PS4 / XBox One hacks: TRSI announces Warez is getting close


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  1. hahaahahahaha says:

    no first for you

  2. Ivan says:


  3. The Z says:

    NOV 5 everyone! It’s coming out so make sure all of you update your ps4 to the newest firmware!! Long live stealing!

  4. Captain pirate says:

    Arfff ahoy!! I steal all my games from gamestop j/k

  5. Gelson says:


  6. andoryuu3 says:

    Team Xecuter was recently asked if there were any updates on the XB1 front. As many familiar with TX will know, their products are typically oriented toward allowing homebrew. This is what TX had to say (as of about a month ago):

    “Nothing yet that we can safely report on, things are moving along slowly, but progress is being made, sadly with the Xbox One S there needs to be more new work done again, since this will be model Microsoft going to be stocking from now on, production on the first Xbox One is over. As soon as there is some news we can report on without fear of leaking out something and having Microsoft close the loophole, then we will publish it on our frontpage.”

    Seems they’re gearing up to release something though– there’s been lots of promises of updates to be rolled out on their forums. This includes (and is not limited to) restoration of a working downloads section.

  7. samkoba says:

    if cfw comes out, would it be available on ps4 slim?

  8. Samkololo says:

    If ps4 cfw comes out, would it be available for slim and fat or only for the standard (fat)?

    • aimaim says:

      I guess that depends if there’s an exploit released for 3.55+. I’m not sure about the smallest firmware slims were shipped with but mine came with 3.55. I don’t think slims could be downgraded (if at all possible in the future) to a firmware older than the version the first slims were shipped with. That is why I believe for a slim to have anything like homebrew / cfw / piracy you would need an exploit for firmwares 3.55 or bigger.

      • aimaim says:

        When I say exploit I mean kernel exploit. If I remember correctly there already is a userland exploit (webkit) for 3.55.

  9. Captain Jack says:

    Just watched a video of Flatz installing a pkg file game on a PS4. The rifle file just needs editing. PS4 hack is looking good 🙂
    Just hope the decypted games and pkg installer are out soon