Latest guides for 3DS hacking up to firmware 11.2

Dark Nightmare

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  1. ch3wt0ys says:

    neato, just got a n3ds

  2. RiotDX says:

    It should also be noted that, while FreeShop has officially been killed via DMCA, it can still be found on the internet by those industrious enough. And, since the later versions have the ability to update both the app and titlekeys from within the app itself, it’s still one of the best things you can download if you’re willing to go through the trouble of installing CFW.

  3. Mike says:

    I used this guide on one of my 3DS but it seems that I can’t boot the 3DS without a SD Card installed…how do I go around this?

    • dkabot says:

      Use FBI to copy arm9loaderhax.bin from the root of the SD to the root of CTRNAND.
      The Guide has a step for this on the Installing A9LH page.

  4. perl says:

    So is that meaning sky3ds+/gateway 3ds card will be soon replaced by these exploits?

    • zfreeman says:

      About the same as the 9.2 firmware hacking scene. Sky3ds will provide a means to games without effort or risk from hacking a 3DS. Gateway provides an additional slot for games on an SD card and proprietary cheat function.

  5. deathblade200 says:

    idk why the heck this guy has to make it sound so complex just follow Plailect’s Guide using soundhax yeah it takes an hour to complete but if you follow it exactly you will have no issues

    • yup says:

      This! just followed it after reading this article, had no problems at all.

    • Dragng8 says:

      I have a n3ds XL on 11.0.0 33us. I’m planning on doing the hardmod tonight but I’ll skip that if I don’t have to do it with the recent exploits. Anyone know if that’s the case now? Or should I go ahead and mod?

  6. Dark Nightmare says:

    New Article incoming, this was written prior to the updated guide and tools were made available.

  7. Spamsalot says:

    Any chance this works on a Korean n3ds?

  8. DuIslingr says:

    Seriously do not understand why you bother mentioning anything other than Plailects guide. It covers 11.2 as well. clearly you haven’t looked at the site in some days as i was on it yesterday and 11.2 was supported. 9.0.0 – 11.2 on all devices.

  9. Pillowhands says:

    I just did my N3DS XL on 11.2 and it wasn’t hard. Just tedious. As long as you follow the step and never put your 3DS in sleep mode until you’re completely done, it’s very difficult to screw it up.

  10. couky says:

    Do I have to do all these to steps to each 3DS I own ? Isn’t there an option to hack more easily my second 3DS ?