Better Amphetamine Plugin v3.2, GPU XBAR added

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  1. KARASVCXA666 says:


  2. KARASVCXA666 says:


  3. Benuno says:

    I second that, KARASVCXA666! …. badum tss.

  4. Yank147258 says:

    thirst :,v yolo!

  5. owo says:

    If you don’t want drama and claim to write ‘news’ perhaps you should stay more neutral instead of b*tching about Sony and how they ‘failed’ all the time.

    • Typhoon_Neon says:

      I don’t claim anything and I never did, so please don’t put words in my mouth I never said.

      Also you seem to fail at distinguishing what is “drama” aka “the fuckery between entitled users and fed-up developers” and what was simply getting frustration off my chest at the utter incompetence of Sony that thought that it would be successful selling a console simply using brand name. Plus, I don’t *** half as much as a /vitahacks or /vitapiracy user. So I’m pretty happy with that.

      But hey, constructive criticism and all isn’t it? 😀

      • owo says:

        –‘The good thing about *knowing where to look* for the *news* is that you can easily *keep the people informed* with (sometimes) minimal work.’–
        –‘then we here at should probably *report* on it’–

        News, informed, report. Hmm…

        –‘Sony has made many boneheaded decisions with the Vita. So much so that the Vita stops being a console and almost becomes a disaster, an exercise in how to do every single thing wrong when releasing hardware’–
        –‘projects that can help us dirty gaijin bask in the glory of games that were never released in the West. Games like Phantasy Star Nova, Nights of Azure and Tales of Innocence R may never see an actual Western release because of how poorly the Vita sold in this side of the world, because Sony suffers from both utter marketing incompetence and a second syndrome I like to call “greedis extremis”’–

        These bits of text doesn’t inspire neutrality or objectivity and only fuels drama in comments. While you might think nothing of it, for some people reading it’ll invoke feelings of incorrectly justifying their piracy or wares usage, claiming they’re being wronged by Sony. Many who’ve claimed the Vita has no games didn’t buy game software in the first place, but these same people were the first to request wares on various outlets. I know people who bought extra hard disks with the sole purpose of filling the thing up with pirated PS Vita content –money that could’ve been spent on digital game sales. as a site has been around for a long time, posting various updates on the Sony handheld scene. As such the brand name carries quite a bit of weight.
        Continue writing like you currently do but don’t claim to write news, or raise your level until you can confidently say you do.

        Quotes copied from stuff on first 2 pages, can’t be bothered digging through more.

  6. Biff627 says:

    Again, never loads for me… Sigh

  7. loller says:

    has anyone used the GPU overclock on Borderlands 2 yet? And if you have does it improve the framerate a decent amount?

    • scaremy says:

      ABSOLUTELY! im playing that now and WOW! what a difference it makes. it still gets choppy sometimes but its a HUGE improvement.

      • Lodo says:

        What about Chronovolt? That one had like 3fps, does it get any better on an overclocked GPU?

      • Magus Power says:

        Yeah. This gpu overclock does wonders.
        Soul Sacrifice works at nearly 60fps.
        Lost Dimension had like 15-20 fps now its nearly full speed too.
        Senran Kagura also wprks full speed now even with *** tons of enemies.

  8. Bigscrotem says:

    Do these new releases let us play psp iso/cso? Iv been trying to play THP Project 8 for the longest time on TN-V11 3.36. When i start the game it checks for mem card data for a sec, then gives me an error, then i have to start over. Any fix on this or should i update to Henkaku 6.60?

    • Bionox says:

      As far as I know, henkaku 6.60 doesn’t offer you play iso/cso ” YET” but there are lots of great stuff coming that its slightly turning amazing!

  9. Abdulaziz says:

    This one never worked for me. Previous releases all worked.

  10. Girouette says:

    Seems like this update somehow broke compatibility with Gundam Breaker 3 (Asia English obviously); which is odd since all the previous versions worked with it.

  11. Stiffeno86 says:

    Hi I love this little plugin you made, I mainly use it to check my battery life rather than overclocking but still wonderful.

    Just thought I would mention though, today while playing FIFA 14 I brought up the plugin display and left it on for like 15-20 seconds and then all of a sudden FIFA 14 crashed! Came up with an error message (forgot to take note of the error code sadly) and I had to click OK to close the application.
    Just thought I would mention it as a possible bug.


  12. Schadows says:

    I don’t understand, how does the XBAR overclocking works if you cannot display the overclocking menu in the XBAR ?

  13. Bigscrotem says:

    yeh i only got it to work on my psp 3000. Great Game though if only it could have made it to the big screen. (Vita screen)

  14. Zeke says:

    I wonder if there would be any advantage to the overclocking GPU in RetroArch? I’d assume a lot of the workload is just forced on the CPU but…

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