VitaShell 1.4.1 is out, properties feature finally added!

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  1. secondman says:

    first!!!!!!! finalllllyyyy

  2. Rhodderz says:

    What about a method to mount network shares?
    Been trying it on mine but kernel seems to not support it (or doing something wrong, both likely (i go with the latter))

  3. Thetechdoc says:

    Usb connectivity?? I mean its an obvious one so I would have to imagine it can’t be done for whatever reason but *** it would be nice to not have to use ftp to transfer files

    • altemecya says:


    • Freezer says:

      Coming from someone who wanted this as well, have you tried copying your files as MP4 through USB already? Quick and easy. Just rename ANY size file’s extension to .mp4 and copy with QCMA! Rename to original extension in VitaShell, move it to its location/ install the file and done. Never used FTP since. Hope this helped.

  4. Edimar_BR says:

    One alternative movie player with extensions like avi, mkv between others sounds good..

  5. Dmitry says:

    as future: homebrew/game launcher 🙂 or similar to favorite (as link to folder)

  6. Elo says:

    Please add an option to unlock the US psvita SIM, so people like us other side the US can enjoy our 3G vita

  7. aramaru says:

    Maybe they could add custom Database rebuilder and improve file browser. There seems to be problem with official rebuilder, it takes insanely long and fail to recognize some file and also there are some files which take space but I can’t see them in shell. One other thing which they could improve is stability. Picture browser and properties are all nice but especially the first one crashes shall very often.

  8. reymon says:

    maybe a button/buble/whatever that let us like poweroff , reboot, and quick settings like wifi on/of , mute sound o even check for updates for our homebrews installed
    thx in advance sorry bad english

  9. AciDBatH says:

    One thing I would like to see is USB support for the vita tv.. It sucks always having to use wifi for all transfers.

  10. Better_safe_than_s0ny says:

    Many thanks first for all you have done for this Community “TheFlow”!
    Could you possibly add a Menu Option for updating your App Vitashell?
    Somehow i never get notified when a new update is available, even when i installed newer versions by downloading their vpk and transfering it (latest installed is 1.31 right now…)