PS4 hack: Fail0verflow demonstrate Linux and Steam running on Firmware 4.05, won’t release exploit


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71 Responses

  1. FailoverMarcan says:

    The exploit it so well known in the scene.. why not release it anonynously?

  2. nightwishfan1 says:

    Another shining example of holding back the scene by being egotists. Good going FailoverFlow!! I don’t even really understand what’s so great about linux running on the ps4 when only a handful of people can use it. I mean it’s seems like a double standard, cause linux could open a lot of possibilities, and allow newer homebrew devs to get in on the action, but no……Marcan and the rest of the team want to be immature ***, and keep it to themselves. At this rate the ps4 scene will be a joke much like the vita scene was before it got hacked, cause no one will want to do anything with it if they don’t have the means to contribute to it. It’s an utter waste of time posting this garbage wololo.

  3. Sanpaoli el maricon says:

    Que se metan sus repugnantes exploits por el culo. Vaya panda de niñatos.

  4. Omar Hazziez says:

    The codes are on github why not do it yourself?