PS Vita Release: PSID_Dumper


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13 Responses

  1. Hakumen says:

    It’s disappointing when leaks happen.
    It really discourages progress for some who want to be the first in achieving something in the hacking scene.

    Hopefully we can move along smoothly still with no more major leaks to discourage progress with insurances like this.

  2. First says:

    Furst and yes lets all steal games!

  3. Pancho el Tecnico 1 says:

    So….. Could we use the Vita’s Console ID to unban CFW PS3??

  4. sagex86 says:

    neeed help how can i install this? im new!!!

  5. skoomadealer says:

    Damn the shade is real.

  6. LoverAli says:

    Hi Wololo, I have a question.
    I’ve seen vitamin 1.1 on a it real or fake?! They say now it can dump cartridges.
    Could you verify it? Is it by The flow or someone else?!

    • Nanami says:

      It’s real, to avoid posting links here, go to @theflow0’s twitter page and look for a tweet that has a bitbucket link. it will take you to the site to download it ^^

  7. LoverAli says:

    Hi,wololo. I’ve seen vitamin 1.1 on a forum,do you verify it or is it a fake?! They say now it can dump cartridges .maybe someone else other than the flow has worked and released it?!

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