Moonlight PSVita v0.1.2 released: GFE 3.2 compatibility


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  1. Franky says:

    I don’t mean to be rude or downsize Moonlight or anything, but the audience for Moonlight may of decreased with the release of the Relive drivers for AMD. It offers a 6% performance increase on 7xxx, 2xx, 3xx, and 4xxx cards and offers its own recording software now. Maybe if AMD releases their own streaming software a dev might be willing to also work on it or focus on it for both AMD and Nvidia cards, since AMD focuses on open source stuff life Freesync which Nvidia can implement themselves, but don’t due to greed.

  2. Franky says:

    Did my comment get removed?

  3. talmagal says:

    wish there was something like this for amd users or someone to update the original ps vita remoteplay from the rejuvenate days

    • MBA says:

      Maybe there will be one soon, AMD recent ReLive update added something akin to GameStream, now you need to wait for either Moonlight (Source) to add compatibility, or for another, I don’t know, SunLight or something to appear doing the same thing for AMD, then it be ported to the Vita.

      It could take quite some time, but it’s not impossible anymore.

      • Franky says:

        I wouldn’t be surprised if the AMD streamer is open source and can be used for AMD and Nvidia cards.

  4. DrRetro says:

    Sounds good, I like to stream to my NVidia Shield K1 Tablet, but the lack of Input elements ruins it for me a bit. So a Vita is much better. A tablet + controller is not the same.

  5. Simon says:

    Any chance of streaming xbox one to vita one day?

  6. ArkaniteOnVita says:

    very soon. should be ready just before Xmas

  7. Paolo says:

    to mr Wololo
    maype the flow is working on usb to pc connection
    here the twit
    here yifanlu gives details to MiniNuckels on reddit

  8. ShaunL says:

    It is too bad Sony didn’t add L2/R2/L3/R3 buttons to the vita. It would be perfect for moonlight and ps4 streaming. With that said this is the first moonlight release that seems to work really well for me. The previous versions would often fail. There is some stuttering here and there but nothing too major.

  9. Lihis says:

    Such a confusing name for the projects.. As I was thinking why someone would need a Moonlight ( in Vita.

  10. Yes! Finally something about chauffeur hat target.