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MaiDumpTool (Chinese Dump Tool) V233.0 released for PS Vita

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  1. China says:


  2. AcromioClavicular says:


  3. Baktillus says:

    Interesting, I wonder if this helps with some of the problems people had with vitamin..
    specially the storage issues on smaller memsticks

  4. tiduscrying says:

    Worked on my end. Successfully dumped and installed Taiko V Version (twice for good measure) and the game is working perfectly. Someone also just posted an english translated VPK of the tool on /r/vitahacks.

  5. Stranno says:

    “Please delete it within 24 hours”

    Lol, back to the the ninteies lies.

    • Typhoon_Neon says:

      I know right? I thought about making that joke in the article but I was sure no one would get it 🙁

  6. Frank says:

    Well, Vitamin creator said : TheFloW ‏@theflow0 3 hil y a 3 heures Voir la traduction
    I didn’t test or look at the new dumper yet, but from what I’ve read about, it just looks like a cheap copy of Vitamin to me.

    Caution 🙂

  7. er says:

    again this ***
    The only reason people come here is for piracy news you *** *** wololo

  8. first says:


  9. david martin says:

    Probado con DEAD NATION EU y NO FUNCIONA! ERROR 0x000000f

  10. pigyyyy says:


  11. DSpider says:

    Learn 2 English, ffs… Or at least create an editable file for the text strings, so people can translate it.

  12. Rygar says:

    Let the dumping begin.

  13. First says:


  14. ShineOnPf says:

    The translation is already done, look at reddit.

  15. caghandemir says:

    China, man.

  16. Garndma says:


  17. CPUzX says:

    The first person to post this MaiDumpTool was a user called kavid, but he provided a link to the download, and I was also unsure if it was safe to keep the thread up, as it’s all about backups, so I removed his thread…

  18. froid_san says:

    you could actually old school hexedit the eboot to translate it


  19. Albert Covington says:

    Someone please test MGS Collection.

  20. FreemyVita says:

    Thanks Team Freek for Vitamin v2.0! We support you! No Hate Keep up the good work! Wololo you too slow lol jkjk

  21. FreemyVita says:


  22. Kyasuki says:

    Vitamin 2.0 released \o/

  23. jr says:

    Vitamin_2.00 is now out 😉

  24. wazaap says:

    please release vitamin 2.0. as prommissed last week

  25. PermaNull says:

    Maxconsole says that this app has had a new version released as well.

  26. E.N.D says:

    SAO HF works On Maitool 😀 but i did not update it on 1.01

  27. edmike says:

    maidump tool version 233.1 english version vpk is out go and grap it

  28. Nerke says:

    Wololo you coward!

  29. azoreseuropa says:

    Made in China. *Rolling eyes*

  30. stevega94 says:

    How can I install an update that i created with this app?

  31. infoman says:

    maidump tool version 233.2z2 is released and english translated too.

  32. Aum Shanti says:

    So like where is the download link?

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