HENkaku R7 released, taiHENkaku changes finally merged

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  1. D says:

    Having quite a bit of trouble with the offline installer now. Old offline installer no longer worked, so I reinstalled it, but It tells me that I am missing the email database. A look at ux0 shows no email directory. I cannot manually create the directory either. Opening the email app or creating an account does not recreate the directory, or the .db file.

    Any thoughts?

  2. Samus2k says:

    What about the Android server for henkaku the latest release was in sept 4 months ago anyone knows any other way of instaling it without connection?

  3. hrtbrkd says:

    you need to launch the web app once before you create the offline installer.

    • D says:

      I did try that first. Launched the browser and ran (tai)henkaku, then installed offline installer from henkaku site.
      Pressed bubble, and it tells me it couldn’t find email database.

      I managed to use the android server to put an older version of henkaku back onto the psv, and the offline installer worked once again. I think it’s just an issue with the new taihenkaku for now. Will try again.

  4. NanospeedGamer says:

    HENkaku R7 more bugs by TheFlow

  5. NanospeedGamer says:

    HENkaku R7 more mistakes by TheFlow or it’s me who do not understand anything

  6. snitch says:

    – Freezing still occurs while playing with backup or cart.

    – Graphic glitch happen in game and even on live area, sometimes followed with “an error has occured psvita system will shut down *****” after that blue light will flash repeatedly (according to a forum in reddit this issue only happened on phat model)

    *henkaku runs on PCH-1106 model

  7. Aurizen says:

    Does this mean that it is permanent CFW? or does it need to be re applied when its turned off?

    • cynder2011 says:

      You Have to rerun Henkaku (or the offline installer when not near wifi) every time you do a restart or a full shutdown…if its just in sleep mode its fine.

  8. candrasa says:

    after install henkaku R7 why i cant transfer file via Fillezillla to transfer file…

  9. Irfan says:

    So, can I play online with other player and access PS store without getting banned/update fw?

  10. norfboi says:

    i need to know if anybody elses games that worked on previous henkaku fine ,are now getting the error has occurred warning because atleast half of my games that worked on every version of henkaku now dont

  11. norfboi says:

    half of my games dont work need a solution fanx

  12. norfboi says:

    it seems that games dumbed by maidumb do nut seem to work

  13. vasya says:

    Please back stable Revision 6 on site henkaku, Revision 7 is very bad and gliches!!!

  14. norfboi says:


  15. norfboi says:

    maidumps give me an maidumps workerror when booting i need someone to clarify