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HENkaku Update Server, the easy way to update your PS Vita to FW 3.60

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  1. Rikku says:


  2. asdasd says:


  3. simbin says:

    Awesome! Great to see how far things have come. Now we just need easy PSP Adrenaline method 🙂

  4. Daniel says:

    I’m doing this now on my ps tv. I’ve been waiting for almost 2 years to do this so I can have a portable emulation machine. Thanks so much, and it worked I’m installing taiHENkaku as I’m typing this.

  5. skipperc3po says:

    Wow!! Thats one of the coolest things since the PS3 Jailbreak ……..
    Really thanks sooo much to all that makes this Dream true

  6. Oxo says:

    Keep getting error c3-12077-7

  7. Reymon says:

    Simbin is righte Now we just need easy PSP Adrenaline method and live happylee ever after

    • AciDBatH says:

      Have you tried the easy adrenaline install vpk? All you have to do is copy the pbp to the right location and set molecule to install unsafe homebrew to on. You are required to have a PSP game or demo but the vpk will install what you need including changing the config txt.

  8. Aurora says:

    Awesome! This ought to help the newbies that couldn’t figure XML editing (or people that had problems because the Vita/PC felt like it..)

  9. Alpmaster says:

    I can install a modified 3.60 firmware?

  10. Daniel Stapp says:

    Confirmation. This process works on ps tv. I’m getting ready to find a ftp client and start installing the goodies. Thanks again

  11. Putra says:

    Without id psn?

  12. Amnesia82 says:

    It’s for PS TV too…?!
    I’ve bought a new PS TV and i can’t run all my VITA’s backups

  13. MadZiontist says:

    Now I really need a new charging cable for my 1001. Awesome stuff and thank you YifanLu!

  14. Sleetui says:

    Does anyone know how to use remote play on PS Vita on 3.60 without having to update? I’ve never connected the Vita to my PS4 before and this is my first time. Whenever I try and use the Remote Play app on my Vita it asks to update. Anyone know a way to bypass it? (My PS4 is the latest FW)

  15. smith says:

    Thank you Yifanlu

  16. Majima says:

    I have a UK Vita, this method will work on mine or requires a US Vita?

  17. MadZiontist says:

    Brilliant! I’m now on the golden 3.60. Thanks again Yifanlu and crew.

  18. yehia khalil says:

    psp vita updte is give me error c3-13340-1 error by updtaing wifi

  19. Wade says:

    I only have PS1 Games Like Castlevania Symphony of the night on my 3.63 Vita, but I have backups from my PSP on my PC.
    Is it possible to use those ?

  20. Ren says:

    Can I upgrade my 2.12 firmware to 3.60 with this? I’m worried the firmware might be too old.

  21. froid_san says:

    just wondering if this is still working? not the 3.65 spoofing is blocked on OFW, wondering if it has any effect?

  22. Kirill says:

    It is not working. And the *** is that my transfer data port also don’t work. 🙁

  23. anon says:

    Still working in 2017 with a 3.52 system make sure “3.60 (変革 Compatible)” is in the update name, first time i did it it only showed “3.60”

  24. Renato says:

    It worked! Thanks a lot!

  25. DavidGory says:

    As it today 20 january 2018 the update are 3.67, do not update.

  26. Elitas says:

    I tried this but when i try to update is it keeps saying “The server is currently down for maintenance. (C0-14351-4)” what do i do?

  27. Psvita User says:

    Tried updating thu Wifi but it says server down error. Then tried updating manually but i dont have a PSN account so i cant connect to the QCMA. what do i do please help

  28. D04005003 says:

    I think it is working for me as I bricked my motherboard and ordered a new one from AliExpress and firmware was 3.35. just updating as I write 🙂

  29. kneecap says:

    Just tried this, staring at my System Information screen which is now showing me a beautiful 3.60 now. Thanks so much.