Vitamin 2.0 released, and comments on MaiDumpTool


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31 Responses

  1. The Flow says:

    First and this is fantastic news for us stealers and pirates who don’t want to pay for vita games.

  2. BlueOnClues says:


  3. Lawthugg says:

    I’m pleased about the release but very disappointed in the community for the way they handled it. Some positive reinforcement would have been nice. Given that theflow agreed to share his code with the no name dev. I wouldn’t be surprised if all work on vitamin came right a hault

  4. carloswkl says:

    Just after few hours there is another updated MaiDumpTool version (v233.1) out there, which with following fix notes (translated with similar meaning):
    – There are 5 methods to load game (support previous dumped games, switchable if anything goes wrong)
    – Support larger game DB decryption
    – Fixed few more bugs
    – Extract game will remain the original copies, especially mai_moe/eboot_origin.bin (This will help later version of this tool)
    (p.s. Before using this tool, it is better to repair the database to prevent anything goes wrong.
    If there is anything new dump(s), please contact @ljy64278326 in order to organize them.
    And one more thing, please do not talk bad on other hackers or likewise,
    do you really wanna them away from scene after they had paying so much effort on this scene? …)

  5. new says:

    i wonder how long till i have to wait for psp games on 3.60

  6. E.N.D says:

    Just dump FFx Hd Still freeze before the save point

    • Chris.beanz says:

      Think it’ll be a few more updates before dumping FFX will be possible :/ can’t get it to work past the opening cinematic either.

  7. Crzo says:


    TAKE THAT DOUBTERS WHO KEPT REPEATING THAT HE WAS A FARCE USING DEVKITS!!! (Not directed at wololo but to all that people who openly trash talked him and called him names).

  8. ew2k3 says:

    Nice Work. With Vitamin 1.1 Uncharted doesnt work. With 2.0 it runs now

  9. Chinaboy says:


  10. ngo quoc dong says:

    ps: add font unicode for psvita. thank you very much

  11. KiraSlith says:

    Hey Wololo, your advertising org is resorting to malicious advertising again. I had to turn ABP back on. Its redirects to another website that claims both to be my ISP and at the same time one of the big 10 websites.

    On topic: Vitamin 2 seems to have fixed a fair bit of compatibility trouble. Hopefully Terraria USA gets fixed so I can properly dump it.

  12. Ty says:

    I knew the day would come for the PS Vita and was a long wait but it is was worth the wait and with the explosion of warez groups for the Vita is Amazing. The Devs and hackers should not reveal the PS4 hacks so that we can wait for the PS4 pro and maybe backup VR games cool!

  13. frank-jaeger says:

    Playing downloaded games which you did not pay for is piracy but the cost of games in my country is quite high. I do not have a hacked ps3 so i pay for all my ps3 games and you can get some really good titles at shops that deal with second hand games but with ps vita it is not the same. The games available at stores at retail or trade in stores are few and those titles are rarely games that any person wants to spend money on in the first place. The other option is to download off PSN which is a much better option for vita users as selection of games you will find on PSN, you will never find in-store and at a cheaper price. So to sum it up, I understand why piracy is illegal but there is a reason that people would rather pirate video games than have pay for them.

  14. Albert Covington says:

    Man, I really wish they could get MGS HD working.

  15. SNagi says:

    Hi I just wanted to let the creators know about a bug I have found on Vitamin 2.0.
    I put my cart of FIFA 14 (Aussie version if it matters) and made a dump of it, I then installed FIFA 14 via the dump and deleted the dump. When I realized I had not backed up my dump to my PC i went to create a new dump, however FIFA 14 doesnt show up in the list of dumpable games…not the installed copy nor when I have the cart in!

    Just wondering if anything can be done to fix this as I now cannot create a backup =/.

  16. dualdeath says:

    I wish they could make official updates work

  17. Pavel says:

    I can’t to extract Grim Fandango remastered game. Neither Vitamin 2.0 nor MaiDumpTool.

  18. Archivist-Preservationist says:

    Panspermia was first, the rest of you are posers and hipsters.

    Praise Pangaea, King of Kek!

  19. Smoker1 says:

    Tried to Backup my Copy of Urban Trial Freestyle with both Vitamin and MaiDumpTool. Both Results did not work. When you start the Game, it shows Logos on a Brick Wall, then goes to a Video Intro. It freezes at the Brick Wall Screen after the Logos and also it shows it as being the Trial Version.

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