PS4 Energy consumption: how much your PS4 costs you (and what you can do about it)


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20 Responses

  1. NeonAera says:

    Great advice on how to save power.

    Gotta get me a Kill-a-watt.

    Thanks wololo

  2. symban says:

    Thanks Wololo, this is a really useful post. Henceforth planning to be more informed on my power usage…gotta get the 220volt equivalent of the Kill A Watt first!

  3. Morteza says:

    Thanks wololo

  4. guily6669 says:

    I dont know about you, but here is too expensive. 530€ is the minimum salary which I actually always have had less than that.

    Electricity here is around 100€ per month, making 1200€ per-year.

    PS4 alone here probably will cost 100€ per-year.

  5. joyrider3774 says:

    I’m using wemo insight’s and emoncms to measure and log my watt usuage and i check the same in the past. One thing i figured out about tv’s is that if you lower the brightness level and or backlight your watt usuage goes down a lot. The same applies to pc monitors. My samsung tv used a lot on default settings and lowering the backlight and brightness brought it down a lot like 50 watt diffrence. Colors might look a bit darker but you get used to it and safes on the electric bill. Just try it out with your device hook it up to your tv and play with brightness and backlight levels

  6. itsbasix says:

    Just a little remark, if the Kill a Watt device measures kW/h consumptions, then a 2h gaming session will still consume 210 W/h, not 420 W/h.

  7. Elen says:

    My house’s central heating is broken, so I use PS4 to warm up the room (plus PC, monitor and 75″ TV), working for 24/7…only $7 additional electric bill for PS4! 🙂

  8. GigaGaia says:

    Sorry, but if you want to save money, you should close the lights when you leave a room every time, it’s gonna save you a lot more money than anything else. Heating and air conditioning is also what cost more.

    You could have your PC, PS4 and TV open 24/7 and it’s not what’s gonna make it an expensive bill.

    • wololo says:

      Agreed, but I already do that. There’s something else in our house that is using more energy than it should. We moved to efficient light bulbs recently though, and we are turning the light off when we leave a room. Thanks for the advice

    • Elen says:

      Electricity is pretty expensive here, I do what you said and using efficient light bulbs too, I get $129 electric bill every 2 months, so $7 for PS4 is not that much, btw I’m living alone and barely turn on lights, I use TV and monitor to light up the room! 🙂

    • Waqas Ahmed says:

      Light bulbs used to use a lot of electricity, but these days? Nah, they use barely any thing. AN equivalent 100″ bulb uses about 17W of power (1600 lumens)
      Assuming £0.15p/KwH, and assuming you left the bulb on for 24 hours, then that’s £0.06p/day, or £22/year. It’s hardly a massive amount of money, but yes you definitely want to save as much as possible

  9. StepS says:

    Insightful post, I’m pretty sure this will be useful to some people.

  10. nebu_187 says:

    Good post! Our usage was 7000 kwh a year… we have only led tv’s led light bulbs everywhere. i had a friend electrician to come and find the problem. i had a broken multiple socket since i replaced all multiple sockets in the house and reduced 500 kwh in a year, still its 6500 kwh wich is enormously high and it turns out to be a current leak caused by a bad ground connection and it is very difficult to find damn this house from 1930 renovated in 2000. Lucky enough we are building a new house with 24 solar panel and are moving next years lol

  11. Pirate Cat says:

    The heavy power use on your plasma is likely due to it running at high brightness/luminance.

  12. Retrogamer says:

    I have a plasma, BEST TV EVER lol, it consumes around 200w, but it’s perfect to play new and old consoles. It’s the price that I have to pay 😛

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  14. Cody McDivitt says:

    Very interesting. I think you forgot a key component here and that is the power usage of the router for online gaming and/or the streaming of Netflix (since it was used as an example). That would provide the true usauage of the PS4. Just a thought.

    • philip noon says:

      Very good point I didn’t think of this and I would be curious to see how much power it consumes as well as it’s hard to guess now I know your results and I couldn’t even guess the answer now I know what I would have guessed before reading this was quite far off the actual results. I would have been pretty confident that a PlayStation would use a significant amount more energy compared to a TV but as we now know this is not the case. A very useful and interesting article and written in a very accessible way A*** great job. Thanks for sharing your story.