PS4 4.01 Jailbreak showcased by Chinese hackers at Geekpwn convention


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56 Responses

  1. Asmodin says:


  2. SeanP2500 says:


  3. The Nameless Monster says:

    Finally, some PS4 jailbreak news after a long time of waiting

  4. dsh761 says:

    I can speak Chinese. In the video, they said if you use the ps4 browser to open their website, your ps4 will automatically boot up Linux OS….I highly doubt it..

  5. DarkElementPL says:

    GeoHot. Everything explained 😛

  6. Gehot says:

    This will be great to steal and pirate games

  7. Euro ali says:

    watch 2:19
    http protocol forwarding to https
    team using custom host file.

    • Mr wizzard says:

      Watch 2:20 hands on the guy on the right magically warps. Obviously fake or they had some other reason to cut part of the vid, though i doubt it.

    • Alpalus Slyman says:

      I figured that out too. Obviously you wouldn’t just be able to put that website unless it was being redirected.

  8. Oromie says:

    What??? No NO NOOOOO. Now’s the worst time for it. Playstation 4 will be released soon and if they find out there’s an exploit, they’ll patch them. This should have been held off unannounced until november when the ps pro would be released. Then again, the consoles might still come out with 4.1, but still.

    • Fimo says:

      Too late, the PS4 PRO will be released 10th november, the first batchs are allready packed & ready to be sended with FW 4.01
      BUT if the kexploit is confirmed, don’t wait to long to purchase a PS4 PRO !

  9. nebu_187 says:

    just bought my first ps4 today

  10. Ruler says:

    Updated my console to 4.01 now, and turned off Network ASAP.
    Is there any way to block fw updates while having access to network btw?

  11. aimtrainer says:

    Do they actually have audio working under linux? There are speakers on the desk but the mario music seems to be added afterwards. Well even if not they might just be using a usb dac.

  12. fab says:

    im just waiting for piracy in all honesty

  13. test says:

    I highly doubt they will release any exploits. Sony will not let them do it.

  14. kanah says:

    ps4 update 4.05 is out

  15. Diarno says:

    And now 4.05 has been released to increase stability lol.

  16. Patrik says:

    First time ever leaving a comment here.
    If you look closely at the right guy, when they run the website and screen goes poof black and a cut happens. It is clear that the right guy has *most probably* stood up from his chair between those two footages and sat back. No clue why. Idk if it’s fake or not. But they could have just switch the monitor to a linux system lol. or switch display cables or something.
    TL;DR THE RIGHT GUY’S CLOTHES MOVED BETWEEN CUTS. 😀 in a way which is not possible while staying sit. Before the cut you can’t see his white shirt hanging out from the hoodie he has over it. After the cut white shirt hangs out.
    Just saying it’s weird as ***. I really wonder why they had to make a cut.

  17. Crazy Sh says:

    what the *** buy an PS4 to play a game from 1836 you can burn ur PS4 and buy a snes console

  18. munkie says:

    A raspberry pi was used to accomplish this exploit

  19. Jak says:

    Man I just want external mods on the damn ps4. $ony won’t give it to us so why not mod it in ourselves

  20. hazimthebear says:

    ready for Xmas 🙂

  21. Hitesh says:

    Yeah…waited for almost a year for this.

  22. PatrickBatman says:

    THIS ISN’T FAKE, IT”S BEEN CONFIRMED. This exploit already been used for PS4 way before these chinese guys, the same browser exploit basically as 1.76. Anyway they were showing off their security talents and a famed PUBLIC convention where whatever they show they had to tell Sony so they could patch it. Hence why update 4.05 rolled out the next day.

    Also Geohot is right there and he jailbreaked the PS3 and IPhone so I doubt he would want anything to do with them, wasting his time if it was fake. Anyway, I realize most people on the internet are *** so I’m going to leave now before I become ***, small dosages.

  23. bastard says:

    does anybody now wich ps4 slim bundles are with 4.01 or below

  24. Amy says:

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