Why piracy on firmware 3.60 won’t kill the PS Vita


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  1. GameBlamer says:

    Remember the old C64 Times???

  2. cutslikehell says:

    Frost time replying to a post and English not so good
    First wololo thank you I’ve been here following you for years
    2ed if you have ever bought a used game and never did no dlc than hop on that boat because ur a pirate game stop captain of the boat btw

  3. zagvot says:

    can the hackers focus on ps1 and psp emulator? that would be great for me (retro gamer)

    • SsJVasto says:

      Why not buy a PSP?

      • Supervhizor says:

        A HenKAKU PSP emulator may have additional benefits vs something like TN-V or an actual PSP. For instance, running at the PSVita’s native resolution would be a YUUUUUUGE plus. 240p upscaled blows ***.

  4. ch3wt0ys says:

    That 100K number also is just per specific device also, I have three OLED Vitas. So that number isn’t that accurate to the number of people actually using it. Could be around 90K or less active HENkaku users since I know many users on Wololo and other scene sites have multiple systems.

  5. Pixeo ShaderX says:

    But PSP was great console and being famous only because of being hackable system so that’s made many people buy it so that’s mean this new hack is the starting point of PSVita to REVIVE!

    • Can says:

      Wat. Who cares if some weird dudes buy vitas when noone is buying the software? How do you create a logic like that. PSP suffered horribly and lost quite a lot of games in the west because of piracy.

      • Kleei says:

        go f…your self , look at PSP game library and at PSvita library. PSP was hacked in first year.logic ***.

        • Dan says:

          Yes, and vita’s library has been getting a lot of japanese games lately because it wasn’t hacked. ***k you, de*enerate, I curse you and your family if you pirate a single game.

  6. Rook says:

    I had to collect my thoughts on whether I wanted PSN to play God Eater Resurrection & 2 with a friend who has a PS4, which I had waited for the release of the game for a long time; or to pirate games I might not finish. I mean, I have already gotten good deals off the PSN and I haven’t been able to play all of the games I’ve bought. Heck, I even was in FW 3.18, longing for good homebrews and pirated games, then HENKAKU came out, but I hadn’t reached that conclusion yet until now.

    Overall I’m enjoying my PSN experience with the Vita again. All thanks to my favorite game from the PSP (God Eater Burst) 🙂

  7. BenoitRen says:

    This article’s point is misleading.

    First, it’s very important to make the distinction between West and Japan. The PS Vita is still successful in Japan (a fact everyone chooses to ignore), and lots of games are still being released for the device over there. It has a limited install base in the West.

    Second, the PS Vita was surviving in the West on niche titles (another fact everyone chooses to ignore so they can call it dead). Titles that struggle to break the 100000 sold units mark. Not all sold PS Vitas are still being loved by their owner, and some even have two.

    Based on that, the number of HENkaku users comes frighteningly close to what might be the amount of users that are still using it and buying those niche games.

  8. Skelletonike says:

    Eh… When it comes down to it, I’m against piracy 100%, no matter the system it is for.
    I love the Vita, actually, maybe because it failed to become what Sony wanted. It’s full of niche JRPG’s, and I already have dozens of games. When I bought the Vita, I did it mainly for Persona 4 Golden, Ys, and Demon Gaze, after that I bought tons of games, even digital ones due to their sales (I’m a fan of physical media).

  9. John Snow says:


  10. Jackall4BDN says:

    And here i thought wololo would be going to talk about the actual positive impact that piracy can have on the success of certain games.
    From personal experience i can only talk about games i showed to friends and which they just grabbed after seeing them at my place, not to mention me still buying them later on in their lifecycles just out of fond memories.
    And if that isn’t something that seems all that common the more public example would be minecraft, and the fact that the first spread of the game was majorly driven by piracy, at the very start there where less players actually owning the game than there where pirates for it…

    Not wanting to sound rude, but just another perspective about piracy as an advertising factor when remedied the right way and at the right time instead of being killed of in an instant…

  11. Super Soup says:

    Thank you for posting this. I was never vocal about it, but I was never too thrilled about Vita piracy. But this article does make some fine points, which admiteddly put me at ease.

    • booboonotaretard says:

      Why? Vita piracy wont destroy the vita because for the west the vita is already pronounced dead and is not being produced. The vita died due to lack of whatever the users wanted (for months the top bought thing on the ps store for vita was *** mlb money packs) And now it will be brought back to life. heck my local gamestop went from a vita games goldmine to having just sao and thats it!

  12. John says:

    10,000,000 Vita’s sold over its lifespan =/= 10,000,000 active Vita users. 150,000 makes up a much larger portion of the active userbase than 1.5%. It’s going to kill the Vita, which had a pretty great year in 2016 for 3rd party releases.

    • booboonotaretard says:

      And how many of those vitas are broken? how many are on 3.61? I dont think you understand or know what you are talking about. Even pc statistics show that 1.5% is the average for piracy. Kind of stupid to say piracy killed a console not sold in 99% or stores and considered a dead console by sony directly. But what do i know i only worked retail for 3 years and watched everything vita expect the memory cards get marked down and never got a new stock

    • David says:

      a great point and 1.5% is very high from a business standpoint to begin with.

  13. Lel says:

    Piracy is never a good thing in terms of software sales, not hardware.

    2 million people in Japan and whatever for the rest of the world have PS Vita but most PSV games sold is about 10k, 30k, 50k depending on what company, same as PSV localizations.

  14. Little Sid says:

    It won’t kill the PS Vita, but it will slowly kill the amount of games developed for it sure.

    If 150,000 people pirates, then all the 3rd party localizations are doomed lmao.

  15. Killer10 says:

    Everyone who bought a PsVita isn’t using it now and probably won’t be buying any more games. The actual userbase is a lot lower than 10 million.

  16. Nickkchilla says:

    You cannot kill what is already dead. Bwahahahahaha!

  17. m1k33 says:

    How can you kill what’s already dead?

  18. semmelweis says:

    this article is pretty shortsighted. the proper comparison here isn’t the total hardware userbase (the 10M users) but rather, the number of users currently purchasing vita games. the sales numbers for recent vita titles are often in the tens of thousands, Odin Sphere Leifthrasir was considered a success on the vita and sold 40-50k on the platform in its debut Japan, where the Vita games are more commercially successful and enjoy higher sales.

    When we consider that over a 100,000 people have downloaded software that allow them to potentially pirate games on vita, even if only a fraction of those people do actually turn to pirating games they would have otherwise bought, that would significantly affect sales of new titles on the vita.

    so when people say piracy will negatively affect the vita, they are doing these simple heuristics – since the vita is relegated to niche localisations and indie titles, the potential effect size of piracy is magnified. if i were a developer or a localisation team i would be thinking twice about my next project being a vita title, despite the fact that 2015-16 has been a very strong time for interesting new vita releases.

  19. Gabriel says:


  20. Galaxia Chaos says:

    realquickmedia is selling 2 PS Vitas on ebay right now that are both under 3.60

  21. lollypop says:

    now one by one
    move on from coding brew
    and make a h.bin with an actuall exploit app
    making all the installs for u to dump and run ur brew
    and having an evolutionpsv avapsv and a psvmediacenter/player
    cut the code. piracy for the middleman. third.

  22. Don says:

    What is this ridiculous lunacy? 1.5% and growing is huge number when compared to active users (wololol seriously can’t into the simplest of mathetics?) and piracy will completely destroy vita in the near future. Every pirate should be ashamed to look in the mirror, I can’t help but despise modern gaming community, it hasn’t improved at all from the days of the past. Damn you, guys, damn you, you have no decency, no concience to speak of.

    • Skelletonike says:

      A lot of people just want free games.
      Screw the devs and everyone whose jobs revolve around the games.

      When I was a small kid I pirated and thought it was cool: With time I grew up and changed my mind, anyone over 16, legally an adult in many countries, should be ashamed of themselves.

    • 007 says:

      You are all idiots if you think piracy is killing anything. Simple fact: I bought Vita only to pirate, so Sony already won by getting my money for console keeping in mind that I would never buy any game anyway. Think again crying dumbfuk nerds.

      • Den says:

        Noone cares about your tard money that you paid for the console, only bought software actually ever matter. It would be much better if a pig like you never had vita to begin with.

  23. Cao says:

    The people saying 1.5 are from the active users. How do you know the 100000 are active users? I rarely used my vita until the piracy made it more attractive. I bet many of those had the vita collecting dust at home until the piracy came. The people care about the vita will keep supporting it in the only territory that matters ( Japan ). The device was basically dead outside japan.

    • Can says:

      If you don’t know anything about the situation, please stay silent. People are worried about exactly that: we are going to lose all those localizations, dozens of which we had this year. Japanese games don’t translate themselves and those games found a great niche in the West. Jap vita is very far from dead in the West. Was. It’s exactly the same situation as with psp when we never got Fate/Extra CCC, Sol Trigger and many more japanese games because ****ing **iots like you and other thiefs.

      • booboonotaretard says:

        you must not be fully informed either friend telling other people to be silent. He made his point and stated it correctly that 1.5% is from active installers of henkaku and that number falls in line with other consoles and even pc piracy. THE VITA IS ALREADY *** DEAD its what we call a niche console. People were only buying the vita up until now to play imports. I also love when people rule in morals when that 1.5% is more than likely to be in terms of a pc or 3ds owner someone who cant afford to buy every new release. Do some research before you be a *** just because people have internet access doesnt mean everything is going perfect for them and many just want to enjoy their games. You should go to the 3ds scene and tlk to them about piracy and how their console is doomed since they have it far worse than sony does. 5 years for one vita hack and the 3ds has been hacked since like what 4.5

        • booboonotaretard says:

          You also forgot Can that 99.99 percent of people dont give a *** about localization …. Fate/Extra CCC, Sol Trigger and many more japanese games that you listed you can probably imagine that myself and many people dont give a single *** if those games get english text or not if you really want to play them learn Japanese and contribute to their society since an american company translating a game doesnt mean they will release more in the west it just makes more hassle. Most Japanese devs dont like america because of that american attitude you got there

          • Ohboy says:

            Hey, braindead, being xenophobic doesn’t equal arguments. You are just an **iot who literally shouts NOONE CARES ABOUT LOCALIZATIONS, SO SCREW THEM. That’s not true. Sure, you are an **iot, so you don’t, but a lot of people do. If even half of those switch to piracy we are pretty much doomed. But why am explaining things to someone who calls himself a “***”

          • Can says:

            Hey, br**ndead, being xenophobic doesn’t equal arguments. You are just an **iot who literally shouts NOONE CARES ABOUT LOCALIZATIONS, SO SCREW THEM. That’s not true. Sure, you are an **iot, so you don’t, but a lot of people do. If even half of those switch to piracy we are pretty much doomed. But why am explaining things to someone who calls himself a “*etard”

      • Cao says:

        Many game are also on PS4 so they will have to translate them anyway and they could do digital only if they don’t want loses. Many niche games from idea factory, NIS and Marvelous make a lot of profit in the west so I don’t see them stopping the localization. I rarely bought anything for it before the piracy so I didn’t make any difference and will only buy if I want to support something so badly.

        • Can says:

          Who cares about an **iot like you who has always been a thief through and through? They can just stop localizing vita versions, ps4 doesn’t mean jack, especially if this pirating will threaten their overall sales. You guys really are pathetic don’t care about others in the least.

          • Jackall4BDN says:

            I think you didn’t get that support-part,
            if you didnt at any point mean to buy a game in the first place, like ever, for example if it just ends up having way to high of a price (which is a thing, poor sales of your console don’t justify games staying on 2/3 of their startingprice for most of their lifetime, quite the contrary)
            And you pirate it, there are up to six possible, and fairly even-chanced outcomes, either you play it a bit and forget it and you didn’t affect the market at all and got some tinsy hours of free half-fun (i know, unbelievably selfish),
            Or (and that actually happens from time to time) you have that great of a time with it that you buy it at some later point in time,
            Just for the sake of owning it.
            Then you can in either case end up talking about your experience with people who can be a bit more lose wih their money and maybe they end up buying it or they end up just thinking about the game.

            So in four out of those six scenarious
            you actually mean a netgain, in one of it you don’t affect the market whatsoever and in one you mean a theoretical loss, which is when you made said friend reconsider from buying it. If you are buying digitally, the profit is close to 99% of the games price.

          • Dan says:

            No, you are not selfish, you are just another honorless pathetic thief.

  24. Piracy Killz says:

    Lol, the active user base is not even a quarter of that 10 million vitas.
    A typical vita game released now can’t even sell 150,000 copies lol.
    The % should be like 35% of active users pirate now.

  25. noob a loob says:

    how do i restore my ps vita without updating? i am already on 3.60. i don”t want to use my legit psn account?

    • Noob a loob says:

      Here is what i did in similar situation, remember you need latest henkaku to login into psn. This will completely delete all settings, data, saves, everything. PSN steps are important!

      Go to settings —> PSN —–> Login to psn —–> Deactivate your system. —-> Log out from psn.

      Now go to vitashell and to vs0:registry/ folder —-> delete registry.dreg and registry.ireg files.

      Go to settings and format your memory card.

      Reboot. After that your vita will act like booted first time. Just remember to turn off automatic update download in setting menu after first boot.

  26. Deka says:

    I will reply with a GoT quote: “What is dead may never die”.

    • Dan says:

      And now will go and steal the amazing library of a “dead” console. Can a human be more sordid than you guys?

      • Kleei says:

        “amazing library” ? You have ever seen 3DS library ? Vita is beautiful console but her father is a crook. I never buy anymore a console or even game from SONY. Check out what he says: Sorry people but the number of ‎10000000 is too little and we don’t care about you.

  27. Yifan Lieu says:

    I’m done with this ***, to be honest Wololo. Vita architecture is too difficult to crack. Piracy for this platform was just nothing but a meme.

  28. Bobesal says:

    It’ it ‘s a dead console. The piracy will revive the ps vita. Long live the ps vita.

  29. CaraMierda says:

    I LOVE PS VITA 3.60 + HENKAKU v3

  30. ded says:

    Piracy won’t kill a console, it’s more often killing the localization of games.

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