming console not a computer). It would make an interesting school paper but that’s about it.

          • hmm says:

            So you are telling me people bought an expensive PS4 and thought “ohhh i can’t wait and play pirated games on my PS4”. People buying a console on the basis of thinking that is just pain stupid

  8. Ventus says:

    pretty sad that most of the comments are :”Dont waste your time and enable us pirating games”
    Let him do what he wants to do. I would love to see linux perfectly running on the ps4.
    with the hardware that is build in the ps4 this should be a good alternative to a steambox
    and yes Emulators will also work

    • code says:

      Except if marcan has his way, you’ll never see linux on the ps4. Unless you rediscover the hack used on your own. It’s sad really, he’s so concerned about piracy, that he’s become a joke of a developer. “Oh look at what I can do that no one else can!” He’s still a great hacker of course, getting Vulcan to work on the ps4 is an achievement worthy of praise. At this point however, it’s marred by the fact that no one else can do it once he’s finished. So his work has no value to the public, yet he keeps teasing them with it. In my opinion he deserves every bit of hate he gets. If he wants the hate to stop, all he has to do is either release the work he’s done, or keep his work quiet and out of the public eye. In short: quit teasing everyone.

      Overall, marcan’s actions have put a chilling effect on the entire scene, and the development community. No one wants to be the dev that rehacks the ps4 (or leaks the private exploits) upsetting marcan’s vision, and no one has enough access to the ps4 to actually do anything that they want to.

      What’s also sad is the devs that think the hate isn’t justified and come rushing to his defense. If someone dangled something you really wanted but couldn’t get on your own in front of you, constantly yanking it back from you when you reach out to grab it, you’d be *** off too. Heck even WOLOLO is a little annoyed now. (See the comment in the article about the lucky people with private exploits.) So yeah, people are ***. Get used to it. We have to put up with the no release developments, you can put up with the public outcry that comes with them.

  9. Not_Pirate says:

    I bet that was the same person who wrote all the comments with different alias requesting for piracy.
    A full working linux (with 3d accelaration) It’s much more impressive for me than running “cr*p” isos.

  10. nightwishfan1 says:

    I dont get the point of this posting stuff relating to linux running on ps4. I mean isn’t the point of such articles to help the hacking community do what they’re (the hackers) doing, and maybe even progress it? There’s far more hackers that would contribute to this endeavor if they had the exploit and files to do what marcan has done. There’s even up and comers that could learn from this by messing with it, but no……This whole private exploit debacle just holds everything back, and unfortunately imo holding back new talented hackers/programmers from even having anything to do with ps4 homebrew, cause what’s the point if you dont have a previously exploitable ps4, and or can’t find one?

  11. for god sake says:

    Sad to see these days.
    When a hacker does something and “free games” is mentioned or “cfw” is mentioned then all the comments give praise…..but the minute its a different kind of hack then the comments always start complaining, it seemed to be an increasing trend in 2016.
    Man If I was a hacker aswell I would refuse to release my private exploit to these self entitled moaners aswell and just carry on doing what I enjoy (which is what Marcan is doing).
    Don’t want Linux on your PS4? then stop whining and learn to hack it yourself or just *** and be grateful that these things happen!

  12. for god sake says:

    Sad to see these days.
    When a hacker does something and “free games” is mentioned or “cfw” is mentioned then all the comments give praise…..but the minute its a different kind of hack then the comments always start complaining, it seemed to be an increasing trend in 2016.
    Man If I was a hacker aswell I would refuse to release my private exploit to these self entitled moaners aswell and just carry on doing what I enjoy (which is what Marcan is doing).
    Don’t want Linux on your PS4? then stop whining and learn to hack it yourself or just shut up and be grateful that these things happen!

  13. z2 says:

    okay we get it, you run linux on your ps4

  14. justkiller says:

    So, could he possibly play PS4 Games on the Linux Side of things too now?
    PC Games should be possible if they run in Linux, but getting the Sony Games to run inside Linux,
    with possible Hardware Upscaling/Filters etc.etc..
    Now THAT would be awesome in my opinion!

  15. Tim says:

    Doesn’t any point keep repeat doing something that already success before on 1.76 and 4.05… sounds waste time

  16. no_a_pirate says:

    In a nutshell, everyone here wants an exploit on <4.05 to play pirate games.

  17. Tactix says:

    all the comments of i couldnt care less for linux why is he doing this and the little pirate script kiddies need to know one thing

    HE isnt NOT doing it for you

    Ask any hacker /engineer why they get so much fun out of making something do what its not supposed to and you weill get the same damn answer

    BECAUSE THEY CAN end of story get off your high horses and grow up

    • Loser says:

      I admit he isnt not doing it for us but why he spread the news on the web and let people hyping for no reason he should keep his useless linux for him and shut his mouth.Team rebug is far better hacker in my opinion.Failoverblow blows

  18. Xtremegamer says:

    I would like the Linux to run great on PS4. this would mean > PSVR works “Out of the box” , any steering wheel designed for PS4 also works out of the box… , Steam is running on linux so only old or crappy new games wont work on it.

    Easy to carry… instead of a full blown pc.

    heck i would even be happy if it could run plex media server.

    And completely understanding how the system works also opens doors for a possible CFW


    Hold Options-button to boot into linux == me buying 10 PS4’s , so a win for sony…

  19. Tactix says:

    Oh btw: I already have all the bases

  20. DivineBliss says:

    Wololo u should turn off comments on some of your pages because all the stupid people on here make ur site look bad.

  21. xdrake says:

    And no one gives a *** XD.

  22. VideoX says:

    I’m still wondering if there is any chance of changing the HDD bus from USB to SATA, since this connection is done internally in the southbridge I suppose.
    I still don’t understand why Sony engineers decided to use a USB bus to transfer data with the HDD. But then I remember how they’d sc*** up with the PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP and it’s quiet expected from them to do such things.