TheFloW fixes error C1-2858-3 with Adrenaline, PSP Minis now compatible as base game


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81 Responses

  1. Dalton_Corazon says:

    Yep I thought I have to wait for tomorrow. YES! this fix my problem when I long play Tekken 6 for a minutes or seconds a pop up error C1-2858-3 occur. I use Metal Gear Ops+ as my based game before but the error occur.. Now I do not have to worry about having my tekken crash an error. I now use a mini based game alein zombie minis. And works now like a charm. All I wanted is Tekken 6 anyways ^_^

  2. Primula says:

    I think imma wait for the final or stable release of taihenkaku probably for now. I don’t have many psp game i want to play atm. I do want to finish setting up my psvita though so i can wait a bit

  3. Dave says:

    What do you mean when you say the game won’t be usable any more? I used Persona 3 and after getting into eCFW you can just select it like you would on a PSP and it boots up fine.

    • Kai-xx says:

      Really? I was wondering about this but worried to try incase i created some kind of loop.

    • Migo says:

      Maybe he meant you can’t use it Again for another purpose while running betahenkaku. But the games still works, if you run the standard henkaku or raw OFW, but who knows which extra modifications are made inside the game folder.
      The thing is , It works, I did run a couple of ISO and CSO, and they work, they must be placed at PSPemu/ISO folder.
      I had trouble with PBP files, legend of mana gives me an error, so I don’t know if the POPS plug ins are missing, or broken.

  4. RiotDX says:

    Nope, still doesn’t recognize any ISO files in ux0:pspemu/ISO on my vita :-/

  5. Adam Buble says:

    I got this installed last night…..Got to play a bit of Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars….forgot how much fun I had with that back in the day….so much like old-school GTA 🙂 (but I do keep trying to use that second analog stick to rotate the camera LOL)

  6. maxo3000 says:

    Works like charm for me on a mini (Canabalt)

  7. Allyjaan says:

    Okay…what todo with the new adrenaline files that I downloaded now?…

    • Kai-xx says:

      Watch TheZett’s tutorial on you tube its really clear. And please use google =D it is your friend.

      • Kai-xx says:

        I see ur sorted out now, I was slow on the uptake lol

        • Allyjaan says:

          well, thank you , but i’m stuck on the error C1-2858-3 still. I tried everything , deleting the files and re-installing adrenaline,, but still same, i used the fix, but still same…I don not know why.

  8. Allyjaan says:

    What to do with the new adrenaline update? , I mean how to remove the error c1-2858-3 , where should i put these files? thanks.

    • Johw says:

      delete the folder ux0:pspemu/adrenaline, after this put que new adrenaline folder on the same place, copy 661.PBP file again and run your psp exploit game.

      • Allyjaan says:

        okay let me do that, thanks.

      • Allyjaan says:

        still same

        • johw says:

          Well you have the sema problem them i have, i try format the sistem and make all the process again but i still have the erro, we can only wait for now “/

          • Allyjaan says:

            yeah i guess, we just have to wait now.

          • johw says:

            I change the exploit game and now work, first i use Pool Hall Pra and i have the the erro c1-2858-3, them i format the system, install Ape Escape On The Loose and try again, now the explit work fine, GTA libert city, Megaman maverik hunter X and castlevania work normally, try download another psp demo/game, dont forget to chande the TITTLE in config file.

    • Dean says:

      Try fully reinstalling beta henkaku by holding R when installing it on the browser. then follow the instructions again.

  9. Johw says:

    Still have the same error here, i format my vita via Power+Ps butom+R make install everting again but still have de erro C1-2858-3, whem a opem the psp game, i use Pool Hall Pro.
    Some times i have to reboot my vita and try again, work for some time, in megaman maverick hunter x the error appears in the first sub-boos in the first level.
    Plz anyone can help me?

  10. Coxy says:

    NUMBLAST is only 43MB (Full game and was an exploit title on FW3.36) and works lovely

    Smallest Mini i have is “Impossible Game” at only 10MB and with this fix


    Good luck with your studies and see when you return

  11. Artur says:

    I can’t start ps1 games, says “the game couldnt start” or something like that, helppp

  12. belokk says:

    Anyone having issues with pictures not showing when checking the memory card for pics for changing the wallpaper?

  13. Bigscrotem says:

    Yeh im still gonna stay on 3.36 tn-v cus the new stuff isnt stable and you cant play ps1 games. I can do and play whatever i want with no problems where im at so until something better than what i have comes around i think ill just stay where im at. GREAT WORK THOUGH PEOPLE. THANX FOR THE AMAZING JOBS YALL DONE!

  14. dan says:

    i have done everything to the t with 3 different games and nothing happens other than said game starting. i cant figure out what the heck im doing wrong. the games ive tried are luxor,pool hall pro and gladiator. any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks guys.

    • Kai-xx says:

      Did you rename the OFW 6.61 eboot.pbp to “661.pbp” I had an error when trying to install, then I found the zetts tut.

      I haven’t updated to this release. (I don’t need to atm it runs fine over Ape Escape Demo)

  15. StepS says:

    >”The game is hijacked by Adrenaline, meaning gamers won’t be able to use the game for its intended use afterward.”
    TheFloW has specifically stated that you can run the original game from the XMB afterwards.

  16. artur says:

    i cant play ps1 games, it says “the game couldnt start” or something like that (the problem isnt with the game) helpp??

  17. udkultimate says:

    Is possible to acces PSN with henkaku? Wasn`t the psn spoofing broken?

  18. Uziel says:

    where do the isos go damn no one wants to say even he didnt include it in the readme i already have them in pspemu/psp/iso nothing is there when i launch the cfw???

    • DSpider says:


      Don’t have weird Japanese names for the iso. Keep the name short.


    • Junaz says:

      They did say…. Look waaaaay up. Kind of like on youtube where the comments are always better than the vid, comments here usually give you updates and answers before you need to ask the question. Step 1. Read release. Step 2. Read comments. Step 3. Manly arm pump upon moment of success:-)

  19. Nate says:

    Thanks for the quick update! but I’ve tested my ISO games, most of the games are working fine in the first screen but they freeze in the first 5~10 min gameplay. It seems like it still requires some bug fix for me 🙁

  20. crazy_p says:

    Hi there, is anyone able to launch Homebrews, like Emumaster, Deadalus64 or any other Homebrew? I always got that C1-2858-3 error after it stucks at the PSP loading Screen… ISOs and CSOs work both… Any idea?

    • someoneee says:

      I got mine working such as RIN and Snes mine are placed in Ux0/pspemu/psp/game and I have older emulators from my psp 1000 model. for me it seems to work fine with RIN, mh gpspkai, s9xTYcm_mod

    • SeanP2500 says:

      yeah i have n64 working but so far no luck with infinity cat…anyone?

  21. sloppycrap says:

    I don’t know what the heck you did, but just having Adrenaline installed allows me to use the Killzone: Liberation Chapter 5/MP DLC. To test, I removed both the (legitimately acquired) game and DLC, then:

    1) Install the base game
    2) Launch the game, confirm only 4 chapters available
    3) Launch henkaku, launch VitaShell, copy DLC to UX0:/pspemu/PSP/GAME/
    4) Launch KZL from LiveArea, select Continue, go to Downloads from main menu (confirming main menu doesn’t say v 1.2)
    5) Cancel download, get error “The install failed (80110D0D)”
    6) Launch PSPEMU, launch KZL, select Continue, go to Downloads from main menu (confirming main menu doesn’t say v 1.2)
    7) Cancel download, get DLC install confirmation!
    8) From then on, the DLC appears to work whether I have Henkaku activated or not. Even from LiveArea, without launching into PSPEMU first.

    So thank you, TheFloW, that was really the one game I was upset I couldn’t finish on my Vita, and now it looks like I can.

  22. E.N.D says:

    Nice Even cheats Working now not freezing

  23. Dalton_Corazon says:

    Yep to add up. Homebrew App I test works. PSdisp, PSPFiler and so on. I guess this really adopt the concept of being a PSP on a PSvita.

  24. Anon says:

    Well at least that copy of Pool Hall Pro I bought and never used for the last exploit is finally going to be useful.

  25. sam2u22000 says:

    no game works with sony driver anyone else have this issue inferno loads everything almost and the game cars dont work as a cso only iso

  26. 12gage says:

    Does anyone know where to get the game TITLEIDS from? I’m trying to use either Mad Blocker Alpha or Super Collapse 3, thanks in advance.

  27. Potato says:

    Hello, I did every steps but it loads the psp game instead of adrenaline. What am I doing wrong?

    This is my config.txt


    I have make the test with some japaneses PSP demo (because I don’t want to take risks of ban with my main french account).

    Thanks for the help

    • sam2u22000 says:

      um if you put adrenaline folder fix in the right place and put 661.pbp in side that after you named your game id on config file it should work after you restart vita /vitatv

  28. squanto says:

    thos is great im finally able to play my fftype 0 (english sub patched) but i will miss ppsspp upscaling quite a bit

  29. GreigaBeast says:

    Thank you for the fix!

  30. marco says:

    Hello, very nice mod you made yesterday congratulations for the creator, but why not create an offline mode installer “what needs to be done every time you turn off the console” or that make compatible with the old boot because not alway you can find a free wifi point if you are not home and you can not always keep all the time the psvita in pause mode

    • anonymouse says:

      A new offline installer is in vitahacks on Reddit I am using that and it works great offline in airplane mode

  31. kurd says:

    I need help I am using patapon3 game as base game and I replace these two fix files but still getting this error after playing 4 minutes of gameplay……..

  32. Gambikules says:

    need 64mb and disable cache !

  33. FreeMyVita says:

    Can anyone confirm if previous titles that didn’t play before play now? For example Star Wars the Force unleashed and Tony hawk project 8 don’t work if your Vitas FW is 3.18 or above. Can C FW fix that?

  34. severdnerv says:

    Anyone Kinda feel some input lag when playing the games…. ?

  35. Jack Doe says:

    Hi, this is my problem: while I’m playing every game .ISO/CSO in Adrenaline (fix2) I got randomly Error C1-2858-3 and the whole adrenaline crashes to VITA’s XMB. I used Metal Gear Portable OPS + as base game, I reinstalled TAIhen and rechecked the config.txt in ux0:/tai. I tried to disable plugins too (vita ones and psp ones). No settings were touched during the installation/configuration of adrenaline. PLS HELP!

    PS. Actually, I’m playing Last Ranker ENG Patched w/default CPU clock and Inferno UMD drive emulation and the same problem occurs randomly.

  36. Aspergius says:

    Will I be able to play the PSN version of Final Fantasy 7 with his hack?

  37. Adrien says:

    Thanks a lot for your hard work !

    I hope you’ll bring this henkaku version to the sooner the better (currently

    For the moment, it is really frustrating that this hack is unusable by people relying on offline installer.

    • 7ven says:

      I use for everything. Dont use the or! Also, beta works with Adrenaline, plz do not use offline for Adrenaline. I spent almost 2 days for this. Ty to all developersssss!

  38. Kalil says:

    Still receiveing error c1-2858-3, i have used, easy installer and this fix, the game is ghost of sparta from psplus may, NPUG80508.
    What is wrong ?

  39. Seanp2500 says:

    Anyone know hot to get homebrew for earlier firmwares to work? Im trying to use mugen or infinty cat. Any help much appreciated