Better Amphetamine Plugin v3.1, critical bugfix version

20 Responses

  1. bob says:

    Thanks for the update!

  2. Jezzy says:

    You really need to update this.

    You have made the same mistake twice.

    the file is amphetamine.suprx

    Then it says add this to the txt ux0:/plugins/amphetamin.suprx 1
    But the e in amphetamine is missing. so it won’t work.

    Kinda had me stumped on the last post as i couldn’t get it working until i noticed.

  3. w00f says:

    Playstation Vita; Even it’s homebrew gets stability updates.

  4. Douchbag says:

    Oh, FIRST, hahahaha

  5. ddd says:

    does it work with ps tv?

  6. ddddd says:

    can someone tell me the default settings???

  7. Stop says:

    What’s up with all the annoying *** pop ups on this site as of lately? Makes me not want to come here.

  8. fab says:

    why did it work and when i exit out the game it doesnt come up when i hold select anymore

  9. therocker says:

    So this doesn’t work on games you officially downloaded?

    It has to be dumped?

  10. asa says:

    why the plugin not working in my vita ?
    i already follow all the instruction to install it but nothing happen when i press select in game(dumped game)
    please help

  11. Biff627 says:

    Sadly, this doesnt work at all for me, and yes… I am holding select,I followed the instructions to the T and it is a dumped game… I just dont see why its not workinh

  12. Salomón says:

    I have heard that this plugin can harm the vita because is forcing the gpu and can burn it. Even with 3.3 up date. Is this true?