TheFloW fixes error C1-2858-3 with Adrenaline, PSP Minis now compatible as base game


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81 Responses

  1. Cole says:

    Can someone help me? The error still pops up when I am trying to start an iso (Rockband Unplugged). Any ideas on what is up? Also can you play DLC’s with Adrenaline? Just curious.

  2. anxo396 says:

    I’m still having the c1-2858-3 issue even with the fix2. My base game is “Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops” (not +). The problem occurs randomly after 5-6 minutes of gameplay. I tried to change the driver, re-installed adrenaline, re-copied de .ISO, tried different ISO’s… None of that worked, the error still pops up. Since we don’t have PSN access anymore, we cannot download another PSP game or demo, so we need to let TheFlow know in order to get a new fix or something.

  3. CursedHaze says:

    Looks like no one is going to respond to these questions but i’m still receiving the error. I have everything in the steps told me.

  4. asdasdasd says:

    rebuid taihen data base helped me. its in mocluer shell. click start, and rebuild taihen data base.