RetroArch Update: PCSX-ReArmed now working!

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  1. Westerleyd says:

    Tested Brave Fencer Musashi its runs great!!!!!

  2. pspz says:

    trying to play .pbp files but it doesnt recognize the file.
    not able to see it.
    Anyone tried it?

    • YIPS says:

      PSPZ tienes que tener el archivo .CUE ademas del .pbp, el CUE es el responsable porque se vean tus juegos

  3. Daniel Whalen says:

    Why would you want to ditch the PS1 emulator built into the PSP emulator? Is it less accurate than the PS1 emulator on the PSP? I ask this because the PSP’s PS1 emulator is capable of running any game I care to download and convert to an eboot. Full speed, no graphical glitches, etc. Even games not on the store like the Discworld games work.

    • Ethan Weegee says:

      Nobody is coding for that emulator yet. Even TheFlow, who released Adrenaline in the first place, isn’t going to be doing anything major until February.

  4. Pixel Shader says:

    Waiting adrenaline to come up with PSX on PSP emulator 😀

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