Vita Save Manager 0.4.1, the Gundam Breaker update

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  1. WagilsugaW says:

    So is there any way of backing up our saves from the encrypted digital version of games?
    I mean I got tons of legit games from psn. I want to dump them with vitamin to use the amphetamin plugin as it makes a lot of games run faster. There has to be a way to do this. I seen a few tutorials but the 0:/savegame trick didnt work for me :/

    • Swegl0rdZZ says:

      (it’s not 0:/savegame)
      if you can’t follow these instructions, there’s no helping you

      • mopi1402 says:

        I’m not sure that it will works as you excepted to.

        But if you want to test, you can use this release :
        I added the support for undumped/legit games.

        I suggest you to backup the ux0:/user/00 folder. If something goes wrong, you probably will be able to restore your encrypted savegame by putting files here.
        I also suggest your to use the online backup is you have PSN+, because it’s very easy to backup/restore it even if you delete/reinstall your game.

        And yes, the partition is savegame0:/ but you only retrieve decrypted savedata when the game is “playing”.

        d3m3vilurr is working on it, so you can wait for him 🙂

  2. J. Larson says:

    With this procedure can I use my saves created with one account to another? or it’s locked with that ID?

  3. Some Other says:

    Why does he do so many updates to releases already posted about less than a week ago; some even very minor? Chaff.

  4. filanimetor says:

    Can I use this to, say, I have a save file from a cart game, can I use that save file on a dumped/decrypted game? (and vice versa)

    • Magus Power says:

      Nope. Same issue I am having with digital games. :/

    • Myst says:

      Yes you can.
      Install the game from cart, dump the save, install the dumped game and import the save with the save manager.
      I don’t know about the other way around but I don’t see why not.

  5. Sounds like wololo getting ready for excuses on ps4 :/ wololo still dident post like they usally do on ps4 updates to let new people know hey dont do it this is what you can get and stuff like that also great news that psproxy 3.50 for 3.55 works for bypassing 4.00 update trust me i know i used it anyway im out :3

  6. snk4ever says:

    Why does it work with saves from cards ? Are these not encrypted ?

  7. GoVitaGo says:

    the previuos version corrupted my Swapper game and lost my save data and had to play it all over again.. will never use it again .. will manually backup .. thanks

  8. KiraSlith says:

    OBJECTION! We can dump PSN Encrypted games’ saves, I dumped my unencrypted Terraria save back when Wololo covered the game dump method since it also decrypts the save folder in question. And it successfully restored with VitaSaveManager after swapping the SCE_SYS folder with one from a previously dumped save using this very tool!

  9. mopi1402 says:

    New official version 0.5 which support undumped games.
    @WagilsugaW, this is what you were waiting for 😉

    Happy to see d3m3vilurr release it because my comments are deleted when I post a link to my own builds…

  10. Rolenzo says:

    I wanted to pop in to mention some good news and bad news about this release:

    BAD NEWS: The game I tested this on “The Stranger of Sword City: when I dumped the save file, it ruined the eboot of the game so I had to reinstall it.

    GOOD NEWS: The dump worked perfectly! I even modified a few bytes of data in the 6th line and managed to cheat my way into getting high level gear!

    It needs work but it’s definitely legitimate. This release actually makes legitimate games redundant. Having to backup entire games for a save file is ludicrous.

    Thanks so much for this.

    • ness151 says:

      Can you elaborate on the addresses you found for Stranger of Sword City?

      • Rolenzo says:

        I have not been able to recreate it. Also, the 5.0 release doesn’t seem to work with Stranger of Sword city.

        The offsets i changed were in line 0x30-0x3F (I believe I added 1 or 2 to each address).

        I managed to change all characters INT to 70+ and get a bunch of gear on the main character to +58 doing this.

        Watch out for altering 0x40-0x4F as this tends to cause crashes. Best of luck!

  11. Rolenzo says:

    0x54 and 0x55 are your level, so you can make a new recruit, and he’ll be level 99 after one battle.

    But it’s kinda tricky because the monsters can be super powerful so be careful using it.