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Debunking Rumors: Does the PS4 4.01 Jailbreak rely on vulnerabilities used in iOS 9 Trident/Pegasus exploits?


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19 Responses

  1. lunacryd says:

    im still gonna leave my ps4 on 4.01 im getting me a new ps4 on black friday

    • mohand says:

      get bro its goooooooooooood

    • azoreseuropa says:

      I have 2.57 and I am waiting for jailbreak so I can update it. I will not need to buy a new ps4 on Black Friday. Don’t want to waste my money. You are waste your money. Silly!

      I am focus on PS3 so its okay to wait a little bit longer. Money is a wise and save my money, really. Sorry about my English.

  2. Joe says:

    Standard rule of thumb for headlines that end in a question mark: The answer is “no.”

  3. El cagon says:

    When can we start stealing the games?

    • Elen says:

      We don’t need pirated games, just freedom to mod and hack (as a legit device owner), Sony need to understand this, then we don’t need to steal their games too!

    • Dan says:

      Of course We need pirated games idiot

      • Elen says:

        Well, that means no credit for game producers and all the artists and developers behind the scene, then you can’t expect higher quality and better games in the long run, 15~60 dollar isn’t that much if you have a job, idiot!

      • hrosales says:

        We don´t, that would be an argue to PS Vita where the system is officially dead, but no with PS4 where you can enjoy online a lot, hack a device is not for piracy from a devs point of view, with the prices on flash sales or black Friday or deals on Amazon, or those shared accounts sold on ebay (primary and secondary), I do not understand how piracy could be a goal…if you say is because you are outside US and do not have a paypal account, then I think you are a kid and should ask daddy for help.

        • Elen says:

          Exactly, I live in Iran and piracy is not even a crime!, we get physical PS4/Xbox games pretty expensive, but I am highly against piracy as a software developer.
          I need rooted system with full access to OS (like Android), so I can install Linux, emulators, mods, hacks, even use PS4 to boost my PC. because I am power-user and I can’t deal with Sony’s blackbox, it’s not NSA/CIA/DOD database for **** sake, it’s a gaming console! 🙂

  4. warfaren says:

    But CTurt said long ago that the browser runs as root: http://cturt.github.io/ps4.html
    > “So the browser is executed as root! That was unexpected.”

    If that’s true, they already have root access by controlling the webkit process, right?

    • No says:

      Jailed processes have their default user as “root” under FreeBSD; It’s not the same as the actual root user. Security through obscurity(I guess not really since it’s listed in the manual…)

  5. Reincarn8or says:

    Hackers who found an exploit for PS4 but aren’t releasing should go and f*** themselves. They are the worst in the world and are the reason for anything bad that is happening on this planet.

    • bj says:

      In the old days, hackers used to keep all exploit info to themselves and give it to the man, not go and hand security info to mother companies!!!!

    • Maxximus says:

      Actually it’s people with *** entitled attitudes like you that are the reason bad things are happening in the world. Why don’t you take some of your own advice and go f””” yourself? Or better yet, go make your own exploit and f”””””” release it for free!

  6. P3T3 says:

    The IOS exploit starts as web exploit so could be related and work in say way!

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