My Odd PSVita wishlist – From Emulators to Plugins


I'm a girl that's liked technology from day 1. Mostly interested in the PSVita/PSP scene but I've always modded my stuff when it's possible, that is :)Contact me via DM at @KawaiiAuroraA on Twitter if you have any questions/concerns about my articles or if you have any article requests.

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  1. Dmaskell92 says:

    Magnifique! The only thing you listed I don’t care for is portrait browsing. Alas, these are our devices and we shall use them as we see fit!

  2. Diablo says:

    A port of Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe and Frontier Elite would be amazing also.

  3. DarkElementPL says:

    And we are still waiting for USB support in PSTV…..

  4. Salar says:

    I think rather than support of portrait mode we should look for a browser homebrew which supports that mode too and plus other stuff like being able to download everything , java and flash support , even we can use web.telegram from it and use our device on the go

  5. LookItsMe says:

    FYI, I don’t know if these are possible or not.

    1) A plugin to reduce the minimum brightness level
    – Definitely wanted

    2) Remove the HDCP on the PSTV?
    – I’m sure some people would like to stream/record their gameplay without worrying about a splitter.

    3) PSTV’s USB PORT!
    – Maybe it can be used as storage? It would be nice for games and other stuff and it’s cheap too! (please)

    4) Remote Desktop (Become like the Steam Link)
    – like Remote-play, but for PC.

    5) Vita capture via USB?
    – there is an app for streaming Vita to PC, but it has some delay. Could an usb connection be more stable / better?

    6) Stream Vita to PSTV.
    – some might say this is a little bit pointless, it would basically become a second controller like the Wii U. The you could still use the touch controls on the big TV. + you don’t have to switch between PSVita & PSTV.

    • Aurora says:

      Let’s see..

      1) Yep, I want it too and I think it should be possible!

      2) Eeeh, I doubt it as it might require a hardware hack but who knows..

      3) That would be awesome! TheFlow might get it to work someday as he likes tinkering around with stuff just for fun. Maybe after he allows the Vita to be seen as a normal storage device (like the PSP)

      4) Eeh, you wish to use normal Windows apps via Moonlight? I think there may be a way to do it

      5) Who knows.. Might happen someday

      6) I highly doubt it :/

  6. Jgr9 says:

    Pretty sure you can get solitaire on the store….

    • Aurora says:

      There might be a version on PSN but there’s no PSN access on 3.60 and well, an open-source homebrew port of a Solitaire game that can easily be installed via a simple VPK would be much more convenient and awesome

  7. Si says:

    Transport Tycoon!

  8. Kalash says:

    USB support for PSTV will be the paradise

  9. RyoX says:

    Dont you guys work or have anything else to do other than wish list for vita?

    • Seth says:

      You act like the author of this article is doing nothing but writing articles for this site. Does anything that some other person does in their own life not involving you affect you in anyway at all especially negatively?

  10. Thetechdoc says:

    All I want is quake3 ported. Hot dam that would be nice.

  11. IEje says:

    It would be cool if someone could port AM2R to the Vita.

  12. Mezamir says:

    It would be cool to open Jazz Jackrabbit 2 or Heroes Might & Magic III on PS Vita. I hope that is possible.

  13. juniorpsvita says:

    Cps3 full speed/ emulador DREAMCAST.
    My Dream

  14. Pakrètt says:

    A remap plugin like macrofire for psp should be great ! I wish to remap the rear touchpad to a phisical button.

  15. CrashPad says:

    I’d like the option to shut off bilinear filtering in PSP games on PSTV.
    For whatever reason, Sony removed this option from the PSTV (it’s forced on), despite vanilla Vitas having an option to shut off filtering.

  16. Ethan Weegee says:

    UNDERTALE port. Won’t happen but sounds cool.

  17. Voxel says:

    Someone already (very silently) released a Spider Solitaire port over at GBATemp last year:

  18. Ariakan says:

    I want multiplayer on PS TV for all emulators ! 🙂

  19. steve says:

    how about this….

    to be able to stream ps TV to a ps vita.

    That way you can have a MODDED and HACKED psTV while still playing on the vita instead.. you can still be connected to the internet and the psn store, you get the best of both worlds. Simple to create.

  20. Dennis says:

    I would love to see an unofficial ps4 remote play that bypasses the psn check for registering. This could be a port of the android ps4 remote play or just an open source ps4 remote play.

  21. The purple haired girl says:

    We need a better internet radio streaming service or home brew app ported to PSvita like what is available for Movian on PS3. I love listening to talk radio but I cannot manually select a specific station on shoutcast with adrenaline so the PSP emulator is not helping here either. I really want to stream my favorite crazy people and conspiracy theorists and political leaks like wikileaks, what is secretly happening in Washington to try and create laws designed to harm us under the guise of protection and the coverups of real news under the guise of it being called fake news. Having to use remote play on my PS3 uses a lot more power than is necessary just to achieve this goal. I hope that there is either a internet radio station app like the ones for Movian for the Vita or a media player that does streaming like porting KODI or Movian or a similar one to the PSvita. What I am asking has nothing to do with piracy. I could care less about games. I use my Consoles just for home brew and console exclusives which I paid a small fortune for on vita upon learning it was hacked and on the PS4 upon learning their is a CVE that makes the PS4 Pro hardware useful for homebrew apps. Of course, There is nothing public about the exploit and no one has dumped the keys needed to sign homebrew apps that do not lead to piracy so It probably wont happen for a long time. I just want internet radio with stations of my choosing like in Movian. I know the Vita is not popular and hacking it means little to most devs as they do not even like it all that much for the most part.

    If you wanted to get ambitious as a Dev out of curiosity, a plugin for the VSH that allows radio streaming through the internet to the station of your choosing would be even better! Also it would be cool to have a plugin for playing Serious or XM radio if you have an account but that is probably asking too much. Media players and Internet radio streaming are the most important uses of the PS family for me outside of other homebrews.

    Other homebrew Requests are an overhaul of the default VSH GUI so we have our beloved XMB back as the default selection system. It would also be wonderful to have a more feature rich media player built into the VSH that is simplified like we have for the PSP. In fact, using a plugin to emulate certain PSP system files like the VSH would probably be possible thanks to TaihenKaku now which may make coding for this easier in the long run as less work would be needed..

  22. DarkWave0 says:

    I’d very much like a type of vitaOS that has everything on one screen. I don’t enjoy the scrolling, and the bubbles make me feel like a derp. Like having 20 bubbles on one screen, or some sort of start menu. You know what? Just rewrite the entire OS it’s bad, and didn’t get a design award like the previous sony systems.

    • The Purple Haired Girl says:

      I agree with DarkWave0. A new GUI for PSvita would be heavenly. Even an app that replaces the GUI that loads on boot from the plugins list that runs an XMB style user interface would be orgasmic. The vita has plenty of potential but very little is going to be realized until the PSVita OS is fully decrypted as some encryption schemes left do hold us back as I understand it. I think there are two kinds left at the time of this post.

      I got this dang Vita for Uncharted Golden Abyss and for hacking it because Emulators with 2 analog sticks and or Metal Gear Solid 3 Portable (with additional “third party L2-R2 trigger button touch pad adapter” is nice.) (Too bad the Vita never had “L3 and R3” buttons either. I am told pairing a PS3 or PS4 controller to the Vita makes that possible though.)

    • The Purple Haired Girl says:

      NEVER MIND! F00D_ got owned so I think only one encryption scheme is left now. We have access to rewrite the boot loader and maybe the OS at this point. The problem is finding a coder whom actually wants to spend the time fixing the PSVita now.

  23. The Purple Haired Girl says:

    OMG!!!! Now that XYZ gave us son “F00D_ for thought”, can we please get a dedicated hacker/ talented coder to bring Android OS and the PS3 OS to the PSvita? I would happily alpha or beta test any of those if someone would be so kind as to work on it.. I am really sick so I have nothing but time to tinker and sleep.