Release: Vita Moonlight Alpha 4 – We have a GUI now!

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  1. Hokis808 says:

    FIRST….so, what is the deal with “First” on this site?! Guess I popped my cherry:-)

    I just joined after getting a PSVita and am blown away with all the genius’ on here. Ive been waiting for supreme emulation device and now I have it. Kings quest and Street Fighter II with the Guile glitches and all!

    I shall try this moonlight with my old gtx680…

  2. bionox says:

    Arg! still can’t enjoy moonlight! , past version was a problem to link up nvidia with moonlight, now with this version I can succesfully link it! BUT can’t stream due to a “RTSP handshake error ” but still am happy for this! 😀

    • TheTechDoc says:

      uninstall geforce experience entirely and then re install, I had the same issues and that fixed it

  3. Sa says:

    Make it work on AMD please.

    • warfaren says:

      That would be a tremendous amount of work, out of the scope of this project. It’s a port of Moonlight and Moonlight only supports Nvidia streaming to begin with.

    • WolfRamiO says:

      AMD graphics cards dont have the chip/technology requiered for nVidia game stream

    • Snake says:

      Well, this is not the Work of Moonlight or the Creator of it, it’s the work of AMD, to make Game streaming possible like Nvidia Shield

      • Ch3ck3r says:

        It isn’t possible for AMD since nVidia makes nearly anything closed source. So AMD can’t create the same GameStream for their cards, only an own alternative is possible.

  4. the says:

    Very cool, I love this app but I would love to see the ability to emulate a keyboard and mouse rather than xbox input so all games are playable, I attempted to launch xpadder and map the controls while streaming (which worked) but shutting xpadder doesnt detect in steam so I cant launch any other game, it just says starting game then goes back to “click play to launch”

  5. Phung Cuong says:

    Hi, I have a RTSP handshake issue. My current GFE 3.0.5 and 372.7 driver. Is it compatible? Thanks.

    • Boing says:

      I had the same issue but i can finally make it work selecting 720p resolution on the Nvidia Control Panel, make sure that 720p streaming is configured in Moonlight in order to open Steam in Big Picture, also the GameStream should be activated in Geforce Experience, preferably the Beta Version.

  6. Martin says:

    Use geforce experience 2.4 because nvkdia *** it up really bad with the last update. I have a shield tablet and shield tv and the official gamestream stoped working with that update. I guess they will fix it but for now 2.4 gives you all you need.

  7. Teddy312 says:

    The link to the swapped triggers vita.config is dead, pls fix it.

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