The Modding Of Isaac: Binding of Isaac Mods ported to PS Vita


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  1. FlappyJesus says:

    First! again

  2. iHaveKirby'sFace says:

    Nice! Now if we could do the same thing with don’t starve, I would be a very happy gamer

  3. Daniel says:

    I’m the first one

  4. noob a loob says:

    how do i restore my ps vita without updating? ium alredy on 3.60. i dont want to use my legit psn account?

    • Filippo94 says:

      when you restore the console don’t give it the Wi-Fi password, and it won’t be able to update. Once you’re set with the system, go ahead and configure the connection, then there are the usual ways to avoid updates.

    • CycloneFox says:

      You don’t need to update your Vita to restore the system. The only thing while restoring, that requires you to update is to deactivate your account, which you shouldn’t do, at all, anyway. But let’s go over that step by step:

      When you click on restore, a few questions pop up:

      – All apps will be closed, settings will be deleted: well duh. That’s what you want
      <-so "yes"

      – Deactivate this system: This either requires you to run HENkaku to fake the firmware version or to update your Vita, which you don't want to do. This will revoke the systems licence to play games in two steps: locally and on sony's server. On Sonys server it is only necessary, if you have more than three Vitas, as each activation will firstly check if there are already three active Vitas on your account. As far as I know, reactivating a vita, that is already activated on sonys side, is no problem, but if a Vita breaks, is sold, or is stolen, you will need to use a button in your SEN account management page, that can only be used once every six months. The local activation will go missing as soon as you set up another account on your system, anyway. After that you will need HENkaku, to reactivate the system. There are two ways to activate the vita locally with HENkaku: Either you use the official way, as HENkaku can fake the firmware version and thus let's you log into PSN (here, the number of activated vitas is important), or you backup the activation file before restoring the system and copy that backup back on the Vita later. This way, your vita thinks, it's activated, even if it isn't on Sonys side;
      <- so, almost always "no"

      – Format memoy card: Only if you want to do that for some reason. But why? I can only imagine, if you want to switch accounts, but only have one memory card. But that's a pain
      <- so, almost always "no"

      After those few questions, your Vita will restart. In the initial setup, the Vita will ask you, if you have a SEN account. click on "yes". It won't require you to update. Skip the introduction video, by switching memory cards at that point (or ejecting and re-inserting, if you don't switch accounts). Done. You should be on PS Vita's homescreen. Now go to the browser and go to After that you can log into psn, install vpks and do whatever you want on 3.60.

  5. ilikepsvita says:

    good question i reset my PS VITA and now it is asking for my PSN login, can some one help please? i don”t want to update!

  6. Chris.beanz says:

    Niiice this is going to lead to some interesting homebrews/ports for sure. Only played a little BOI but this has definitely piqued my interest. Thanks Red7s for your work on this.

  7. Rolenzo` says:

    this is EXCELLENT. Exactly what I wanted. Mod Spelunky, Minecraft, and Terraria, for the love of god!

  8. Dragar says:

    If only they could port afterbirth. I’d probably actually get the game. But I finished rebirth long before the ps vita port was even released.

  9. Ramenking says:

    Hey wololo this is really good idea as lots of us are fans of modding community 😀 was also going to suggest you putting a liking system on the articles posted here so you have a better idea of what everyone is into. Much love

  10. TheTechDoc says:

    this is pretty cool!! definitely a step forward and a half! I dream of a day where we can load up an on screen mod menu (like cwcheat on psp for gta or gtav on xbox/ps3) in games on vita and use it to have some fun, also imagine a lan tunneling server to play online without having to use sony services that can and likely will get us banned, just like link on RGH/Jtag xboxs

  11. PSNoob says:

    You can restore your PSvita without upadting to 3.61 by just restoring it in safemode. Rbutton+Home+switch.

  12. PSNoob says:

    oopppps make sure ur wifi is turned during the restoring then immidiately install henkaku to block the update and brows the PSN store

  13. kldssd says:

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