Better Amphetamine Plugin updated to v3, some minor fixes

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  1. AH1N1 says:

    The tutorial has a flaw. The downloaded archive is amphetamin.suprx so the text file must say ux0:/plugins/amphetamin.suprx 1 not ux0:/plugins/amphetamin(E).suprx 1

  2. pigggggy says:

    No archive and source code in that Google Drive repo

  3. geos says:

    idk what you saying man, amphetamin day1 could be used to overclock GPU already

  4. geos says:

    i guess i’m going to download the source and replace SELECT with L+R+SELECT because it’s annoying in Gundam Breaker 3

    • Teddy312 says:

      you could also make it 5 seconds longer or something, i dont know how long you have to press it in gundam breaker 3?

      • TheEccentricModder says:

        He’s probably referring to when holding select it also opens a chat window with keyboard, its not a huge deal just set your GPU press select then press it again to back out of the screen, but I could see it annoying me on the right day.

  5. Hardin says:

    “Better Amphetamine Plugin also boasts more stabilityâ„¢ than the others meaning it is approved by both Sony and Nintendo.” Cue explosive flourish in random current rap song to symbolize effectiveness of one’s concise and apropos insulting statement.

  6. Sumguy says:

    WTH WOLOLO DO YOU EVEN KNOW ABOUT UPDATE 4.00 :/ like seriously keep tabs on this ***

  7. poop says:

    will this work on ps tv?

  8. Rhodderz says:

    i want to go and hold START now.

  9. BeatPlay says:

    I updated my plugin to v3.1 which fixes various bugs, the warning was also removed so this article is a little outdate (even if it is the newest on Wololo)

    • meysam25 says:

      where i can find the new vertion
      i test this plugin and it is not working
      the description is wrong

      • BeatPlay says:

        I updated the file in the GDrive link and moved the repo to GitHub! 😀 Just check my /Talk thread sometimes and look for updates!

  10. Broose says:

    Update to V3.1

  11. Bob says:

    WoW. And I mean that. I will not use any version of this plugin until the dev removes the start button issue or fixes it. the dev said :I wanted to implement FPS counting, but the code is unstable so whatever you do DO NOT HOLD DOWN START! Couldnt delete it, because i didnt have time to recompile and reupload!

    THen why was a RELEASE made…
    Don’t release with a change log like that, please wait to release until you cannot determine any issues that may arise and then ask for help from others before you release a technically broken plugin .

  12. Chu says:

    Im holding select and nothing comes up

  13. Yyu says:

    well this is embarsing, but can anyone make psp iso loader for vita 3.60. i hope total noob back!

  14. dave says:

    This plugin only works for me on one game (Virtua tennis 4). with other dumped games I have I keep pressed select button but the plugin menu doesn’t even show up.