Adrenaline finally released, PSP goodness for all HENkaku users!

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  1. xav says:

    how can i download psp demos on ps store without updating? i cant access psn store ;(

  2. Darko says:

    @ Bah
    @ The Flow
    Now I really love my VITA TV…. If only someone could find a way to use USB port for storage we would have the greatest SMALLEST console on the planet.
    THANK YOU ALL \(^_^)/

  3. Mud says:

    I get pspPSARInit failed 0xFFFFFFFF error on my Vita can’t find a fix anywhere.?

    Used the same files on my PS TV and had no issues why isn’t this working on the vita?

  4. Tyke says:

    I just sc*** up bigtime apparently, I used Legend of Dragoon as the titleID in the config file because I forgot it was a PS1 game and not a PSP one, tried running it to enter PSP mode and it crashed of course, tried shutting off the system and its stuck with the load bubbles spinning around for a while now, hopefully it is not busted ):

  5. severdnerv says:

    hmm …… its weird the DJ MAx Game protection is back and either black screens on loading or the flicker graphics .

    But other than that im happy.

  6. zalibidas says:

    I bought FFT WotL off PSN a while ago. Downloaded onto the Vita so I could use this in hopes that I could use the slowdown patch to fix that problem.

    … I could, and it works great. I love you, man. Thanks for the release.

  7. splin says:

    NPEZ00176 Urbanix is for VHBL.
    And I use NPEZ00176 on config.txt for TITLEID and success launch Adrenaline.
    TaiHENKaku + NPEZ00176 -> Adrenaline
    NPEZ00176 -> VHBL.
    Very interesting.
    (I make mistake that is UTF-8 with config.txt and take two days. I really stupid. lol )

  8. Doug says:

    Once it’s working where do you put iso’s?

  9. V says:

    Please Ignore me if it’s a stupid question:
    Lets say i want to run a Homebrew (Dosbox mainly with all my Dos Games), i’m assuming that it’s unsign hence it’s not recognize by 6.61?(not even sure if my comments are correct as i’m very new and been through reading as much in the past 2 months only) And i need it to run on a 1.50 psp kernal, do i just download a 1.50 psp firmware and use the same method to install it?

  10. otoy says:

    i have ps1 game on my vita, can i use it as a basegame for installing adrenaline?

  11. Arley12 says:

    Even with Adrenalin_fix2 still getting c1-2858-3 error when I try to install it. I bought a psp mini game called Pool Hall Pro. Any suggestion?

  12. Asep Ahmad says:

    i’m stuck at the first step.
    how to install any psp game/demo? even all my psp game is .iso file ?

    • Ewen says:

      you have to download a psp demo from the store and have some way of transferring it to your vita, as psn access is disallowed for 6.60 HenKaku users. there are a few ways of doing this I believe (like downloading psp demo on ps3 and transferring via QCMA)

  13. yoda says:

    8002013a error for all my iso’s

  14. Xeno says:

    this is impossible for me im too poor to buy any of the games there
    im from Philippines those games are too expensive, too bad my psp is busted

  15. OrGoN3 says:

    Directions say to shutdown the vita and then go to the web site. Seems a bit backwards, no?

  16. serverdown says:

    which link do i press if i want to get the latest one ?

  17. serverdown says:

    do i need to keep the game on which i installed adrenline.

  18. rudy says:

    I’ve been trying to install Adrenaline using a PSN+ PSP game, but it’s not working. Might it be because the game is a PSN+ game and the system thinks I can’t run the game anymore because my PSN+ expired? I have some PSOne games on my vita but it doesn’t work too.

  19. poon says:

    The only demo that works for me is LocoRoco, which is a whopping 100MB+.

    Do I have to keep it installed? I only have an 8GB card, and the MBs could be used to install other games…

  20. Obin says:

    Please, always ‘restart the browser’. Help me.

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