The GekiHEN Wishlist: Stuff I’d Like to See on Vita (Part I)

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  1. troll says:

    those are understandable reasons, thanks for the Reply!

    • Typhoon_Neon says:

      Thank you for understanding 🙂 Next article on this should come early next week, if I find the time to (going on a mini-vacation). These articles require some research into the specs and state of the code (is it playable, is it not?) of the open-source version.

      But I’ll try to get it done as soon as possible! 🙂

  2. cpasjuste says:

    I’v just ported opentyrian for you 🙂

    • Typhoon_Neon says:

      Did you enter it into the GekiHEN contest first? I’ll write an article as soon as it’s up on their website if so 😛 If you didn’t… I see no release thread anywhere x’D

  3. Stephens says:

    Android emulator optimized for games.

    • Kerry says:

      Yeah there is a nice app on Android to use your handy for Windows games (cloud gaming) i hope it give a Port for Ps vita :/ because some didnt have a Nvidia geforce -.-

    • Josh says:

      The vita is nowhere near powerful enough to run Android, letalone emulate it.

  4. marc says:

    I want psvita downgrader!

  5. Loute says:

    I would like to see an eBook reader, touchscreen / pdf / png / jpeg compatible ( enabling rotation, pinches, well everything 😉 ).
    A reliable Internet Browser ( we would keep the old one for Henkaku :-p)
    I also think it would be nice to see a VITA PuTTY client (like there’s been on the PSP formerly).
    Maybe a VLC port would do the trick as well (mkv/ network/ DLNA support).
    Eventually a PSP ISO /CSO loader 🙂

  6. roningoku says:

    Cross Save to pS3 without Need to upload to PSN would be nice or at least a way to transfer or convert the saves

  7. Filippo94 says:

    That’s a nice whishlist, good choises!

  8. TwojaStara says:

    I want a fully worked psp backup or psx eboot’s.

  9. yskar says:

    An CBR/CBZ Comics/Manga reader.
    Epub/Mobi Ebook reader.

    Functional PSP and PS1 emulator.

  10. althonos says:

    Kodi -> needs builtin ffmpeg and python embedded. Till we have both its a deadloc.
    Besides, their compile proces is a pain if you’re not on a *nix machine

  11. someone says:

    I just wanted a better way to make homebrew development easier, especially games. Here’s some ideas:
    – GUI builder (so every utility tool doesn’t look like a 20-year old command-line application)
    – Game development tools (not just game libraries; what about a simple visual editor to develop, let’s say, small platformers?)
    – Build and test homebrew on PC (yeah, we don’t have any emulators yet, but what about a small simulator? Or even compile to PC!)

    And… PS2 emulation, maybe?

  12. Brite says:

    How about making the Vita works like a cellphone too? I mean, using the sim card to call and text. Maybe? Just maybe. Lol!

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