release: rinCheat – Cheat tool for PS Vita (Beta)


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58 Responses

  1. Lasar says:

    Wow, this cool (:

  2. bob says:

    first? anyway i have been waiting to install henkaku until an n64 emulator or a way to cheat for money on FFX. looking forward to seeing where this goes.

  3. filanimetor says:

    I think I’m going to like the screenshot feature since some games I have doesn’t allow you to take screenshots (Super Heroine Chronicles, some parts of PhotoKano, J-Stars, etc)

  4. soneco says:

    iyeeeeeeé iyeeeeeé

  5. Filippo94 says:

    Still needs a dumped game to be run onto, right?

  6. nebu_187 says:

    still on 3.18
    epsp ftw
    i own all vita games i want

    • Ricky D says:

      Me too. If they can either port Henkaku to 3.18 or TN-V to 3.60 I don’t see much need in messing with Henkaku at all. I’d lose more than I’d gain

    • Erik says:

      Same here (actually 3.20 pstv)….

    • JustAnotherOne says:

      my phat vita is on 3.18 with TN-V, most likely will forever stay there
      my slim vita on 3.60, now debating if i should stay there with henkaku or update for PSN functions

      • ZeroSbr says:

        I thought that the latest HENkaku had fw spoofing. No need to update to 3.61 for PSN.

        • chaoswar says:

          Yes, the latest HENkaku does spoof your fw. But, its not guarantee it will last forever. Hopefully Sony doesn’t make a new update so soon.

  7. Matt says:

    Looking forward to more great plug-ins

  8. Fokai says:

    Aww with!!!!fail…..none the less this is great!!

  9. random guy says:

    wait is this for vita games or psp?

  10. Rolenzo says:

    This doesn’t work for legit games? Only vitamin rips??

  11. Dean says:

    ViTa Rock ON!! – who know use this? 😛

  12. Mike says:

    ***? Why is everyone happy. That’s a shame. Now we have to deal with cheaters in every game we like, idiots. Piracy is ok but cheating is just awful.

    • troll says:

      agree man, cheaters ruin every online game.

    • Albert Covington says:

      Well you have to be an idiot to cheat online.

    • GoVitaGo says:

      too bad now people also supporting cheats.. that’s not morally right.. we have already in the naughty list SantaClaus by hacking our psvitas. and now this?? im not signing up for this sh*t… hehehe lol..

      • Jake says:

        Whether or not you think cheating is wrong is not a relative truth for everybody. For example, if you’re hacking in a one player game, who really cares? At the end of the day your hacking either for convenience or fun. Ofc everybody has their reasons for using cheats. Lastly, i dont condone cheats used online where it can really ruin the gameplay for others. There’s a time and a place and a justifiable reason in most cases.

    • FeRKy says:

      I have ffx and i so tired fighting a lot for spheres, i ended the game but i have no more time to get more level, i never cheat on online games but in 1placer i cheat at the end of the game

    • Kouen Hasuki says:

      RIP Online Vita Play 🙁

  13. retroaddict says:

    Only work with games dumped with Vitamin.
    Original does not work.

  14. NiMR0 says:

    Is this for dump games only? Or will it work for digital and cartrage game?

  15. Tonimascu says:

    Sabeis si se pueden jugar isos cso de psp con henkaku? Gracias.

    • troll says:

      de momento no.

      • Me suscribo. Mantengo 3.18 sin poder decriptar la libreria de juegos eur que tengo para subirla precisamente por esto, el ePSP y el psxxploit(tn-x de preferencia, que es el mejor, con cdda support incluido para juegos psx eboot multipista. 🙂 ). A la espera del 3.60 henkaku perfecto…

  16. TheTechDoc says:

    tried it out with motor storm rc and it caused the game to lag out, background music was choppy and the gameplay had frequent frame drops.

  17. JohnBlue says:

    Hope this can be run on digital and physical copies of games too.

  18. Dbzgts says:

    Move on guys… we bought psvita for playing psvita games. There is no reason stay at lower firmware. Psvita games have more decent graphic

  19. sergelama says:

    Persona 4 golden.
    menu is ok but ican’t dump my save.
    Psvita lag.

  20. lincruste says:

    Cheats are boring. Back in the NES time it could prove useful in order to complete some unbeatable games, but nowadays these hacks are ridiculous.

  21. J.r says:

    WOW why play the game if you have to cheat you fukking losers!! LOL

  22. 11770 says:

    i liked cheats by str8 crazy on killzone liberation esp the box placing one XD. anyway is this closer to night pr or cw cheat?

  23. Schwff says:

    Today I had to charge my vita twice which not happened in years

  24. Albert Covington says:

    So im working with god of war and trying to manipulate red orbs. Ive come down to 1 offset and edited the TITLEID.txt and the @value to output “9999”, so @270F but im a little confused with size. I stuck with @4 and added the extra line like mentioned. The cheat shows up but does nothing. Is there something else I need to be doing? What does Injecting value do and when do you enter it?!

  25. ZeroFadedBlaze says:

    So i’m supposed to put it in ux0\Plugins??? because i can’t find the plugins folder… it’s not there? so can anybody please help?

  26. kanongdl says:

    hi, i had some problems with killzone mercenary, i had some cold screen on diferente areas, but the problem start with some lag when in the scene are many enemies or when two or more enemies are shooting, i had to remove it from my ps vita, at the begining i thought that the problem could be my memory, but it is new, the another user told me that i have to remove the plugin, i did it and everything is fine.

    hope the creator could solve the problem, i know that is a beta release.

    have nice day.

  27. Lorv says:

    Hey, sometimes I see a 503 site error when I arrive at this webpage. Just a heads up, regards

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