PS4 hack: Fail0verflow demonstrate Linux and Steam running on Firmware 4.05, won’t release exploit


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  1. walmac says:

    @marcan said in his twitter account that @failoverflow did his own exploits and that he did not have the chaitin exploit, more that maybe they arrive at the same exploit by different ways

  2. El cagon says:


  3. Toshio says:

    Well that’s neat.

  4. Amnesia82 says:

    Another port of linux and steam in FW 4.05!
    Merry Christmas PS4 Scene!!!
    Now I can sell my console and buy a PSVITA!

  5. 0x7FFFFFFF says:


  6. G says:

    They are a joke. Bunch of egoostical holier than thou nerds. Look at the 3DS scene. We are a joke

  7. joke says:


  8. Tony says:

    F*cking pathetic. Just admit you’re scared of lawsuit, and quit this white knight bulshit.

  9. Spongebob says:

    Look – it’s nothing!

  10. slashmegaman says:

    just bits of confirmed info is good enough for me.

    exploit can be ran up to 4.05.
    there more than a few exploits.
    1.76 isn’t the only unlocked fw.

  11. MunchMiller says:

    “Fail0verflow do not intend to release any exploit for the PS4”

    Not intending, and not doing, are two very different things. You may see a big “oops, did i leak that?” some day. Relax folks.

  12. Salar says:

    Um , So All Of this drama , that we had here 😀 about the conferance and how it will rocket boost the sale of ps4 due to an exploit arriving is gone :D?
    well im not that kinda person to start blaming and cursing and anything else , but people had their hopes high due to this stuff , if u dont want to release it dont let people get hyped for , and it wasnt them , i cant find stuff about ” yeah ive done that and im going to release it ” but weve heard of this from others , so i say lets cool down a little bit , maybe not failoverflow but some other hacker will release a method , sooner or later we all know that at the end it will be availble for public , its just a risking of buying an other console , i might update this one and buy a PS4 Pro and keep it at lowest firmware.
    BTW weve got still days left before the start of 2017 , who knows what awaits us all

  13. Anchor says:

    While this is a pretty neat development, I think their idea that they wouldn’t be releasing because “they want to avoid typical scene drama” is just childish. They’re already generating a lot of “drama” this way! I’m not saying “give us exploits”, but hoarding such developments is the exact reason there was a lot of drama in the PS3 scene!

  14. bryan james says:

    The only jailbreak there is to play games: wait a few months and buy games 2nd hand!!! 🙂

  15. Bill says:

    Update your hardware and enjoy the latest games. Nothing happening on ps4 for a very long time.. If at all

  16. diesel701 says:

    Sony has won his battle against the hackers. He sued Geohotz and so other hackers now have fear to release something.
    They all show that is possible ot hack, also chinese guys showed, but no release. Some exploit are fixed but they keep for them.
    They have fear of Sony.

  17. Confused guy says:

    why let sony win over hacking community ?

    if you have fear to be sued by sony , then why not release it anonymously ?

    is it important to have your name ? or is it important that hackers win over sony ?

  18. mten666 says:

    These hacker people, I swear. Talented like a god, but with the common sense of an infant.
    I mean, just look at that comment. He says, he’s not intending to release any exploit, because he wants to avoid typical scene drama, yet he announce it big and loud that he was able to exploit 4.05.
    After some flawless logic like that, what did he expect from the community? I… don’t understand this. At all.

    • 1 says:

      I dont see any flawed logic here. Maybe he doesnt expect anything from the communtiy, what do you think he would expect? And the reason for why he wont release the exploit can be numerous. Maybe he doesnt want to risk getting sued. Saying that you exploited something isnt reason enough for being sued. Everything seems reasonable to me.

  19. Max says:

    What does it mean? Can anyone now install Linux with full GPU support on his or her PS4?

  20. Aurora says:

    I personally think that individuals/teams that don’t release their work should be boycotted and not be mentioned by news sites. Who cares if they find an exploit that nobody will use?

  21. LilaQ says:

    lol, what a bunch of fucktards ^^
    Seriously, who cares about linux on ps4. All this work, for nothing but bragging about it at 33c3.
    Again, who cares. I can have linux on so much more devices way more comfortable than this, this has absolutely no purpose at all.
    But since the “sceners” don’t have the *** to release proper exploit these days for proper use (yeah, it’s piracy on consoles, no *** sherlocks), we have to be grateful for “linux on ps4” – haha. *** this, grow ***.

  22. Scorpio says:

    State of Affairs:
    There’s an obvious full exploit for 4.05 and below. failoverflow does not intend to make it public. However, like last time, someone may hack their github/server and make the exploit public. This is unlikely.
    I reckon another group will pick it up and run with it
    However, there are different parties exploiting the 4.xx f/w and one will be public soon.
    So I think sooner rather than later we will be able to run steam on linux on ps4. Yay… I guess.
    Game decryption using H/W is possible on 1.76 so will be also possible on 4.05 and below.
    Game decryption using S/W is not possible without the keys.
    Homebrew is and will be available on 4.05 and below. however until the 4.05 exploit is made public, it’s really not worth touching as 0.0001% of the ps4 user base is still on that low f/w version.
    Once public $ony will be *** as fu%k. It could literally push them under.
    It will mean a huge surge on hardware sales for sony, however, they like other vendors make their money from s/w sales.

  23. ekimono says:

    If you are disappointed about not releasing an exploit. Why not educate yourself an dmake your own?

    • mten666 says:

      Personally, I’m more annoyed of their/his reason of not releasing an exploit.
      If he doesn’t want drama, why is he announcing stuff? It just doesn’t make sense to me.
      It’s like asking for attention, while saying “don’t look at me”. Doesn’t make any sense.
      Or… it’s just about bragging? Well… good for them,… I guess?

      • 1 says:

        Hes announcing stuff as information at least. I find it interesting to check out stuff like this, i dont really care about the exploit itself. If i want to run emulators, i can buy a PC, and i buy my PS4 games, so i dont need piracy.

      • bfka says:

        Exactly! As I like to say – “I will present you nothing, but it’s at least from my heart!”

    • diesel701 says:

      Becouse I can’t, no time and no resources.
      I work in another field but if I know something I share to all and I help peolple to reach it. I don’t say “ehy I’ve done.. bye”.

      • 1 says:

        He does more than that. He goes into details about his work. I can understand that people want the exploits to be released, but its unfair to criticize him heavily because of this.

    • 1 says:

      I agree. People complain that hes selfish and such, but people are angry because they want the exploits for themself, so they’re at least just as selfish.

  24. Mr. KreyGasm says:

    Marcan42, Trash developer.

    • Joakin says:

      I’m agree. They need atention just that. They know that Will be release soon and they have no courage to deliverate it. But they claim because they want to be famous when another one do it for them.

  25. Anonymous says:

    The url for the archive of slides so you can download them is:

  26. G says:

    Because they hangout in IRC and only care about themselves and their ‘status’ among others while trying to be elitist and funny. They couldn’t give 2 *** about the community aslong as their IRC channel and Twitter sees them as such. They are a joke and will cry as the first leak happen as we are drama queens. If you read this developer, you are a disgrace and will be hated and forgotten as the rest of past faux developer. Enjoy your Portal 2 on broken Linux. Lol

  27. Adam says:

    I think Hector is cute

  28. Joker says:

    This guys create more scene drama than a realese haha, the new “hackers” are a joke

  29. meme lord says:

    his meme levels are THROUGH THE ROOF

  30. Joe says:

    Honestly… hackers these days are such princesses and queens. No f’ing spine to release anything even anonymously. I’m gonna say well done for getting Linux to run on it and it’s a great achievement but if this kexploit had been released soon as it was found imagine how many hacks would have been out there. I think they just want the media attention so everyone knows they’ve got the hack and if someone else releases it later they’ll still be credited for it but the guy who released it will frowned upon by the people who see themselves as “righteous” but we all know who we really are inside and what we really want.

    • steve says:

      Someone rub her c~*t and tell how intelligent and brilliant she is so she can release the damn hack.

  31. Ade says:

    Where a bunch of egotistical little ***. Release it for new year

  32. ZombieSlayer says:

    Today hacking scene is like this. Someone shows an important hack. working They earn some fame but they do not intend to release it. Then they hope Sony will hire them.

    Absolutely pathetic.

  33. ZombieG says:

    Absolutely pathetic.

  34. Xtremeuser says:

    Get ready folks. Some exciting news for new year’s day. Note… Stay below 4.05

  35. witcher says:

    Januar 2nd, still waiting…

  36. Team rebug and TRSI says:

    We have no plan to release an exploit or ps4 jailbreak update your console sorry

  37. TheHackor says:

    My idea on what i saw how this hacks works(simply explained)
    PS4 network trough proxy -> Alternate the readme url with a custom url.
    Custom url (something henkaku like) -> PS4 = jailbroken.

  38. Blackjack4 says:

    fail0verflow: “Good boy here’s your new Ferrari that I’ve bought to you! Oooh, sorry no keys to start it..but you can look at it everytime! Enjoy my gift to you!”

    Me: -.-‘ …..

  39. Roger Gavin Roach says:

    The reason they wont release the exploit is simple. the only people who can’t figure out how to exploit the console themselves are people who aren’t hackers interested in homebrew development and linux. The ps3 jailbreak proved that not only did this get Sony to file lawsuits against people who can’t afford to fight an international tech and media giant for years, but also that the only thing all of you people care about are ripping off software development companies, regardless if they are big name asshats like upisoft or EA or some little mom and pop shop indie developer.