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ViiMote Beta 5.1 is out, adds classic controller support!

10 Responses

  1. Mulder says:

    Great app

  2. raelvidar says:

    Will work with PS TV?

    • ManekiNeko says:

      Yeah. I just tested it myself. It works fine, but two of the buttons are reversed. a is X and b is O rather than the other way around. Also, it doesn’t seem to care for adapters. I’ve tried to get it to work with a Playstation 2 adapter connected to the bottom of the Wiimote and it refuses to cooperate, constantly moving left.

    • xerpi says:

      Should work, yeah.

  3. subhaGamer says:

    What’s a wiimote?Anyways First

  4. Alex658 says:

    I don’t really understand. This is so that i can pair a wiimote to the vita, then use wiimote+nunchuk to play vita games? What is it’s main use after paired(?)

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