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“You must update the system software” – PSN access revoked for HENkaku/TaiHENkaku users (and what you can do about it)


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  1. ROD says:

    I’m a long-time QCMA user on Linux Ubuntu. And I gotta say this: It’s not true that QCMA allows you to copy your applications backup to and/or from your PS Vita without having to be online. At least not when transferring the files via your router, if you use another 3rd party PS Vita USB cable, like I do, so you might want to do it using your official USB cable if your Vita has been modded.
    By the way, I was wondering the other day if it could be possible to download a backup and manage to make QCMA “keep” it as if it belonged to your user (like manually extracting and inserting the game’s folder into QCMA’s AppBackup directory) and the next time you turn on the Vita and start QCMA, it would send it to the handheld as a regular purchased game. Simple as that. I guess there’s more to it than meets the eye behind the scene.

    • sa says:

      stop making up lies

    • NOPE says:


      I use QCMA on ubuntu mate 16.04
      And don’t need to be online.
      I used QCMA since firm 3.18(TN-V) to 3.60(HENkaku)

      • ROD says:

        I’m saying this out of my own experience. Sure, you do not have to be online if you’re going to transfer backup files over USB, but the same isn’t true if you’re going wireless. So if I use a wireless signal to connect my Vita to my computer (using a router that has no internet access), the Vita will refuse to do so, stating there was a DNS error. This could be just me and my D-Link DIR-610 though.

  2. Salar says:

    You can however user Codestation‘s tool QCMA

    User = Use 😀

    Well i belive that its not really a big issue , because most of the people from the start of henkaku and before that , TNV had already the prerequirment and they already own a psp game

  3. Johu1.j says:

    How about remote play on vita

  4. seamanking says:

    does this spell doom and gloom from the vita scene and when are we going to see some truly amazing homebrews. dont care about emulators i own just about every console ever made when can we see some tripe a homebrews folks

  5. Aurora says:

    If you’re a cowboy and have a PSP/PS3 ya can use this method : https://www.reddit.com/r/vitahacks/comments/5ce75n/naus_how_to_install_halfminute_hero_evil_lord_psp/

    It requires you to use IDU mode however

  6. mr.gas says:

    i guess you can’t backup psp games from up to date fw to a lower fw ..

    • MBA says:

      I can confirm that since long ago.

    • neoman4426 says:

      Yeah, can’t do it directly, will show up as corrupt. I’ve never tried this, but it *might* work, could try using memcardswap to make id.dat read only on the Henkaku enabled Vita, pop it into the current firmware one, download, then pop it back without having to format. If the restriction is something different in the game files it might be fixable, if it’s a limitation of the CMA software it should just work after doing so.

  7. Mipo says:

    This happened right after I purchased Hatsune Miku Project Diva F 2nd DLCs on my vita. I’m glad it happened only after I finished downloading them. But now I can’t download songs from piapro through the game. Ugh…

    By the way, folks! The PJD F 2nd DLCs are now discounted by 50% !
    Now’s the time to buy them 🙂

    Keep in mind that this is for the Japanese PS store.

  8. reckless0 says:

    I asked about the possibility of restoring the PSN spoof after Sony shut it down on reddit and yifanlu responded…. “I said this before but you only need one person to hack 3.61+ and get the new platform keys. It’s not even in kernel, hacking sceshell is enough. I think it’s perfectly possible to use the info leak from how people solved koth to do this. But no point wasting time with that right now as it seems that Sony is in no hurry.”

  9. Kuma says:

    I still can access PS store :/

  10. Mark says:

    Damn !
    I should of get my Jet Set Radio from PSN yesterday:(

  11. First says:

    Oh no I was playing last of us on PS now. Damn kill me

  12. Piotr says:

    I’ve managed to access PSN on lastest taiHENkaku. Normally, I would get the prompt saying I should update to lastest firmware (syncing thropies or just going to store). But, after I ran Borderlands 2 installed through maiDumpTool, it connected me to PSN automatically during startup without any problem, I was able to access store, sync thropies and play online without any issues.

  13. yjgjg says:

    Can you let me know if I can reverse my “VHBL” back to the demo I originally put on my vita (also I did make a “backup” of that demo on my PC if that matters)

    • neoman4426 says:

      Yeah, just need to delete pboot.pbp from the game folder and rebuild database or backup/restore (or just delete/restore in the case where you backed it up without the changes) should make the game itself revert, other files you transferred would still be there so you’d have to do whatever you like from there when it comes to deleting them or not.

  14. Crosis says:

    Damnit, I haven’t gotten around to setting up my new 3.60 Vita with HENkaku/Adrenaline. Was really looking forward to playing PSP games on it. No access to either a PS3 or 3.61 Vita, so I guess it’s now a hope & prayer on the remote download method working in order to get the one required PSP game installed for Adrenaline to work…

  15. ZeroSbr says:

    Well darn. Good thing there’s not much on the store I want anymore.

  16. Someone says:

    Regarding copying games from an up-to-date Vita to a lower FW Vita, if the game copied is:
    1. A Vita game
    There is no problem in copying the game to and from Vitas from different FWs (higher to lower or lower to higher works fine using QCMA). For DLCs, you can download DLC to your higher FW Vita, install it to the game there, and transfer the game to the lower Vita so that you could get the game with DLCs on your other Vita. I tried copying DLCs for Gravity Rush to a lower FW Vita long ago, and this method worked. Not sure if it works for all games though.

    2. A PSP/PS1 game
    No luck copying the game from up-to-date to lower FW Vita so far. You’ll get an error C0-13780-9. I’ve ever messaged Major Tom about it before (one of the best Vita hackers, sad that he’s gone) – He said that the Vita saves the FW on which the game was installed in the __sce_ebootpbp.
    But if the game was downloaded from an even lower FW Vita and you still have a backup of it (from the even lower FW!) in your PC, it’s possible to transfer it to the 3.60 Vita.

    With PSN spoofing gone, I’m also concerned with switching PSN accounts and activating PSN for a new Vita, especially for newcomers to the scene. Would you possibly cover this too?

    • Matteo says:

      “With PSN spoofing gone, I’m also concerned with switching PSN accounts and activating PSN for a new Vita, especially for newcomers to the scene. Would you possibly cover this too?”

      This is my problem…could I format in recovery to remove old user psn account ? After formatting the PS Vita will be activate or I will be obliged to update ?

  17. v2 says:

    get yesterday my 16 gb Card (8 was broken and the Prices are insane..)
    now spoof is gone 🙁 why i have waited for today ://///

  18. Jack Attack says:

    I guess I’m done giving Sony money now. The PS4 sucks for 1st party support. Truly abysmal compared to generations past both in number of titles and quality.

    The Vita was the last device of theirs I owned and bought new content but at the same rate they didn’t let all my PSP games make it over and other stupid, unnecessary restrictions. So, my device will always run Hen and Sony can go die now. Their anti-consumer nonsense is enough for me now.

  19. Migo says:

    luckily , I downloaded the needed PSP demo, and installed adrenaline before the spoof became dead..

  20. Anon says:

    “Copy a game to your lower firmware vita, from another (up to date) Vita”
    No, you can’t do this WITH PSP GAMES like Someone said above. Many tried, everyone failed.

    “The remote download technique”
    This WILL STOP WORKING soon (within several days). This is how it’s been since before FW 3.18 days.

    Please remove or at least cross that misinformation from the article Wololo, it does no good to anyone.

  21. Natalie says:

    What if I want to play a game like Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization and my Vita also wants to be updated to the latest FW? Do I need to give up my hacked Vita in order to play it?

  22. sfsf says:


  23. sfsf says:

    All your methods are based on vita’system already activated. 3days ago I bought a psp game and install adrenaline successfully ,and yesterday , i fomat vita and memory card without backing up the 4 files (act.dat system.dreg system.ireg ux0:id.dat) which can make vita activated offline! now, all gone! all i can do is to wait your hekaku’s hacking

  24. Matteo says:

    yesterday I bought a PS Vita..and update it at 3.60 fw and I install HENkaku successfully…

    Now I need to remove the old PSN account, so I try to Restore the system, but the system ask me to update…

    How can I remove the old psn account or format without updating 3.60 FW ?

    • Matteo says:

      (I bought a second hand PS Vita)

      • raz01 says:

        Shut Down your Vita Completely and Press Right Trigger + PS Button, While Powering on, Release the Power Button After the Playstation Logo Flashes Up, But Still Hold the Other Buttons. Now you should see the Vita Safe Mode Menu, Where You Have the Option to Restore Factory Defaults and Format the Flash Memory. Forst Format and then Factory Reset Your Vita, and Everything from your old PSN Account Should be Gone Completely.

  25. DJPlace says:

    well this is BULL ****.

  26. Nani says:

    I have a vita with memory card not linked to PSN account.
    How do I let it read the contents without PSN login.

    I restored my Vita for some orange light blinking twice and turning off problem, now all I have is a fresh vita with database rebuilt, and a memory card which is not accessible as it asks me to sign in before connecting to Content manager.

    I couldnt update fw, neither login, neither use memory card contents.
    And Henkaku is also not installing as I dnt have access to memory card.

    Please, I am few steps away from enjoying HENKAKU. KINDLY HELP.

  27. Morgan says:

    I have 3.63 firmware and use ARK bubbles to play old emulators. I purchase all my games from PSN.. now 3.65 is here and I have to upgrade to sign onto PSN to get my purchases. I am not going to update my firmware as I will lose the emulators, therefore am never going to upgrade my machine.. QED Sony just lost itself a loyal, paying customer and all I can say is ‘f**k you sony’

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