Another World 0.2.1 Homebrew Version (GekiHEN Contest Entry)

23 Responses

  1. solidsnake says:

    I am not FIRST and neither should anyone else ever be again!

  2. Jesse says:

    I am not SECOND.

  3. Hardin says:

    A great game to play through once. I played an HD version on PC years ago and it hadn’t aged at all. As a bonus, Colin Moriarty’s review of the 20th Anniversary Edition (Vita) on IGN is priceless.

  4. Jamx says:

    Cannot wait for someone to make Rise of The Triad DOS on Vita.

  5. akian_aray says:

    They have Bioshock Remastered for free to offers if original ones, so not really.

  6. akian_aray says:

    I blame Swype and lack of proofreading. “They gave Bioshock Remastered for free to those who own original ones, so it’s not really that bad”.

  7. simon says:

    doesnt work…it send me back to the dashboard everytime =/…

  8. :( says:

    I am not first? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy world, why?? :((

  9. 1234 says:

    Doesn’t work.

  10. Roah says:

    port DosBox for ps vita, that way we can play all dos classics like descent, dangerous dave, xargon, etc

  11. ratsz says:

    Nice, can’t wait to have some dos shmups

  12. Alexander says:

    i’ve already played it with the psn version so useless for me. I think it’d be usefull making portings for unreleased game on Vita, such as Commander Keen

  13. nislaco says:

    When I put the game files directly in /ux0:/data/SOMO00002 it loads correctly.

    Both ux0:app/SOMO00002/DATA and /ux0:/data/SOMO00002/Data fail to load. Dos version of the files work for me. Loads fast when in the right location.

  14. nislaco says:

    Sometimes people port something because they can and or because there is source code available and even if it has been ported before its still an exercise in coding. Many thanks too the developer for porting over this awesome and brutally unforgiving game..