RichDevX teases the community with a microSD adapter for the PS Vita (video)


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25 Responses

  1. joeyjojoswackytrip says:

    Being one of the people who bought the 64gb card long ago, I would love a cheap alternative

    • Alpmaster says:

      How exactly did that small clip prove a SD card adapter was being used. That is the same message I get when I have to reformat any size memory card?

    • ROD says:

      Judging by Richard’s tweets, he could use a bigger memory card, so why don’t you send yours to him? Maybe not the 64GB one, but a 16GB or even a 32GB would do some good.

  2. MBrown says:

    I just came

  3. zagvot says:

    I just bought my 64g memcard… 🙁

  4. ZeroSbr says:

    I’ve not heard of 64GB cards failing more often than smaller sizes like this article claims. I think that’s a myth created by people being more *** off when a 64GB card fails than a when smaller sized card fails. As for my 64GB card, it has yet to give me any problems.

    • wololo says:

      Fair point. Maybe people just shrug it off when it’s a 4GB failing.

    • VitaNoob says:

      I have a 64GB, that I swap between my PS Vita 1000 and PSTV, and I’ve never had problems with it. I’ve owed it for over two year now. It’s more likely a rumour by poor people! LOL Btw, the card is nearly maxed out.

  5. Thetechdoc says:

    Dam i would kill for this, now that epsp is hacked by our friendly neighbourhood hackerman fl0w and the emulators coming out the wazoo including ps1 ànd dos! I find myself constantly copying stuff back and fourth over ftp (which I despise) to my 32gb card and I refuse to pay the insane prices for another card, this still seems like a pipe dream especially cus I doubt he will have any way of mass producing them, however if hes smart he will release a guide on how to make one and let others mass produce

    • doctorwho05 says:

      RichDevX made a bunch and advertised he was selling them. I think this is his 3rd batch he had etched. Bought a few myself from 1st run.

    • magistery says:

      Just wait until China gets a hold of this I’m sure it will be mass produced asap.

  6. chips98 says:

    not sure where the 64gb cards failing comes from. got mine off craigslist for 20$ about 2 years ago and been going strong with all the modding and games i have on it.

  7. Cobalt says:

    And about a month after I bought my 64GB card, too.

  8. Theflow0 crack says:

    No need to worry, the stupid of @drakesido. If he now can power on his ps vita. Will ask for an ETA

  9. LookItsMe says:

    Wow sounds good.
    if the adapter can support 64GB or highter, I would probably want 3 (if cheap though!)

  10. BenoitRen says:

    Some hardcore pirates or collector bees on that Twitter, because they’re convinced they need 256 GB cards. ***?

    • Kizuna says:

      No, it’s more that people want to buy 64gb storage devices at prices that aren’t like 400% market value.

  11. yskar says:

    128GB MicroSD would be HEAVEN!

  12. rimmer says:

    I just want USB storage support for my ps-tv. Hopefully this goes some way towards it 🙂

  13. Kunc says:

    Go broooo goooo!!!! ganbatte ganbatte!!! ps vita with 128GB SD Card will be soooooooooo awesoooomeee!!!!

  14. nodii says:

    Is this still happening?

  1. May 12, 2017

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