Xerpi releases ViiMote, control your Vita with a WiiMote

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  1. Si says:

    Could this mean local multiplayer on emulators?

  2. Xyrem says:

    Great news ! Gonna try it out
    Now hoping for a plugin to use with DS4 controllers !

  3. Handy Fox says:

    how hard is it to do this with a ps4 or ps3 controller? I thought Sony would have made it possible.

  4. ArugulaZ says:

    Okay, can you use this with a Playstation TV? And can you connect controllers like the classic controller to the bottom of your Wiimote and use those too?

  5. mdmyzery says:

    were does the viimote.skprx go? ux0:tai/viimote.skprx is were i put it.

    • ArugulaZ says:

      You have to put it in ux0:/plugins (create the directory if it doesn’t already exist). Once it’s in there, power cycle your system and run the Taihen hack again. It should work then.

  6. mdmyzery says:

    I did that before and it froze when i went into settings and gave me a error. Ill try it again.

    • ArugulaZ says:

      You need to change config.txt and put that in the proper place (ux0:/tai I think). Otherwise it won’t know the plugin even exists.

  7. mdmyzery says:

    this is my config.txt (# You must reboot for changes to take place.
    henkaku.skprx is hard-coded to load and is not listed here
    # main is a special titleid for SceShell
    # this is for modifying the version string
    ux0:plugins/viimote.skprx )
    Not sure what i have done wrong, but when i create the plugins folder in ux0 with the viimote.skprx in it, then i go to settings and get error c2-12828-1. Without the plugins folder, settings work fine.

  8. mdmyzery says:

    Nevermind! I had the part in the config.txt wrong. Fixed and working now.

  9. Sky Yuki says:

    You know I just realised
    Now I can play Taiko no Tatsujin with wii drum!! (I think I will have to try it first)

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