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PS4: How to update to a specific Firmware (Works For 4.0.1)


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59 Responses

  1. M says:


  2. G says:

    but why would I update to 4.01 if I’m on 3.55 wololo, nothing is released yet!

  3. Ricky D says:

    This is in the PS4 manual….

  4. readme says:

    sounds like mr wololo knows someting maybe we donttttt

  5. Lumanus says:

    download link is not working or their site is down…

  6. StonerWill says:

    Link is down?

  7. captain jack says:

    link is down. Pakage installer is coming soon 😉 Similar to Vita. Run exploit then install game pkg file. Flatz is the Man

  8. PS4_Pro says:

    Just got PS4 Pro Console. Hope can see jailbreak asap as well

  9. asdasd says:

    the link to the pup doesnt work mate.

  10. sova81 says:

    Please, give working links!!!

  11. Captain Jack says:

    site is down. Was working the other day when download 1.76. Patience. Im sure it will be back up

  12. marek256 says:

    Guys, any way how to delete update question in PS4? I am on 3.55 and I want to stay but PS4 downloaded 4.05 and everytime I want to play a game it asks to update.
    Thanks in advance

    • ImnotYourMan says:

      it will do this all the time, there is no way to stop the message coming up. To delete the update go to your downlaods go to the update file press the Options button on your DS4 and press delete.

    • Albert Covington says:

      There is not. Just be smart and don’t update.

    • Albert Covington says:

      Actually, strike that. I’ve just seen that one update now allows this. Just go into System settings and go into Automatic Downloads and turn the system software update Off.

  13. edmike says:

    This site can’t be reached please help please give me the 4.0.1 file thanks

  14. Antonio says:

    But this is valid for ps4 pro?

  15. Captain Jack says:

    Update file is on softpedia. Google is your friend. Wont let me post the link. Marek256 you need to format the hard drive but will lose everything. Antonio if the PS4 pro firmware is 4.01 or less then yes

  16. thousandyoung says:

    Guess staying on 3.55 was the best decision i’ve made. Let’s see how this drama plays out. I remember everyone was saying the Vita was never going to be hacked too lol and now they are even making a CFW.

  17. Amnesia says:

    Can anyone update de FW to other server?
    The links of these pages are offline!

  18. sova81 says:

    Whether there are working references to download? Share, please.

  19. BlumCoLe says:

    uuuuuuuuuh, what a high end tutorial…

  20. Mido says:

    Next on wololo
    How to play a game on ps4

  21. sionas says:

    Please write a tutorial on how you can bypass 4.05 firmware on 4.01

  22. Yuuki says:

    my only problem will be ff15 which will require the newest fw… mostlikely….

  23. Albert Covington says:

    I can confirm that the PS4 Pro is on 3.70 and I can also confirm that THIS does NOT work in trying to update to 4.01.

    • sion says:

      what……this does work, i done it on my PRO

      • khalaan says:

        I was just about to comment and ask about that, because that determines the fate of my PS4 Pro (BNIB in the trunk of my car still) vs my PS4 LoU bundle (unfortunately updated along the way)

      • Albert Covington says:

        Yup….you right it does work…..AFTER A LOT OF ***’ TINKERING (not yelling at you, yelling at $ony)! For one, any external storage device you use needs to be pretty specific to $ony’s “special” needs. Obviously you need to be using a drive formatted to FAT32 or exFAT in order for the PS4 to recognize it; which I have like 4 used from my PS3 jailbreaking days. I can confirm however that these large >500GB external hdds DO NOT WORK for updating the PS4 in recovery mode…..you will continuously get an error (like CE-30784-2 or something). So I had to resort to using a couple of my smaller ~16GB thumb drives………BUT HERE IS ANOTHER KICKER…..the PS4 is so horribly designed, that I couldn’t even get like 3 of these thumb drives to even *** fit in the console, because the plastic that surrounds the USB port (and yes I now realize that the Pro has one on the back now, but this is still a problem) completely blocks any thumb drives from actually fitting. So I had to end up melting one of the thumb drives so that I could flatten it to actually fit in the slot….now it works. I also backed up my older PS4 no problem and now hoping this 4.01 jailbreak comes quick.

      • Albert Covington says:

        Oh, forgot to mention….on the “special” thumb drives……they need to be not only reformatted to FAT32, but also need to be allocated with a size unit of (512) in order to work in my case.

  24. Albert Covington says:

    Also some *** up ***….if you want to manually update to a firmware you need to use a specific sized thumb drive, but whats *** up is that the PS4 Pro design is SOOOOOO *** UP!!! You can’t even fit A LOT of drives into their *** USB slot, because of the horrible plastic surrounding it!!!! *** YOU $ony!!!

  25. Yuuki says:

    Can i somehow access the psn on 4.01?

  26. PlaGeRaN says:

    FYI, exFAT format has faster transfer rates than FAT32. both works on ps4 3.11 haven’t updated mine yet.
    @RobertJones Update: only changes software currently loaded, Recovery: Formats the drive and reinstalls the ps4 from scratch.

    If you want to install a new drive run Recovery, Update won’t work.

  27. PlaGeRaN says:

    Found this link while googling arena: http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps4/3.550.000
    v4 might just pop up soon.

  28. Mg says:

    So far so gooood
    Cant wait for cfw

  29. shim says:

    you can also update without to turn off the ps4
    1. turn off the internet

    2. plug the usb stick and go to update screen.
    its work !

  30. Ghafar says:

    Hello guyz.,

    I have PS4 with sys soft 1.72, I want to update my system soft to 3.15 for playing uncharted 4 , i need guidance ?? there are two types of update file available in link given abbove, so should i update with recovery file which is 815MB or other normal file which is 263MB?? or I should not update my system to 3.15 because i have seen on that ps4 systems below 1.76 can be jailbreaked… waiting for you kind reply guyz.. Thanks in advance

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