TheFlow announces “hundreds more games compatible” with upcoming Vitamin update


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91 Responses

  1. 1234 says:

    Now we need Vita Memory Card hack to use micro sd like the PSP so I can dump all my games and install them on my Vita…

  2. vita dead already says:

    Nah.. vita is almost dead already..better release the hack… No need to wait.. i got many friends own vita…now only 1 of them still keep it..others sold it and buy 3ds..why? reason? 3ds can have cfw..

    • Shiggitay says:

      It should be any day now. TheFloW lost motivation to release the Vitamin update over Labor Day weekend, only saying that he plans to release the new version “next week”, so that could mean sometime later THIS week, or literally a week from when he said he lost motivation to finish it.

      Soooo only time will tell. I’m quite impressed with what HENkaku has been able to accomplish and it can only lead to more awesome stuff in the future.

  3. Noob-A-Loob says:

    Hey guys a little help please. How do I reset my Vita without updating? I am already on 3.60 but don’t want to use my legit PSN account?

    • 11770 says:

      just sign out, tho i’d recommend u never reconnect to sony servers using that vita gain as u still get trophies from the game backups, i’m not re-connecting until i get a new vita myself

  4. poop says:

    only reason I just ordered a vita was for piracy. otherwise I would have lived without it.

  5. Flávio Muniz says:

    fico esperando que seja possível rodar ps tv atravez da porta usb

  6. Azlee rico says:

    Games i tried installing after dumping that has error code:
    1. Killzone
    2. Mortal Kombat
    3. Hot shot golf
    4. Metal Gear Solid
    5. Unit 13
    6. Ninja Gaiden plus
    7. Fifa 15

    Games working:
    1. Street fighter X Tekken
    2. Gravity Rush
    3. Sonic all star racing
    4. Final fantasy x-2

  7. NakedFaerie says:

    Where is this Vitamin update? I cant rip any games atm as none work. Tried 10 and all fail to work. They say they rip OK but all crash when trying to run them.
    I thought it would be a few hours or days when they release it but it looks like it’ll be weeks or months by the way they are speaking now.

    Vita is collecting dust waiting for this new update to come out. Cant rip any games without an updated version.