ONELua Vita (GekiHEN Contest Entry)

9 Responses

  1. Jomoko says:

    Its a good release, but has a few bugs with the ftp sample. Over-all the best lua interpreter so far though.

  2. Gambikules says:

    Yeah nice nice

  3. Rit says:

    I love everything about the scene. Wololo Thanks for your time and dedication to inform and give us each story. Excuse my bad English

  4. Casquall says:

    Ahem Wololo when are we gonna see a Wagic Vita? Thats on my Gekihen wishlist

  5. Mewaria says:

    I’m triying to make a little music game, the only prolem: how without music output command. I started to study Programming 3 years ago with Java, c# and PHP. Hope the maker oft the interpreter can add fast the music output, maybe the homebrew i made will be my finish Programm for a test.