VitaShell updated to v1.4, brings some needed security measures

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  1. rjwboys says:

    first hehe

  2. Yyu says:

    Great, but where’s adrenalin? I want plays psp game on vita. two days like 2 year for me.

    • solidsnake says:

      unless you want to do the work yourself then you have to wait like the rest of us and be very, very grateful for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Zeroba says:

      People like you make me wish HENkaku was a closed type of thing.
      Greedy children like you are what will end up killing the scene, has almost caused TheFl0w to stop working entirely, and has already made more than a few devs walk away from the scene.
      Sit and wait like everyone else.

    • asdf says:

      Shut up and wait please. You seem to have zero experience in software development. Its a lengthy and HARD process.

    • zalibidas says:

      FFs guys he was only showing that he was excited about it. Stop attacking him for wanting something. The heck is wrong with you people?

      • M says:

        You sir need a fist

        • Daipop says:

          As far I can see, he is only impatient about Adrenaline, I don’t see him being unrespectful about the Flow’s work. Even more, I think he is as excited for that feature as everyone else, however, I sugest you to wait patiently as everyone else said.

  3. d4rk51d3 says:

    Sweet. Gotta love an update.

  4. Airton says:

    First very Nice security addon

  5. Datright says:

    Thanks TheFlow, really appreciate your desire to perfect your releases instead of just being content with it as is. The Vita scene without a reasonable doubt is succeeding because of your contributions and hard work.

  6. Crzo says:

    Article: “not forgetting he also contributed towards Henkaku”

    TheFlow:”I did not”

    Missinformating much?

    • d4rk51d3 says:

      Well, Henkaku comes packed with VitaShell, so…… yes, he contributed.

      • Crzo says:

        He mentioned VitaShell being one of the projects he is responsible for JUST ONE LINE BEFORE THAT.

        He gives him credit for VitaShell first and then ONE LINE LATER he goes to say “dont forget he worked on henkaku too”… He either way credited him twice for the exact same thing within two sentences OR he sc*** up and gave him credit for the hack itself.

        If you don’t see what’s wrong with that couple of statements in the article then S/T/F/U and go back to middle school and learn something.

        • Typhoon_Neon says:

          It was a derp moment on my part. I was rememebering a post by Yifan Lu on reddit crediting someone for helping with Henkaku. Turns out it was xyzz and not flow that I was remembering. Reference has been removed. This is why I shouldn’t write at 3am.

  7. anonanon says:

    The below comment is meant with no ill intent, just curiosity.

    @Wololo I remember you used to proof read and fix the spelling/grammar of all articles – have you stopped this due to lack of time? I’ve really noticed the quality of articles dropping lately.

    • Typhoon_Neon says:

      The below comment is meant with no ill intent, just snark.

      You should probably go pick on Youtube comments since this has been re-read a bunch of times and I found literally no errors (aside from the words that the spellchecker does not know). However your concern has been noted.

      All snark aside however, I think this was the worst article you could have remarked this on. I do admit I may have been getting sloppy because sometimes when you have to write 4-5 articles in a row about releases you do tend to get sloppy with some of your writing. Remember that there was a time when there were many contributors to the website, and I mean MANY. Now it’s just me and wololo and wololo doesn’t have the time to keep up with everything, which is where I come in.
      I spend parts of my day scouring websites for stuff worthy of informing you guys on and then making articles on it. While it may seem at first glance that I only do copy paste of changelogs, when writing and researching each piece, there is a lot of background work that I have to do: checking stuff works, getting screenshots, doing the proper referencing and linking and sometimes getting in touch with the developers/modders themselves.
      However, I do appreciate your calling me out. I may have seemed like I took it harder from my initial comment, but it’s just my way of trying to have some fun with this. I mean it when I say your concern has been noted, and I already noticed that when currently writing the next piece, I was being harder on my writing so… good job? 😛

      • anonanon says:

        I see you’ve already edited the mistakes out – thank you! Look, take it how you will, but I honestly just read your article, noticed that some sentences just didn’t read well, and then recalled that wololo used to be always pretty proud of the fact that he proof read all articles on this site before they were posted.

        I had a simple query. I’m tired of having to tiptoe around peoples feelings.

        Regardless, I understand the amount of effort you put into these articles, and I appreciate it. But journalism will always get critism when it comes to the readability of articles (and they should!). If I have to reread some sentences to make sense of them, I will comment. It’s up to you if you ignore or take my comment in.

        Seems like you’ve taken my comment on board, while whinging about it. Lol

      • anonanon says:

        -Not sure if my reply got through, not showing up for me, and I’m not rewriting it if it hasn’t lol –

        Oops. Wrote that reply just after waking up, turns out some issues I noticed are still there. The thing with grammar, is spell checker won’t pick up on words that are correct in the English language, but not in the context of your sentence. For example, your first paragraph you wrote possible, instead of possibly.

        Maybe I’m just too picky with these things. I’m the type of guy who would reread an article a thousand times to ensure everything is perfect before posting.

        • Typhoon_Neon says:

          No hard feelings at all 😛 If I had any ill will towards what you said I could just have deleted or flagged your comment as spam and be done with it. I felt you did have some good points, but also that you weren’t getting the full picture (ex: I was writing that at 2-3am). I do proof-read about twice/thrice but since I also have other stuff to do, I can’t waste THAT much time reading the same sentence over and over again (add to that the fact that I’m not a native English speaker). Just keep in mind I am no journalist (nor do I intend to be one, I am a blogger) and I’m just here to keep everyone informed while shining the spotlight on whoever deserves it each time. I do, however, read most comments and try and filter out most of the positive criticism and get better every time. I am entitled to have my lapses, however, especially when I’m writing way past my bedtime 😛

          The beginning of my sentence was just snarky because I woke up grumpy 😛 As I started typing I became more articulate and rational haha

  8. Elo says:

    I wish some can help with sim York for US psvita

  9. Love Fist Fury says:

    Good to see some extra layers of security added to this.

  10. lincruste says:

    They probably refer to molecular shell, not the exploit itself.

  11. lolllypop says:

    when is ther henkaku for psvita 3.20 or psvitatv 3.20 ?.?
    one firm that can do any ? psp psx hen-psvita
    when is ther henkaku for ps4 ps3 psp xor other firms o0
    when is the reversing of henkaku playable in qcma-buddy henkaku-qt-server ?.?

  12. 820 says:

    still waiting for 3.61 hack :'(

  13. lollypop says:

    hcmqt henkaku content manager qt