The Second Golden Age of The 3DS Has Arrived!

Dark Nightmare

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  1. Jesse says:


  2. nakedfaerie says:

    So what does frankenfirmware actually do?
    You say its available but nothing about what it does.

    • Charles Fasano says:

      It was considered the “Golden Firmware” that allowed you to do all your hacking needs. It allowed you to install a custom system software on your SD card in EmuNand. After 9.2 you needed to downgrade to 9.2 in order to use CFW or EmuNand.

      • Boop says:

        That’s not what frankenfirmware is, though. From my understanding, it’s when you partially upgrade/downgrade and don’t complete it so you are stuck with an in-between firmware (and it often results in a soft brick). 9.2 is just a normal firmware version.

        • Daipop says:

          Is called like that because New 3DS and 2DS lacks of firmware version 2.1 necesary to recover your OTP file which is needed for installing a CFW. So in order to do so, you need to downgrade to 9.2, make a sort of “downgrade” to 2.1 installing certain files from the original 2.1 FW over 9.2 (thus the FrankenFirmware apellation), extract your OTP and “upgrade” again to 9.2

  3. Xfreaks says:

    is this mean i can downgrade from fw 11 without hardmod?

  4. Dani says:

    Man this is great! I’ve done 2 consoles yesterday(n3ds xl and o3ds xl) using fasthax and everything was perfect(started from
    Plailect has the best guide and the community has the greatest solutions. 🙂

    • yesss says:

      yup, did a n3ds yesterday all went perfectly no problems, downgraded straight to 2.1 then up to 11.2 and transferring emunand without losing a single file

  5. norboi says:

    Yes finally got cfw on my 3ds after my children kept updating the machine pass the golden fw ,been waiting for two years

  6. z0n1 says:

    finally, and I was about to spend 100$ on a 3ds flashcard, not that I don’t have what to play, got a lot of consoles ( 27 without duplicates and almost all modded or with flashcards except PS4,, Megadrive, Saturn and N64 )
    waiting for PS4, got sick of the 10 games that I have for it 🙂

  7. Johnathan George says:

    how do i keep from getting banned if i do this and go online?

    • ElfenTaiga says:

      Don’t play games online before release. That’s all you have to avoid doing to not get banned.

    • thedicemaster says:

      use good judgement.
      the only bans so far(to my knowledge) where because people went online in games before release(pokemon S/M), people using cheats online, and people posting impossible/hacked stuff on miiverse.

  8. L-Digital says:

    So I completed this last night but am a little nervous about going on to the eshop and killing my NNID which is also linked to my WiiU and will be used on the Switch
    Are these two assumptions correct
    The eshop is perfectly safe to use now using my actual NNID?
    All future updates are also safe to do now and this hack is essentially locked in no matter what?